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What does your username mean?


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we can merge them now or after we get a few posts in here or leave it separate...u all can decide...opinions??

the 't' in my name stands for my first name...dawn is my fav time of day and az is where i live

merge it please :) I love clean up!
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so i dug this up...cuz we have a lot of new members that i know r dying to tell what their user names mean...and people need something to do while they wait for their answer to their questions...and while ur at it go to the post ur mug topic and...well...post ur mug...then maybe go guess that song that sitting waiting to be guessed...or the movie...

this is actually 2 similar topics merged together...so don't go saying thins like "it's in the other topic..."

i'll go even tho i already said...way back in the first couple of pages i think...

t is for my first name...dawn is for my favorite time of day and az is where i live...

yeh it's saturday nite...and i'm at home nursing a puppy...and my nipples r sore...i mean i'm bored...she's just over 3 weeks old and has a cleft palette...and actually drinks off a bottle...but the vet wanted me to tube her but she didn't like it and it made her puke and i almost lost her a couple of times...so i'm doing it my way...

oh what did that have to do with this topic...nothing...but here's daisy...she's so tiny...bichon/shih tzu/maltese...and about half the siz of the other puppies...ain't she cute...

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Yes indeed it is a nickname , and is used now  off the net , I nearly changed my full name by deedpoll , but I have never got around to doing it , in my past business life  :lol: was also known as Roco Cheval ,when working on my beloved  2 CV  Citroens (2 Cheval vapour )

in English  "2 steam horses )  , in France a  unit of power output and taxation , and also in honour of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferdinand_Cheval ,  as I have been trying to build a better world for nearly as long  :smile2:

LOL Tdawnaz , bet you wished you had never asked , :lol:

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