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  3. I was developing something earlier and made a mistake... it was supposed to do the queries on the development database server but I mistyped the IP address... used the production address by accident 😬. Sorry about that... They were super heavy queries and ended up locking up transactions on the 40 core master DB server. Sorry about that, my bad. It's now working off the 32 core slave so those operations are separated from the master and won't affect your testing or other database operations using TMN.
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  5. It's a screen capture(hopefully) of an error message. 🤔 Any ideas? I have no idea what/who CloudFlare is!
  6. As my Internet connection throughput intermittently dips due to running on a cellular 4G network, I was curious to see how well the Internet Speed Meter app handles fluctuating traffic. From running linear and multithreaded tests with TestMy, it corresponds reasonably well with TestMy on download tests. Things got a little interesting when I ran Ookla's Speed test where my connection throughput fluctuated during the test. Here are the two full-screen screenshots. In the above graphs, I drew in horizontal lines for each 0.5MB/s. In the graphs below, I drew the green line based on the download test result divided by 8 for MB/s, calculated to the nearest pixel: _ The reason I picked these two graphs is that the traffic graphs were very similar, apart from a deeper dip during Ookla's speed test. That didn't stop it producing a faster result! These graphs clearly show the two different methodologies these speed tests take. To my eyes with the left graph, the area of the spikes above the green line will roughly fill the valleys below it. So I have no doubt I was averaging about 22Mbps at the time. As for the right graph, there's no way I was averaging 23Mbps during that test. This is a clear example of Speedtest's methodology "The fastest 10% and slowest 30% of your results are DISCARDED". During this test, I saw the speedometer hit 26Mbps briefly before dipping to the low teens for a few seconds, then gradually climbed until it hit the 23 figure just be fore the download stage ended.
  7. Everyone have such creative names I have such a simpler name -__-" booo
  8. ShakTib


    Welcome @Logan paul and Welcome @Mister J Hope you are finding TMN useful and please enjoy your stay!
  9. Hello Lisa, Your information seem partial, so lets try to figure out few things. Games on your phone: Do you have iPhone or Android device? Are you connected to Data (3G/4G/LTE) or Wifi? If you are at home and connected to wifi, is your wifi actually connected with "No internet"? you might have a routing issue. If other devices work fine in your home network but not your phone, try "forgetting network" on your phone and reconnecting and re-entering the password. Hope this starts you in the right direction. Cheers! Also. Welcome to TMN!
  10. As Android does not show data traffic in realtime like Windows does, I recently bought an App that does. The main purpose here is to check how my cellular based ISP (Three Ireland) shapes traffic as some sites such as Cloudflare traffic are clearly prioritised. Have a look at these two traffic graphs and let me know what you think the average download speed is for the blue line of the first and second graph: Ignore the grey line, which is upload traffic. The throughput variation is related to my ISP as 4G is a shared medium, but I'll will explain why I picked these two later. 😁
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  12. Hey @DESAND, I may be wrong (I like to believe I am not lol), but I don't think you RAM is the main issue... C55D I believe (which quick research) is an AMD E1 CPU which is only 1GHZ & dual-core. You are bottle necking the brain power of that laptop. Browser now use more processing power. Not just Firefox (Chrome is worse). I recommend looking into a invest of a processor that is 2GHZ or quad-core. Upgrading your ram gives the PC more "hands" to hold things, metaphorically, to hold more applications running at the same time. CPU is more about actually processing things, or "thinking" and "doing", what you have told it to do by clicking and typing, (essentially almost everything on the browser), especially videos playbacks. I have a feeling you need a better processor, which in turn is a newer laptop, since you can't upgrade a processor on a laptop. (For the sake on sanity and reasonable investments, don't try either lol). @CA3LE why you gotta make this a whole Edison / Tesla war man... But when i said Edison killed Tesla, I meant literally, killed him... I don't remember, but I think it was a hired hit... I don't have my facts straight.... hmmm
  13. While CCleaner can wipe the Firefox cookies, cache, history, etc., it only gives the option to compact its databases. The growing database sizes was the problem I had with Firefox slowing down on my PC after a year or two of regular use, despite regularly running CCleaner. In the past I thought it was just Firefox getting bloated with its larger installation sizes, but noticed that Firefox and Chrome performed about equal on my seldom used laptop. Usually every 6-12 months, I would backup my Firefox bookmarks, then rename the "Profiles" folder in "%appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox" and "%localappdata%\Mozilla\Firefox", e.g. to Profiles.old. When I launch Firefox, it acts like it's freshly installed and I import my bookmarks and reinstall the few plug-ins I use. If all seems fine after a day or two of use, I then delete those old Firefox profile folders.
  14. The Hourly Average tool has been converted to also average Date/Day, Day of Week, Month and Year and has been renamed My Average. Averaging speed test results by hour, day, day of week, month and year can help you pinpoint slow times. Members with long TestMy.net history can aggregate all the way back to their original results. So you can see how your speed has improved (or not) over the years. myaverage?hostQ=&dateFull=&q=CA3LE&var=Year Hope you like it.
  15. FYI: https://mailchi.mp/newsletters/double-commander?e=def8f545c8
  16. So interesting. Believe it or not, I really don’t have any ‘mobile’ devices, other than this iPad. All my computers (except 1) are running a version of Windows 7, either 32 or 64 bit, and either Ultra or Professional. The exception is a Windows 8 64 bit because of a touch screen platform. So there are plenty of programs, like CCleaner for example, that only takes a flip of the switch to clean caches, etc. I used to do a full wipe and system install every December but no need to now. So it’s only this iPad that drives me crazy 😜. But it’s a lightweight machine good for playing chess or checking the weather. I kinda miss Ma Bell, though.
  17. That “...strange...weird...” bug thing you captured on video. I had the identical thing last summer! Never saw anything like it so I tried to get a couple of pictures. It was through a window cause I got a thing about insects. They weren’t so good but if you don’t mind, I know a specialist who helped me identify something I was going to kill to be a predator of ground nesting hornets 🐝 (it actually goes into the nest and eats them, I don’t know how it survives) and I would like to point her to your excellent video. I haven’t seen one yet this year. I apologize for going off track on this website and it won’t happen again. On another note I’m testing a variety of different devices with built in web access, like a couple of very different TVs, doorbell/camera and remote chimes, vacuum cleaner, blu-ray players and iPads. I also just learned that the ISP is using 11.n and doesn’t support 11.ac. So now I have their modem going to their free router that is locked tighter than Fort Knox and my router (D-Link 895) connected to one of the Gb ports on their router. So I now have a total of 5 SSIDs (or 6) spread across the 2.5 and 5.0 bands. I’m thinking of reversing the the two routers. Congrats on this website! I’m going to be a very busy guy here❗️ 😉
  18. You're welcome! I'll start explaining with videos like that more often. Cool, I'll look you up.
  19. Ouch. I hear you though. And others may want to disable it for other reasons. I've added an option for you to disable the logo %. Look in My Settings on the new version. I know that I can't make everyone happy. But I really try to.
  20. Hi Folks, I am a big fan of your service. I have to use it regularly due to a very tricky set of internet connections to maintain. While the old version of the interface was admittedly a little plain, the new version with a giant flashing graphic is a no-go for me. I need to run it while I am working on other things, and all that flashing is just a big distraction, and I won't use it. Thank you kindly for keeping the link to use the old version. I would suggest toning down in your next redesign. The bigger and flashier, the "cheaper" your service looks. Maybe I'm not your target audience. But I don't know many professionals who want a big cartoon flashing status bar, and flashing text when a simple progress bar will convey the information without creating distractions. If I didn't think this mattered to the viability of your business, and I didn't value your service, I wouldn't bother to write, So please understand this as meant with respect. Keith
  21. If it's a Mozilla based browser such as Firefox, I suggest deleting the App data also every couple of months so it's like it's freshly installed. Just make sure you have your bookmarks synced or backed up first. Firefox stores browsing history, cookie details, cache metadata, etc. in databases. Clearing the cache, cookies and other privacy data within the browser usually does little to reduce the database sizes. With the Firefox desktop browser, it's surprising just how much better Firefox performs with its user profile directories wiped after 6+ months of use, so it's very likely the same with its mobile browser app. To gave an example of how much Firefox leaves behind just clearing the privacy data within the App, these were the Firefox App storage details: App size: 175MB User data: 0.97GB Cache 663MB Total 1.81GB After clearing the Firefox cache & cookies within Firefox, the Firefox App storage details reduced to as follows: App size: 175MB User data: 0.97GB Cache 124MB Total 1.27GB In Firefox, I checked that my bookmarks were synced and then cleared the Firefox's App data (Phone Settings -> Apps -> Firefox -> Storage -> Clear Data). When I went back into Firefox, it was as if I used Firefox for the first time on the phone, so I signed in, let it restore my bookmarks and signed in to a few sites (e.g. TestMy). When I went back into the Firefox App storage details, they were now down to: App size: 175MB User data: 47.28MB Cache 42.60MB Total 265MB
  22. Actually it's an LG android. I didn't clear the phones cache, that's just how much there was in Google and Chrome. Still trying to figure out how to clear some of the blot and crap in Google play store.
  23. Just read this and felt compelled to quote you here: ” The true worth of an ISP In our opinion the true value of an Internet service provider isn't always measured in megabits. Truly great providers maintain good peering relationships with other providers so their users sustain quality speeds throughout the Internet, not just near by. It's the INTERnet not INTRAnet. If you run a speed test elsewhere and get higher results than you get here, poor provider peering may be to blame. ” This is a whole new world and the deeper I go (just below the surface) the more perplexing it becomes❗️ Yesterday I did an IP search of my new “public” IP via the ISP, and it came up with New Haven, Connecticut. Today I did the same exact thing and it came up with Orange, Connecticut! What!?! It’s time for me to call a Time Out!
  24. Having been a Windows user for 30+ years those things were 2nd nature to me but now, having an iPad, I’m out to lunch with it❗️😲 How did you do it on your iPhone? And thanks for the laugh at the end❗️
  25. CA3LE: I actually "fixed" a part of the testing late last night by running and timing the Multithread tests here to synch with the ISP's OOKLA Speedtest, causing this to run interference with that, and I was pleasantly surprised at the results. I have to go back and revisit them but as I recall, the slowest download to occur was > 150 Mbps and only happened once. All others were +200 and even here, they were fast. /Pahoo Pete
  26. What!?! I had no idea you were on YouTube. Excellent video! OK, you've made me speechless! THANK YOU!!! And I finally AM seeing a difference in my speed & bandwidth. This is from last night:
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