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repost to unhijack username thread.


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i just think those things look like they got taken off a supermarket checkout or something, which is fine if they build the wal-mart theme bike, but any other chopper should have a nice chain drive, if you're worried the primary can't take it use a double chain. choppers need parts that can throw grease around.

as an addition some neat bikes.


24 chainsaw engines combined onto one harley tranny. with belt drives. oh well. but still neat.

under the picture and souind there's videos of the thing actually running.


1440 cc bike. engine is one cylinder taken from an aircooled tractor engine. the 4 valve head is machined from a solid block of aluminum. the fork is wood. the tank is part of the handlbars. the tires are front wheels of a tractor. drum brakes, kawasaki oil pump, shovel with hand forged leafspring as a seat, volvo carb, harley tranny. quite a piece of work. and it only has a kickstart, no pansy assed electric start.

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