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Official Mirrors

The following servers are maintained by The hardware and networks used are of known quality. Click to set default next to the server you want to use.

  • Central US >> Dallas, TX USA
  • East Coast US >> Washington, D.C. - [Set Default]
  • North West Coast US >> Seattle, WA USA - [Set Default]
  • South West Coast US >> San Jose, CA USA - [Set Default]
  • Northern Europe >> Amsterdam, NL - [Set Default]
  • South Asia >> Singapore, SG - [Set Default]
Multithreading and Simultaneous Locale Testing

Speed test multiple servers at the same time and return a single result. A very comprehensive and intensive net speed test. Multithread Test

Create a Speed Test can turn nearly any web server into a powerful Internet speed test. Armed with image URLs from your favorite websites you can quickly and accurately benchmark speed between the websites you visit.

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