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i have sbc yahoo dsl and i got a question.  my advertised speed is 3mb down and 512kb/s up.

when i run the test i am getting 2.4mb down and 425 up. is this low enough to where i should call my isp?? i dont know all that much about internet connections, so thats why im asking. When i ran the test my computer was the only computer on and using the internet. also, is there anything i am doing wrong and not getting better speeds?  thanks for ur posts!

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You could download Cablenut from http://www.cablenut.com and Van Buren's v2 settings from here - https://testmy.net/topic-1013 and try TCP Optimizer as well. Choose the best of Van Buren's settings that fits your connection type and MSS value which you can figure out by visiting the TCP Analyzer website here - https://www.speedguide.net/analyzer.php . Also scanning your pc so it is virus and spyware free can speed up your connection too as those nasties can slow your connection sometimes. Hope this helps ;)

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