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Should I be worried?  

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  1. 1. Should I be worried?

    • Yes be very worried.
    • Oh what the heck don't sweat it.

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I'm paranoid by nature, but my zone alarm pro is stopping, or at least I think it is...constant  attempts from ip addys that begin with 38. in the Washington DC area. I as well have nothing questionable  going on, but since I live in an area with one of the largest muslim populations in the world...who knows. I was a little worried on my end, but your issue dwarfs mine. I guess no matter what protection we run, there's always someone out there who can one-up us.

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be worried. very worried. first of all, take a look out the windows. do you see any black helicopters? or is that traffic spotter patrol plane/helicopter circling the block a little too obviously? now look out into the street. is there a delivery van, like a florist or carpet dealer type thing parked there? with noone approaching/leaving it for some time? is there an inordinate number of plain looking cars traveling down your street? does the bum across the street (if any) seem to glance at your place more than any other between sips from the bottle? has the gang that hangs out at the corner changed? pick up your phone. is there sometimes a slight delay between picking it up and the dial tone starting? call someone. NOT ANYONE YOU KNOW! don't want to drag your friends into this. call two pizza places at random, then one of the telco's service numbers. if you notice a slight delay (that is just a bit longer than usual) between the last number being dialed and the line ringing, it may be tapped. try sending a fax to see if the line quality is good or if it is degraded. that's another telltale. if you want to be sure, go out in your car, and when you see a cop, run a red light. if you don't want to risk that much of a ticket, speed. if the cop doesn't pull you over it means he knows that 'they' are following you and has orders not to interfere with their investigation. then again, if they think they have enough on you, a routine traffic stop like that is the perfect excuse to bring you in. the only good news is that they probably won't bring in a swat or other special ops team on your place. that would just attract too much attention. if you do have to go out, try to stay in public places, don't give them an opportunity to bag you without witnesses. be wary of traffic, because if they need to create an incident to whisk you away in an ambulance just having a car hit you will be easy to arrange. then they will have pletny of time to send a team in to take your place apart and collect any evidence. don't bother inquiring at your isp or telco, the 'national security letters' that are used to force them to open records to them also include lifelong gag orders. for your sake i hope there was really no illegal or stolen material on your comp and that you haven't been purchasing things that could be combined to build a device. the good news is that i may be overreacting a bit, and that it was merely a hacker that spoofed their ip, but then they might think you have something to do with said hacker. just wait and see is basically all you can do. pay attention to your surroundings and don't trust anybody. ANYBODY. least of all some forum troll yanking your crank.

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those are some ips that you dont want looking at you if you run bit torrent and stuff like that with cracked software and bootleg music ,movies and just bad stuff.  if those ip's are looking at you they are looking for something but doesnt mean you did anything or should be worried

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Just as an update:  My computer now seems to make connections to several different places even when I have nothing running that should open an internet connection.  I am going to assume that some sort of nasty got in that may have been spoofing the DoD's IP or that it may be the DoD doing a wonderful job of keeping us all safe by messing with my little home computer which has never done anyone any harm.  Either way, since I get nothing with virus scan I am going to swallow hard and nuke and pave the drives and start all over.  Heck, I do not even use file sharing or bit torrent and I do not download music or movies except from very legal sites.  I just do not like the idea of my computer making connections that I know nothing about and do not intend.  What a huge freaking hassle.  See ya later...

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