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Bit torrent question

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well i think i will port forwarding another try someday. i was following the tutorial on portforward.com and everything was fine and at the very end when everything was done i lost my connection. not sure why yet but i did. ill just let this download continue its slow way and give port forwarding another try some other time.i was worried that i ruined my router so i went out and bought a new one but of coarse since i bought a new router my old works fine. when i called my cable company they said the modem had too many operations and got confused if that makes sense and i just didn't give out any connection. but everything is normal again thank god.

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today a file like this gets downloaded by me within 30 mins

welcome to the forum

lol you do know this is a thread from 2005 correct?  but its good to see people making thread ressurections...so you say you can do it in 30 mins...lol just wondering.    post up a speed test and show off ur connection  :smile2:

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I've used them all, but the simple and basic bitTornado works for me. Also, for how long it takes really depends on how many seeds and peers your connected to. Fro example, the newest bleach episode that came out last week is around 170 right? it took me about 8 minutes. But if I wanted a older one, it would prob take around 30 min. it just depends on how many seeds you can connect too. Also, your cap is a big factor, but I don't have to worry about that XD

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