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  1. Well, I'm no expert...didn't even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

    But, you really don't have much of a problem at all. If you're anywhere within 80-90% of your "package" speed rating, you're doing fine. The 3Mbps is the line cap speed, and a few factors such as protocol overhead and some other things take up some of that speed. So, your posted test of 2821 is right in there.

    The about "May need help" part is a bit misleading for you. Verizon is now selling FiberOptic service to residential customers, so your speed is thrown-in and compared with those who have 10Mbps packages and such, so you can see why a 3Mbps connection would fall into a lower range compared to the top packages. Again, no problem.

    My advice? Have fun with it!!!  ;)


  2. So I'll answer my own post again. ;)

    Seems like it IS the Netgear Router causing the trouble. Took it out of the loop, and the MTU reports as 1500, so it isn't the cable modem. Not sure why the setting on the router says 1500 but is goes to 1440 yet... that's the next thing to figure out!

  3. Is it possible that a Motorola SB 5120 has a preset for MTU? I haven't been able to find a way to check this, as I am trying to determine what has dropped my MTU down to 1440. I'm on Mediacom cable, if that makes any difference. My registry has the proper DWORD value for 1500 MTU, yet all tests show it to be 1440.

    This happens on *any* machine on my network, so I suspect it is somewhere external to the machines. I also have Netgear router, which does have an MTU setting, and it is at 1500.

    Any info appreciated.


  4. ok i know the T1 is better on the upload but the download even at the lowest drops that cable has they were still 2x faster than T1 and this how do i change it?

    Well, going from 5000/768 to T1 isn't really much of an "upgrade" unless all you want is slower download speeds and about twice your current upload speed. A T1 is rated at roughly 1.54Mbps both up and down, so you aren't going to be faster than what you gave up, ever. Weren't you aware of this before your supposed upgrade or didn't you know these numbers in advance? I hope someone didn't tell you it would be faster.


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