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ethernet card question


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the number, 10 or 100, is the speed. 10mbps and 100mbps respectively.

duplex, half and full, is the way the devices communicate on the link. hald duplex means it's like a cb radio. push to talk, no talking while listening, no listening while talking.

full duplex is both devices on the link being able to listen while talking.

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what is the difference bewteen - 100baseTX, 100baseTx full_duplex, 10baseT, 10baseT-full_duplex. i use auto sense but i was wondering if any of the other settings are better? do these settings have any effect on the router settings? some sites i go to take forever to load and im thinking its the router?

Sometimes it helps to set your speed to a specific setting,  100mbps full duplex, etc., if you are having trouble with your link and/or speed.  Can't hurt to try it. 

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