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  5. CA3LE

    testmy.net is not liking my AT&T fiber

    First, nice multithread result! You're getting closer to Ookla and everyone else's results when you do that type of test because that's one of the tricks they use to make your connection test out faster. Maybe the host where you have the linux box happens to peer extremely well with AT&T. Who do you have it hosted with? Here's my best multithread right now, on my "Gigabit" And linear (single thread) So you aren't looking bad. Keep in mind always when you test here. This is a harder test to score well on. I wish my own connection could score higher but until our ISPs start delivering... it is what it is. They simply aren't delivering on promises. You really should complain when if you're getting less than 80% of their promised package speed. Less than 60%, they better be giving you a credit. But they have a plan for that too... give you such a headache every time you call... you'll never want to call again. They should just call it what it is. Then people wouldn't be as let down when it performs the way it does. I see on your results before you logged back in that you're getting REALLY nice upload speed! In my opinion: You have an insane connection, there's little to complain about. (Especially given how hard my tests are.) Your ISP just has it setup in a way where you have to put your connection to work with multiple threads to get your full speed. Common issue right now. Great, super high quality connections that I've seen perform equally well both ways. When I first got my "gigabit" I was pulling 100 Mbps slower speeds all around. It's improving in my area and I'm sure it will for you over time too. These guys (the ISPs) give high end packages like this before they can truly deliver on them. Especially since they've had other speed tests to send you to that make things look great.
  6. TMN has been my go-to speed testing site over the last 10+ years, from when I had Verizon FIOS to crappy vDSL living in the Dallas/Denton area. I finally got 1Gbps AT&T fiber to my home installed this week, but now I'm not getting the speeds on TMN compared to the vast majority of sites. Linear testing on all US servers is anywhere from 175Mbps to 300Mbps, abysmal compared to Ookla and ISP speed test sites, and half of what Mlabs (google internet speed test) and Fast.com reports. But if run express multithread, then TMN aligns much closer to what the majority of sites report. I've gone as far as setting up a Linux box and just doing raw downloads from Dallas-area datacenters with wget, but even those download speeds are still reporting much higher than TMN, and closer to what I'm supposedly paying for. This problem has me vexed to the extent that I reconfigured my network to make sure that the problem isn't local. Am I paying for Gbps service and not getting it? Routing issue to TMN? I hope to get some help figuring this out.
  7. Frank Kelm

    Upload speed drops during 'evening' hours

    Sean, Called Mediacom and got a tech in NY. Looked at my account and took less than a minute to see that it was a hardware issue on their side. Cable guy came and tested the outdoor tap, checked my equipment and confirmed it was outside issue. Now to see if they can locate and repair. Thanks
  8. mudmanc4

    Upload speed drops during 'evening' hours

    @CA3LE @Frank Kelm , I would check the routes during and after disconnect from the VPN. Windows+R to open 'Run' box. Type 'cmd' and then click 'OK' (without ticks) netstat /r Check during active VPN connection, make a note of it, then check after you have disconnected from the VPN, it is possible you have more than one network adapter running.
  9. Sean

    Upload speed drops during 'evening' hours

    To me, the upstream issue does not appear to be cloud-syncing related, especially when the problem starts at a random time in the middle of the night. For testing the modem, one idea that comes to mind is to turn it off for a few minutes to see whether it affects the upload speed. If it's software or an internal component acting up during the slow upload speeds, turning it off for a while should temporarily restore the upload speed. Similarly, if a component that handles transmissions is failing such that it only works properly when the modem is warm, then turning it off for a while will likely cause the upload issue until the modem warms back up. If the fault is not with the modem, then turning it off/on should have no effect on the upload speed. So here's a few things to try: When the upload speed is poor, turn the modem off for 10 minutes, then run a speed test right after the Internet comes up. If the upload speed improved, try that step again the next time the upload speed is poor. If turning off the modem had no effect on the upload speed, wait until the next time the upload speed is back to normal and perform step 3. Then turn the modem off for 10 minutes and run a speed test right after the Internet comes up. If the upload speed deteriorated, try this step another time the next time the upload speed returns to normal. If turning off the modem improved the upload speed when it was poor or caused the upload speed to drop when it was otherwise fine, then the modem is likely the culprit. Otherwise if these steps had no effect on the upload speed, then the issue is likely at the ISP end or somewhere else. If you know a neighbour with the same cable ISP, it's worth asking if they could run a speed test at the time your upload speed is poor. If their upload speed is also poor, then the issue is clearly at the ISP end.
  10. can someone help me please? ive reset the modem 3 times this is insanely annoying/
  11. CA3LE

    Hughes.net slow net surfing

    by the way, you can research other members RT (Response Time / ping) by surfing over to your hosts database results, then click "members" (this is a member only function right now) and you'll see a list like this. Click on any of those names then click on "My RT" below their graph. As you can see, first one I pull up... around 700 ms Look at more users, maybe they've improved. I'll make a tool for you that aggregates the Response Time and gives you an average for your host, city and country. I should just call it ping like everyone else does. But it's NOT ping. Neither is anything else you see out there. Similar but not ICMP so I call it Response Time.
  12. CA3LE

    Hughes.net slow net surfing

    I think it sounds familiar to everyone on Hughes.net from what we hear. Often. Satellite, is inherently slow. https://www.hughesnet.com/about/how-it-works The first sentence says it all. There are no land based connections that add that kind of latency. Round trip of 44K miles!!! Wow. That doesn't even factor in the server you're connecting to... at that point, who cares. You're at over 1 second You will always pay a penalty with Satellite. Unless we figure out a way to send information faster than light/radio waves. Humans figure out a lot of crazy things... any scientist will tell you it's impossible. But, you never really know, I believe the human mind makes things possible. Once the collective mind comes to a consensus, realities seem to happen. What I'm saying is, if enough people believe something is possible....... that's precisely when it becomes possible. Think about it over history. META. They say, Sorry, if it's coming from satellite... there IS a difference. Not matter what. Again, speed of light. 22K miles... speed-of-light. Normal use, under perfect circumstances you will still notice but may be very happy. But don't ever attempt to game or do anything that requires low latency. The average response time I see from Hughes clients is nearly 1 second. Keep in mind, this is ONE way. Here's yours for instance. 663 is better than many I see. Most are in the 800ms range. This test is simply timing how long it takes for you to respond to a super simple request.... you can see in the screenshot my average is 81ms right now (against a server over 1600 miles away from me). NO amount of distance on Earth, other than completely ridiculously long misrouting that NEVER happens, can ever cause 600-800ms response time. There has to be a SERIOUS issue. --- but not with Satellite. This is completely, 100% normal. If you have no other choice, this is amazing tech. But even if you have a decent 3G connection... Satellite would be a hard sell for me. I've asked DirectWay and others in the past to send me a dish for testing. They don't want me to test it. I'd be all "HONEST" about it. Maybe one day they'll be confident enough to send me some gear. After hearing about their contracts... I find it hard to test them as a normal consumer. What would be cool is if a user of mine would send me their equipment before canceling service. And let me test it at my own house -- then I'd send it back for you when the contract is closed (or back to you if you own it outright). I might be able to DEFINITIVELY prove the case one way or another. I just need one of these systems in my hands. Hell, I might even pay your final month for you.
  13. CA3LE

    Upload speed drops during 'evening' hours

    You shut it off.. and then your speed drops. Man, I'm going to have to think about that one. Anyone else have an idea here? @mudmanc4 @Pgoodwin1 @Sean
  14. Sorry about that, it's correctly offsetting your time now. I detect your timezone and then use that information to offset the server time. There was a misconfiguration on my end that caused the 1 hour mistake.
  15. I'm on GMT which is correctly shown on the web results, but is 1 hour different (5pm > 18:00)in the csv export file Great if it could record my timezone or any idea how I can change the excel column? Thanks for a fantastic program
  16. Johnathan01

    Hughes.net slow net surfing

    How can I improve my network or INTERNET
  17. Frank Kelm

    Upload speed drops during 'evening' hours

    Well not me as I work from home and my wife is retired. I don't know what could be syncing? I shut my work computer and VPN off at 5pm, back in at 7am. Just seems really odd to me?
  18. CA3LE

    Great site, and looking for feedback on my results

    Hi petertirrell, please excuse my slow response. Been building, I read your message right when it came it, then read it again and that made me feel like I had responded. Just remembered that I hadn't yet, sorry. I don't see a pattern yet either. If you test more a pattern may emerge. I'm happy to help look closely at it again when you have more data. It isn't normal for a connection to fluctuate heavily like that. But maybe you have normal activity during those periods... it would have to be something taking up nearly all of your bandwidth during those periods. Tell us more about your home network. Is it possible that you have activity during those periods that would explain the drops? Can you isolate your network to a single test machine for 24 hours? That test would tell you a lot. If you still see a regular drop then you know it's more likely either an issue on that client or an issue with your host. If you test other clients and they behave the same... even more likely it's your host. It could be an intermittent equipment issue too. This may sound crazy but it might even be other electronics near your router. Something that turns on and off on a regular basis, especially if it has a motor in it. Are you testing wifi or wired? The area around your router should be free of other electronics. Put a 5ft imaginary bubble around it. Your cable modem is fine by the way... many electronics are. But there's definite wifi feng shui. -- if you're testing with wifi, switch to wired if you can to eliminate that variable. Also if your modem and router are separate it's a god idea to try directly connected to the modem. Which eliminates the router as a variable. If you have improved results, then you have a much better idea where the issue is.
  19. CA3LE

    Upload speed drops during 'evening' hours

    I'm wondering if you have some kind of sync going on. Maybe you're getting home, your phone's connecting to your wifi and then all of your photos and video are being uploaded to a cloud service. e.g. Google Photos Just a guess, seems to happen on a regular interval. Like every day... around the time many people are getting home from work. And then going through the night... I see last night it stopped a little earlier... and then tonight, seems like no issue. Frank Kelm's Speed Test Results
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  21. Frank Kelm

    Upload speed drops during 'evening' hours

    I wonder if they have already switched me to a different path since I'm now getting good speeds during the day? Used to be terribly erratic all of the time??
  22. Pgoodwin1

    Upload speed drops during 'evening' hours

    One cause could be that those people at work are mostly not on your Mediacom so the bandwidth load at Mediacom is much more severe after they get home from work. You could ask them to switch you to a different path in their equipment. And ask them if they have a bandwidth pinchpoint in your local area. Gathering the test data is good to have on hand when talking to them. Be patient but persistent with them.
  23. wiggy

    Where Do You Live?

    Well, unfortunately I've decided to quit using your site for the combined auto test as my upload speed can vary from >1Mb to < 100Kb. (1Mb download is the lowest option you offer, despite your express test having many smaller options) I've tried setting it at 1Mb as well as just leaving it alone, yet still stumbled in and caught it taking ages (occasionally over a minute) for the upload portion alone. I try not to use my computer when tests are ongoing but often have to "end test" and come back if something comes up and I need to use my computer, hence deciding to quit using the combined auto test on this site as it serves so poorly.
  24. Hello, I've been having upload issues with my Mediacom internet. I work from home so I need a consistent upload speed during the day. After my last go around with the technician, he claimed that all of my problems were with my modem, and suggested that I get a Netgear modem, AND, that he was going to test my connection on a 10 minute interval for a week to prove his point. (which is how I found your program). I've been using the program for a week now, and during the week end, the upload/download perormance was pretty dismal, as usual (paying for 200/20 and getting 20/2). However, starting on Monday, during work hours, my speed is running 200/20. Then, between 7:30 PM and 9PM it drops back to 200/1. In the morning, between 6AM and 7:30 AM, it jumps back up to 200/20. I do run an occasional Speed Test and it seems to verify these numbers. Any ideas on why I would have a 'work hour network'?? thanks, Frank
  25. Outlaw

    Can internet be faster ?

    Well I had Hughes net before and it wasn't bad for satellite internet but it is went down hill I must say, they need at least 100Mbps instead of 25Mbps would help alot.
  26. First, thanks for this site! I came across it while investigating what appears to be occasional slowness on my internet. Speedtest.net run from my phone repeatedly reports less than 1MB down but I'm not aware of other devices seeing such bad speeds. Netflix and other streaming services are run all the time and work great, except occasionally will hang and rebuffer for a few minutes...usually after a little while these go away. I was looking for a way to run some sort of connection test over time and came across this site. What I'm wondering is after running an automated test over a couple of days, it appears (at least from running it from a chromebook) that I'm generally getting the advertised speed from my ISP, and it averages out pretty well. But there are occasional dips. I'm not seeing a pattern in those dips either. Here is my log from here: https://testmy.net/stats/?&amp;t=u&amp;l=100&amp;q=petertirrell Is this somewhat normal for a cable modem connection? My ISP is WOW (Wide Open West), but I didn't see a dedicated forum for that on these boards. Without running another extended test over a set of days or maybe a couple weeks it's hard to say whether this is the general pattern or not but I'd be curious to know what a normal baseline might be. Thanks again,
  27. CA3LE

    Auto test not running

  28. Frank Kelm

    Download results

    Thank you
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