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LinkSys WRT54G Question...


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I have a wrt54gs v2 linksys router and got rid of the stock antenna's that came with it and purchased the 7 gain antenna's which you can get a Bestbuy.  I also downloaded and run the Hyperwrt Thibor 11 firmware that is based on linksys's  4.70.6.  Now, go to the links below:


Register (it will be worth it) and then go to, Downloads.  There you could find any possible firmware upgrades based on your linksys firmware 4.20.9.  Good luck and Merry Chrismas and have a nonsober new year. 

Your Friend,


Please reread the, "Quote", Carefully!  Really I am trying to help.  The site I am recommending is for upgraded firmware BASED ON LINKSYS firmware.

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Apparently |3v|lon3| feels I have gotten upset or angry with you.  This is not true on any level and I apologize if I have insulted you in any.  My goal with helping you or anybody else on this site is to achieve a resultion to a stated problem.  This usually means I take the time to help you and you take the time to learn and apply what you learned to your problem. 

I will discontinue any further attempts to help as I don't want to insult you or cause you distress.  I will leave you with this final advice.  If you continue to download firmware you are not ABSOLUTELY sure of you will turn your router into a brick.  Then you will create a much bigger problem.

Your Friend,


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If you have a linksys wrt54g V4 you will need to downgrade your fireware to a ver 3 firmware or lower  befor you can put a 3rd partie firmware on it... DD-Wrt is a nice one, I am useing one put out by sveasoft there is one that is free and will also allow you to set your wireless to 251 mw... Works Great... Make sure you Power cycle your router after downgrading to ver 3 or lower... Ver 5 is junk and is no longer open source... Lots of bugs with Ver 5 and I would not get a ver 5... Linksys went Cheap on the wrt54g Ver5's and turned a good router into a piece of junk... just want to let ya'll know that..

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If you haven't given up yet this is probably what you have been looking for, remember this was written in 2003 so the link to the firmware is old. Try to follow the guide and if you cant find something or it doesn't work, maybe you can use that 2003 firmware.

10-08-2003, 01:30 AM

DISCLAIMER: If you toast your router, cry to someone who cares. This hack is to be used at your own will, and I take no responsibility for you smoking your $112 802.11G WAP. Short-media also takes no responsibility. REMEMBER THAT THIS WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY.

I repeat this clearly:

-You're doing this on your own accord

-I am not responsible for damages

-Short-Media is not responsible for damages

-Your warranty will be voided

PREREQUISITES: The newest 9/9/03 firmware (http://www.linksys.com/download/firmware.asp?fwid=187), WRT54G by Linksys.

PRELIMINARY INFO: The WRT54G runs Linux kernel 2.4.5 on a 125MHz MIPS processor with 16mb RAM. Approximate 9MB free if you would ever wish to execute your own code. If you want to know how to do that, let me know.

THINGS TO REMEMBER: This hack must be applied again if you (A) Turn your router off and back on (B) Soft-reset the router © Factory reset the router. The command functions like a linux command on a temporary file, reboot and it's gone.

Log into the router through your browser and proceed to the ping test window by going to administration -> Diagnostics. Click the ping test.

Follow the picture below. Where it says "TXPWR 84" change the value to 48. Eighty-four is too high a mW rating without additional cooling, and this value provides unstable signals.

The Linksys WRT54G comes with 19mW signal, which is complete crap. Due to FCC regulations, Linksys can't ship it with a signal strength much higher than this. They can't stop you though!

`/usr/sbin/wl -i eth2 txpwr 48` is the string to be placed in the WRT54G ping test interface. Place it in, and hit ping. Your signal strength is now double, and you have successfully overclocked your router. Also, go to the advanced section on your WRT54G and enable "Frame burst." This is what netgear and several other 54G providers are calling turbo mode.

Best wishes and happy holidays!

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