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Should pings rise to 300+ during an up/down load? Small or big?


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I get about 1300 down/ 700 up at all times.

My ping on an idle connection (on but not i use) I ping very low.. But I notice if I move a steady amount up/down like gaming for over 10 mins I get ping spikes up into 200-500 basically making anything latency intensive.. online gaming/video conference/ VOIP nearly impossible to use.

In the early AM it clears up again.. it works fine during the day until about 3pm and then it spikes all night until about midnight. I originally figured it was a bandwidth problem, but they service schools/businesses on the same backbone and claim the peak usage is during 8-3pm. I have no problems then it's always after from 3-12. They cannot figure out why it spikes and neither can I.

When I D/L during these times the pings are horrible for the duration of the download.. I can be d/l at 10kb's or 180kb's it doesnt matter, the lag is about 300ms average and stays there.

Any ideas? No packet loss.. I traced the problem to start 5 hops from me so I know it isn't my system. They said no one else is experiencing problems on the network only me..

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