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santa needs help with "toy" laptop and starter digital camera plz


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i have an 8 year old going on 15.  he already has (hand me down from dad) and knows how to use a desktop PC, but asked for a "toy" laptop from santa, along with a digital camera.

there really doesn't seem to be a whole lot out there when it comes to either.

does anyone have any suggestions? 

i've perused the vtech line and the oregon scientific offerings and they are pretty much in the right price range, but man - you would think manufacturers could come up with some decent graphics!  and they really seemed geared for really young kids.

well, he is young, but he already reads at an 8th grade level, so we don't need phonics or begininng literacy - but advanced math and geography would be great - and some spanish would help.

if only i could get one of those $100 jobs from MIT....more expensive than the toy ones, but waaaay more useful. (dang, i guess only kids in 3rd world countries are going to get to use those.) more power to them, though, i hope they do!!!

as for the digital camera, so far i'm looking at the "che-ez" mini camera (target has it for $30) but would love other suggestions.

possibly might get him a cheap little personal MP3 player also (he's played some songs on winamp on his PC to death and i'm sick of hearing them ;)  - ryan cabrera, a skate/punk song from some xbox game, a japanese chick singing the theme from some game - arrrrgh)

so santa wants to go tech this year, he/she needs some advice for this odd age prerequisite!! ;)

please!!!!  :D

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Calgon, first off hello. :)

How into computers is your child really? I have one that is currently building his own, with birthday and Christmas present money. Yes, he's extremely bright, but it's a great learning experience for kids, so his dad and I are supporting that the best we can. Not only do they get to learn, but they end up with a functional computer that they can use for a few years.

If you want "toys" there are a LOT of game downloads out there that are free, and can turn it into a toy, and I would be happy to link you to some sites that you can download legally and for free is you wish to choose this route.

As for the "toy" laptops... if your child is as advanced as you say, they will get bored within a month. Computers are fascinating to children, and a wonderful gift to give them.

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i agree, sounds like the 'toy' laptop is a waste of money. as for the camera, if he is responsible enough why not get him a real cam. much better quality pics, also easy to use.  mo3 players are pretty cheap too. (cellphone with integrated mp3, block all but home number on cell so he has emergency phone?). maybe try getting a cheap used laptop?

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