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Dsl service with no local phone service?


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Is it possible to get high speed dsl without having phone service from your local provider? I currently have vonage and don't want to have to switch because its such a great deal. I'm looking for a dsl connection with more upload than what I currently have 8000/512, I pay 72.95 a month for this so I'm looking for something equal to this or cheaper. Can I pay for a phone line with no phone service cheaply? Any information is appreciated.

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usually you will need to have phone service to get dsl. just the basic local package will do. the reason is that the dsl is modulated onto the phone line and most telcos aren't flexible enough to allow use of their line for dsl without a real phone hooked up. but it never hurts to call your local telco ad ask what their policy is.


and having a backup landline for 911 or when vonage don't work, hsi is down is not a bad idea either. that way you can have a backup dialup as well.

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