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I think i need a new router . . . which one?


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OK i got comcast 6000/384 package, and it runs about as advertised. I use a Motorola surfboard 5120 modem. Then i have a linksys wrt54g v2.2 latest firmware. I have 3 computers hooked up at all times, and often have lans. 1 comp is on wireless, and its maybe 75 ft away, but it does not even test 2mbps on testmy servers. upload is unaffected.

Thats not my main complaint though, its that i play a lot of games online, and other stuff, and all computers internest will simultaneously drop at the same time. Nothing happens. i have learned that unplugging router and replugging it in fixes my problems. i used to think it was the modem, but when i had the modem hooked up all alone it never seemed to drop like that.

bottom line is, i am looking for a GOOD wireless router that will not crap out, and i want good wireless strength too. i want to know the best of the best, so i can minimize issues. someone said i should wait for a new standard of wireless (802.11n?) or is that too far away to really worry about for now.  oh and if anyone recommends anything in particular over another, tell me. thanks for helping out.

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Been using the Linksys WRT54GX since it came out and has been the best router I've had yet.  It has the farthest coverage and the best throughput of any of them (54g, 54gs, ? dlink, I've had).  I can use my laptop at my neighboors house with signal showing very good, and still get my max connection on testmy.net tests.  I just received a new linksys WRT54GX4 with the srx 400 and haven't seen the performance that I get with the original srx model.  I don't have the new srx 400 laptop adapter to test the claimed 240mbs wireless speeds yet, so it isn't a fair test I guess.  But with the adaptors I do have the speeds aren't as fast as with the original srx router (speeds are slower with the new one, and didn't expect that).  I hope it may just be the need of a new fireware to work better with the older equipment.  My 0.02.


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