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i recently purchased a laptop but sold my desktop.. i'm able to connect to the internet through the modem and router that i had previously purchased but i kept the same settings as if i still had my desktop connected to my router... anyways my question is, is this the correct way to connect to the internet when u only have a modem, router, and laptop,...... remember i no longer have a desktop and no longer have the need for a network to share files on...

My other question is what tweeks should i do to make my connection faster.. on average i get around 3.1 or 3.3 on your test when i think i should at least be getting the 4.0.. what settings should i change on my laptop? just incase ur wondering i live in miami fl and have comcast as my internet provder..

thxs for the help!!

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hey compuworm... i have comcast and im not sure if my caps are 4.0/384 or 6.0/384.. thi ng is i had trhe 6.0 before wilma but once wilma passed by and our cable got restored i think they put me on the 4.0 tier... on avergage i'm getting like 66 percent of my promised speed and thats on your test on testmy.net..... i dont wanna get rid of the router cause i want tro be online wireless.. and i am running cablenut and vanbroun settings for 4.0/384.. thxs

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