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Official Mirrors

The following servers are maintained by The hardware and networks used are of known quality. Click to set default next to the server you want to use.

  • Central US >> Dallas, TX USA
  • East Coast US >> Washington, D.C. - [Set Default]
  • North West Coast US >> Seattle, WA USA - [Set Default]
  • South West Coast US >> San Jose, CA USA - [Set Default]
  • Northern Europe >> Amsterdam, NL - [Set Default]
  • South Asia >> Singapore, SG - [Set Default] Speed Test Self Hosted Mirrors

Servers listed must be able to achive at least 100 Mbps results. If a server hasn't achieved 100 Mbps or greater in the last 30 days it's removed from the public listing. Make your own speed test to register your own speed test server. TMN is not only a speed test but also a great aid to performance tune your webserver. Lightweight with minimal resource activity, easy to install and like everything on, free.

Self Hosted Server Details

The servers above can be hosted by anyone. Testing to these alternate locations can help to diagnose routing issues. Your results to these server may be better or worse than your results to the official servers. By testing to multiple locations you can gather a better understanding of how your connection is running. Please note that has no control over the quality of these machines or the networks that connect them to the Internet and the official TMN servers should always be used as a baseline benchmark to compare against.

Multithreading and Simultaneous Locale Testing

Speed test multiple servers at the same time and return a single result. A very comprehensive and intensive net speed test. Multithread Test

Create a Speed Test

Turn your web server into a powerful speed test. Want to host your own speed test? Read "How to Setup a Speed Test Server". Always free and easy to setup. A great way to tune your servers performance; offer testing to a specific public or private locale.

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