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Top 24 ISP's


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heres a list of the top 24 ISP's in the US.


It says AOL has 20.1 million users, i think that # is a little high don't you.

And adelphia is not even on the list. They have about 3.3 million subscribers comcast and Time warner have not switched over thoese customers yet.

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AOL is the ISP for non-tech savy people.  It's the ISP for those that have a hard time turning a computer on.  Their model has always been to put simplicity of use and content above all else.  It's not a model that works for anyone that would subscribe to this site....but it's a pretty good business model.  I wish I had invested in them back in the early 90's when they were flooding every mailbox with those damn floppy disks.  A $10,000 investment in AOL in 1992 was worth just over $7 million in 1999!!

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no, i think that is sadly the state of a large part of the younger generations. the amount of stupidity out there is astonishing.

i paid something with a ten dollar bill at a supermarket. the kid at the register typed in twenty bucks.

at least he noticed, oh you gave me a ten. he then gets out a calculator to figure out he ows me 5.32 in change instead of 15.32. fucking amazing.

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For some odd reason...I think somebody is yanking my crank....19 Hughes DIRECWAY (satellite broadband)

they don't qualify as top in anything....except complaints... :angry3:

Yeah, I was wondering why Direcway was on there. They've lost a number of users in the past couple months too.

They need to make the top 24 best IP's. AOL and Direcway wouldn't make the top 100.

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Any1 notice that sbc is above road runner?

I guess people finnally saw that they cant get all 10 mbs down with cable since you share your connection with to many users heck if i was able to get a 1.5 conecction with them it was a lucky day for the awosome price of $60 a month then i finnaly switch to sbc dsl at 3.0 for $25 now talk about a deal


dsl will take over

or the fiber

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