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Who here is from Puerto Rico and as choice cable as their provider?


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gringo from pr, could work out my spanish, but everyone here (in pr) is an american, so why bother. (astounding to me is the number of non english speaking americans, but that's another subject for the will acknoledging being part of the us automatically erase all my cultural heritage discussion. maybe the other americans with their own cultural heritage could help out here)

anyhow, got adelphia, advertised as you probably know 3/256, my modem is capped at 4400/480. and i pretty much get 440 up 3.2 down here, faster down from ms and the like.

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sorry, too used to interpreting the english language here. i thought you meant along the lines of has chosen cable as provider.

how much you pay for that? my adelphia is 55.95.

the uptime is better than the dsl i used to have, but often the link goes dead when there's rain, causing one of the many power outages nearby and cutting off a part of the link... plus all the traffic goes through the miami office, which causes infrequent slowdowns, i guess the routing up there gets overloaded.

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