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great internet speed, bad xbox live speed


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i am totally at a loss why this is. i have been to many bandwidth test sites & all say my connection is great. but when i run a speed test through the xbox, my speed is bad. my latency is 93ms (115ms) & my packets are 17/25. i've checked all connections, tried different modems, a different xbox. i even ordered short (3 foot) cat 6 cable (modem to the xbox) i've been on the phone with cox cabe & xbox live numerous times. i have spent quite a bit of money upgrading for 360. new hdtv, upgraded from dsl to cable. the weird thing is, when i upgraded to cable, the xbox speed was always good my latency was never more than 1 number off 102ms (103ms) & packets were ALWAYS 20/20. i have no idea what to do. i decided on holding off buying 360 until this problem can be solved. if anyone has any insight to this mystery, i'd be very grateful.

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Well I have 0 packet loss on line quality tests with my WISP and I can play PC games online with pings as low as 6-10ms to chicago and I'm in Michigan.

My old Xbox did the same exact thing it was laggy as hell up around 100ms with some packet loss. On my new 360 the online play is excellent with super low pings. Beyond me.

I don't think it's always the ISP's fault

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