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Can't stop Windows messenger from starting please help!


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Ever since i uninstalled service pack 2, my microsoft windows messenger automatically starts when i log onto the net with outlook express opened and on occasion even start up when just in outlook express. I have both tabs turned off under (tool/options)(tools/windows messenger/options/preference/) but it keeps starting up and logging in, i cant stop it, please help. I tried reinstalling service pack 2, it didn't help.

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Disable Messenger MSN

Published By Marc Liron - Microsoft MVP In Digital Media

How To Disable Messenger MSN...

Not every user of Windows XP wants to use MSN Messenger.

However if you try and set the options so that MSN Messenger does not load when Windows XP loads up. You often find that this does not work and MSN Messenger appears in the system tray again!

Now there are a couple of methods to Disable Messenger MSN.

This is my personal favorite:

Step 1) To Disable Messenger MSN from running go to the start menu and select RUN. In the window that appears type regedit (see example below)

Step 2) The Registry editor will now have opened. Navigate to the following Key:


Now create a new key by selecting Edit from the main menu bar. Now select New then Key.

Name this new Key:

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ok, I gotta say, I wasn't when I started to screw with the registry, but simply don't do anything but what it says to do, and you'll be fine. i just took it out of startup by going to start>run type msconfig>click the startup tab and uncheck msmsgr, then restarting. That worked fine for me. It is true that you don't need Windows Messenger from what I know, unless you actually use it, which you most likely don't, because no one else does!  ;) So anyway, I probably would go with the msconfig one first (the one I told you about), then the Add/Remove Windows Accessories one, then the regedit (Registry Editor) one. Let me, well, us know what happens and if you need more help please.  :cool:

Oh yeah, good luck, your dealing with a Windows program... :D

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Hope this helps From-TweakXP.com

Open Task Manager (Start - Run - taskmgr.exe)

Go to processes tab and verify "msmsgs.exe" is not running. If it is click on the process and choose "End Process"

Go into your Program Files folder.

Rename the Messenger folder to "MessengerOFF"

If you are unable to rename the folder in this manner then boot to safe mode and make the change.

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I tried removing windows messenger through add/remove windows programs but it reomved explorer and outlook express with it. I had to system restore my computer. Im not to computer savey to mess with the registery, how can i stop it!It never used to do this before.

Did you even read the fix I posted. If you follow everything exactly to the letter, you'll be fine.

You've got to be willing to put in work in order to get the job done. It's not always going to be a 1 click solution for what you want.

Leave this page open and follow the 6 easy steps referring back to it as often as needed. It's not hard at all. At least give it a shot.

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alitalia is referring to the default Windows Messenger application which is listed under the "All Programs" menu as it's the only one that will start with Outlook Express. Plus, he is describing the tabs that are present within the program's options.

Windows Messenger Service is a completely different program and doesn't ever start with Outlook Express or have anything to do with it. This program is the annoying one that sends you internet broadcasts in the form of popups all throughout the day (even at your desktop). Stopping it is as simple as following the steps that FallowEarth posted in reply #13.

The steps to stop the default Windows Messenger from starting are posted

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