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Need. Help. Please.


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Well, I again require TestMy.Net's expertise. Last time I came back I needed help with choosing the right ethernet cable to set my PS2 up for online usage, but never got a chance to thank everybody who helped me pick the right (and cheap) solution because of this new problem:

I was just surfing the Internet a couple days ago when my Internet just stopped working. Literally, it just STOPPED. Like I was reading the newest Penny Arcade comic, then wanted to check to see if Ctrl-Alt-Del had updated as well, but the page wouldn't load. The Internet just BROKE or something. However, the cable modem said everything was working fine, so I figured I could just restart my computer. Didn't work. Anyways, I'm on my brother's laptop right now (the weird thing is, the cable modem works for his laptop but not the main home PC anymore), and here's what I've tried to correct the problem thus far: (many of these I've tried numerous times, not just once...)

-Restarting my PC

-Unplugging and replugging in the cable modem USB cable

-Resetting the cable modem

-Reinstalling the cable modem drivers

-Manually removing the drivers and manually putting them back in

-Rolling back to previous versions of the drivers

-Uninstalling and then reinstalling the entire cable modem from the PC

-Checking for spyware with Ad-Aware SE Professional, Microsoft AntiSpyware, and Spybot - Search & Destroy

-Doing a PC Tune-Up with System Mechanic 6 Professional

-Doing a general registry clean-up with various programs such as Crap Cleaner and System Mechanic 6

-Uninstalling various programs that were unneeded in case they might have interfered with the internet connection

-Reinstalling mother-f'ing Windows XP Home Edition itself (which has fixed a few problems in the past)

-Various other things that I probably forgot about by now

So, yeah, I'm basically clue-less as to what to do next.

Also, don't bother suggesting a System Restore. I thought of that, but when I reinstalled XP, it deleted all my Restore points. Not only that, but now I don't even have SP2 and such because I can't re-update since I have no Internet... Friggen' Windows.

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hm. as a first step i would take the cable modem usb cable and hold it out the window. then i would set fire to the lower end and enjoy the sight of it going up in smoke. (careful, burning bits of plastic may drip down).

then i would take an ethernet cable and hook the pc up to the modem with that and see what happens.

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hm. as a first step i would take the cable modem usb cable and hold it out the window. then i would set fire to the lower end and enjoy the sight of it going up in smoke. (careful, burning bits of plastic may drip down).

then i would take an ethernet cable and hook the pc up to the modem with that and see what happens.

LOL...Yeah if you can, take $15-$20 and go buy an ethernet card...You will be happy you did...

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It does sound like a problem on your ISP's end....

Just so I have everything right...

Is the following correct?

You have NO ethernet port, and you are now connected using a usb from cable modem(as I see you have a toshiba modem).

I'm assuming the cable modem is installed ok, and you have a network icon..

What does the nework icon say..Connected/Limited Connection/Network Cable Unplugged?

Have you tried to run your network setup wizard?(I didn't see it in the list)

Winsock XP Fix -This tool may help(obviously its for XP)....It's fixed mine in the past.

If all else fails give it a try..(of course back up the registry first)


But if you say even after a reinstall it didn't work, I'm gonna say its probably either-

a-- as stated above someone forgot to pay the bill

b-- the modem is no good

c-- :icon_scratch:

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Well, the problem probably isn't with my ISP, modem, or USB port/cable because:

-the modem seems to function (electronically) correctly

-the modem/ISP works fine when it connects to my brother's laptop

-my USB flash drive works without a problem

Interestingly enough, the modem registers a PC connection when it is connected via USB to my computer, but the computer will sometimes say "limited or no connection" and will have no internet.

Yes, you understood correctly, my home computer has no Ethernet slot; I have an Ethernet cable, but no port to put it in.

I did try to run the network setup wizard, but it was to no avail.  Also, I tried renewing my IP address, but that didn't work also.  Additionally, I tried reinstalling the cable modem, but that doesn't seem to work.  By the way, your link for the Winsock XP Fix is broken.

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Thanks for the link, but unfortunately it didn't work.

I really don't want to buy an Ethernet card, especially not knowing if that will solve the problem or not.

I'm just considering backing up whatever I want to save on my brother's laptop, and just completely re-loading Windows XP.  What do you think of this?

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Just for fun,  uninstall the modem usb drivers, disconnect the usb from the pc...Reboot

Plug in usb for modem in a different usb port, and do not let windows automatically install it...

You should have a disk that they gave you with the modem for the usb drivers...

When you plug in the modem, and get the hardware update wizard, select "install from a list or specific location" , click next, then choose "Don't search. I will choose what drives to install" , click next, and choose your hardware from the list...I think you need to choose modem, but possibly usb controllers..try selecting modem first and click next. Then select the "have disk" option, and manually locate the drivers on the disk, and try to install it that way....

If you want the best speeds, and best performance, the $15-$20 on an ethernet card is the way to go...I remember the days of usb, and constant connection problems...I rarely have problems with ethernet, and if I do its normally with my ISP or other hardware...

Best solution..Buy and ethernet card(even if its not the problem, it will still give you better speeds)

Second best..Try the above and maybe you will get lucky...

Third best...Do as you stated above and "format c:"

If all else fails, find a big hammer..

;) Good luck...

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Thanks for all your help everybody. I went out to Best Buy and bought a $20 Dynex ethernet card and a 3 ft. CAT-6 cable, so now everything works great, and even better, my speeds are better than ever now because I don't have to go through my USB port (I don't have USB 2.0 in my home PC).

Thanks again! I knew you guys would be able to help. :D

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