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Who's your cellphone provider and how is the service?


Who's your cellphone provider?  

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  1. 1. Who's your cellphone provider?

    • Verizon
    • Sprint PCS
    • Nextel
    • T-Mobile
    • Cingular
    • AT&T
    • US Cellular
    • Cellular One
    • Qwest
    • Alltel
    • PowerNet Mobile
    • Liberty Wireless
    • Other
    • MetroPCS
    • Alient
    • Suncom

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wow, as you can see t-mobile is the best.  WIth the most minutes for the cheapest price and has the best coverage right after Verizon. 

Im paying 39.99 for 1000 minutes and unlimited nights and weekends and 2.99 for 300 text messegaes and 4.99 for unlimited t-zones(web access) on a edge network.  SO im very happy with t-mobile.

During the hurricane wilma in the area of south florida everything got destroyed and t-mobile was the only on that worked.  Metropcs, nextel, sprint didn't work at all.  I dont know anybody with a cingular or verizon phone here so i couldnt see if their's were working also.

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thats horrible.

Look at how many more minutes im getting for the same price and better coverage.

i had t-mobile before and 6 other families and friends of mine. prices are cheap for the minutes they give, BUT signal is very poor, messages ppl leaves you today, you wont get them til the next day. alot of times you wont get recieve phones calls, also between the hours of 1am to about 4am service is down (i know cause i work midnights to 8:30am)

T-Mobile sucks in in chicagoland area

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aahhhhhh you see. thats your problem in that area.  It is ONLY because t-mobile does not operate on the 850 band there in the central/midwest america.  That is why coverage is bad there.  But if you knew about phones you can just manuallyl switch carrierers (roaming) on your phone to use cingular in your area when service is down or poor. 

In my area (south florida) i have great service, no outages, no problems with recieving or sending calls/txt messeges, and I have never dropped a call in the past 3 years that I had T-mobile.

Plus all the best phones are on GSM network which only T-mobile and Cingular can operate, so what i do is buy them unlocked and use any phone i want on the T-mobile network.

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Iv never had a problem with t-mobile.. I use 750 + text messages in under 4 days , get there in about seconds, use AIM its quick as can be and iv never had a problem with my calls being dropped or missed. I wil agree that my signal in many places is low, but it never effects the quality of my service 1 bit. So for all you folks who want to say ' ITS HORRIBLE'  then that sucks for you, cause im paying much less the all of you and getting unlimited services.


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Your absolute RIGHT .s1.  Im getting MORE minutes for LESS the price then all of you people are paying.  I get UNLIIMITED t-zones (web/internet) on my phone and I live in a EDGE installed area so i am going broadband on my phone.  SO sucks for all you people that you can't use T-mobile's wonderful services.  Yeah, sure my bars go down, but its mostly the phone not the coverage, i still have the same quality at a 1 bar and a 7 bar.

PLUS, T-Mobile has the best customer service in the world so why wouldn't you like them?

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Dont get me wrong, im not going against any other provider ( ept alltel. fuck altel! ) and im also not saying anyone is wrong about t-mobile, but i will stand on the side of outstanding service w/ them. If others have had a bad experience, im sorry to hear that.. but dont go bashing them like its a normal thing. I use insane amount of t-mobiles services, and never had 1 complaint or "mysterious charge"  .  Needless to say im happy with t-mobile, and will sign my fiance up w/ them as soon as her crap cingular plan expires.  :cool:

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Guest jeffwalker9999

AT&T / Cingular  2.5 g Service

Las Vegas , Nv

AT&T is a very good provider -  good technology

No problems with them at all for 8 years now

Been on them with all makes of phones

and even back when analog

Roaming has been good US & Canada

Good data service


Hate Sprint / Nextel

Been on there service but had billing problems and slow slow data speeds


If I had to make an 2nd T-Mobile


Don't like Verizon

Been on there service but in Canada when was analog

also don't like the technology they use


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