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Upgrading My PC


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In a few weeks im plannin on adding a DVD burner,  6600 Gt video card,  and a second hard drive.

I popped open my pc to see how much watts my ps was.....WOW....Only 200 watts(that is wat i get for buying a pre-built compaq computer)...i was shocked my pc could even run with that amount.

Ne ways i found a pretty good deal at compusa for a 500 watt ps...it was a compusa brand not sure if that matters....

Do i need a certain ps for my MINI tower atx case or will ne ps work

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I tried installing a old 40 gig hd( in addition to the one i have now)  and a old cr rom drive(with the one i have now) and when i booted up my pc it just froze at the screen where it displays the manufacturer name(in my case compaq) im guessing this is because my ps could not handle all the hardware because when i disonnconnected the hd and cd drive my pc booted up properly

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Spend the extra cash and get a 600 watt...

Check this out, if you are planning to spend some money on your card/power supply...(if you're going pci express)

Its a pretty good deal.... http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1726995&CatId=0

-- Two (2) XFX GeForce 7800 GT Overclocked 256MB DDR3 PCI Express Video Cards and an Ultra X-Finity 600 Watt Power Supply

You get that, you don't have to worry about video for a few years..

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arrgh. at the point where they start bundling vid cards with psu's someone should  :violent1: or :booty::whip2: the responsible developers.

granted, faster is better, but 150+ watts power consumption (that all gets turned into heat) per card? that's more cooking power than a lightbulb powered ez-bake oven!

at the point where you can heat your dinner on your video subsystem something has gone awry. seriously.

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your processor is fine, all you need is some more memory and a better video card. but if you want you can even do a processor upgrade for not that much http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16819103417 for $96 you can go to a 2600+.

yeah my processor has been pretty good to me...had it for almost 3 years and dint have a problem at all with it

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make sure its a micro atx power supply.. that cant be stressed enough.. ihad the same problem i planned on buying a geforce 6600 video card then i found out i needed more power.. so i figured out i needed micro atx and they are pretty hard to find.. and WAY MORE EXPENSIVE THAN ATX

yeah i paid like 20 for a 350w

i got lucky...

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