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  4. There's an option for this now. Try it out, you must be signed in to see the option. Let me know how it works out for you.
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  6. I've got the Samsung s21 ultra; work where im in the "5GUC" PS: oh, and ookla showed over 500.
  7. Cat5e is more than sufficient for most every day home installs. it's also very affordable & easily accessible. Personally, anything I have hard-wired I use cat8; It's completely unnecessary but most of my networking & pc's are relatively close proximity so I decided to waste the money on overkill cable. https://www.lanshack.com/Cat-8-Shielded-40G-23AWG-2000MHZ-SFTP-Shielded-PVC-Solid-Conductor-Ethernet-Cable-300-Ft-Blue-P9067?gclid=CjwKCAjwyryUBhBSEiwAGN5OCOnE2gA5sAPvA94nDXlNyjQTqO-o2KhxqmvGMKSxF85dHEnJNMBPvRoC6HwQAvD_BwE
  8. <----------- Needs larger test size anyway!
  9. @japlah I'm sorry I didn't see this when you posted it. I may have been programming. @charles leclair thank you for finding this topic. I think a random interval is a great idea for an automatic speed test option. I'll get that implemented and hit you back on this topic. I'll try to get to it sometime today or tomorrow. I'm going to think about it a little bit first. - D
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  11. Grateful for the time and dedication to the explanation of my isp, in this case my isp has a problem or it is limiting my broadband if you look before 04/26/2022 my average speed was 55mbps now it is in a drop of 3mbps which I have made claims and nothing, although it is good that they increase the bandwidth it is because in our country the isps limit us and we need a reliable page like yours to measure our providers since they are fed directly of bgp in the USA.
  12. Sent by TestMy.net member m1g m1g's Speed Test Results 200 MB is a lot of data. It's taking you over 20 seconds to run those tests. If your tests are completing in a couple of seconds, then an increase in size may help. When running the tests using default options (e.g. go to https://testmy.net/download and select "Test My Download Speed") it's possible to exceed 200 MB of data in a test. As it runs through to determine the proper size, it's ramping your connection up for the final test... of 200 MB if needed. When I ran mine just now it starts at 96 kB, then 3.1 MB, then 75.5 MB and finally 200 MB. So in reality that was a 279 MB test. A faster connection might end up running over 300 MB. But it's logged as 200 MB because that was the final test size. It does help to get the connection going before the test. But with your current speed you will probably end up with a smaller test size because the program knows how much it needs to see to make a determination. The amount of time the test runs is more important than the amount of data. TestMy.net will serve you more data if it feels like it needs more time. But it's not going to use time or bandwidth that isn't necessary, unless you tell it to. Your distance from Venezuela to Florida (3000 km) may play a role, depending on the connections between your ISP and the US. Here's my result nearby TestMy.net Test ID : CjBU5ycOa And here's my connection testing against Singapore (over 14,000 km) TestMy.net Test ID : u3QVZnr-z A similar distance for me is actually testing on the same server in Florida. (3000 km) -- you and I have very similar ping to that server ~50ms. TestMy.net Test ID : 0ypc_y5nf My speed to Florida was actually a little faster it just wasn't as clean so it ended up slower. That was testing with only 85 MB but again remember there were tests preceding that one. When I select 200 MB I get a lower result because it takes time to ramp up the connection. Time that's calculated in the final result. Where before that was done before the final test loads. TestMy.net Test ID : OnAU3G9PT I still hit 333 Mbps but all things considered it was slower. And if I enable multithread to Florida and run the same SmarTest (we haven't called it that in a long time but that's its name) I get a much higher result. And the way it ran through the test sizes my connection used over 300 MB of data to produce the 200 MB final test. TestMy.net Test ID : Qj0D50paR In other words, I think the 200 MB max is sufficient for your connection and most out there. The program can scale the test sizes to any size it's just being restricted. In the future I plan to open that up. Thank you, I'm happy you found us here. Unfortunately most don't. Please spread the word.
  13. Both were run directly on my phone, however, I'd say it's more likely the browser's SSL overhead that's limiting the speed with browser based tests. For example, I don't think the Ookla App uses SSL for its tests, never mind using a non-standard TCP port. Indeed there's no way I could get Ookla's speed realistically with actual file downloads on my phone as they would face the same SSL bottleneck. For example, any streaming service that offers downloads will obviously use SSL or other encryption overhead for their DRM. Basically I need a faster phone. πŸ˜ƒ I'll probably upgrade to the Samsung S21 FE when there's a good sale on one. Not just for speed tests, but for even offloading video files from my phone and additional 5G bands in use that my current phone lacks. I don't get why manufacturers still put USB2 ports on phones just to save a few cents on manufacturing.
  14. Interesting. So you got 734 Mbps down on ookla using the same exact connection? In other words, did ookla give you a result that was 2X faster than possible (due to a known bottleneck)?
  15. While in an area with good 5G coverage on the 3.6GHz band, not in a moving vehicle for once, I tried a few speed tests. It appears that ~370Mbps is about the max my Samsung A51 5G phone will get on TestMy and possibly any other browser based test. During the test, the web browser appears unresponsive during the download test, unusually with the figure jumping straight to 100% once the speed hits about 350Mbps. On the other hand, these are my fastest TestMy results to date on a phone: Although the Ookla App got faster (734Mb down), I have recently noticed a design flaw with most midrange 5G phones, including mine - There is no practical way to make use of 5G speed above about 350Mbps even with tethering. Most midrange phones have a USB2 port (USB2 maxes out about 350-380Mbps real world) and 802.11ac Wi-Fi that is not MIMO capable (SISO maxes about 300Mbps real world on an 80MHz channel), two major bottlenecks when tethering. So for my next phone, I need to make sure it has USB3 or Wi-Fi 6 with MIMO...
  16. phred


    I just wanted to say hello. I've been using TestMy.net for quite a while. I decided to check out the forums today. I don't know if I signed up correctly. Will find out eventually... After I read through the forum some, I'll post something. Best regards, phredtx
  17. Anybody can tell me, how can i cheek my real internet speed on broadband connection.
  18. My preference would be Cat 5e for general cable runs and Cat 6a for long cable runs where PoE or 10Gbps is required. Both officially handle 1Gbps over a 100m run (328ft), but can usually handle up to 10Gbps over shorter runs. Cat 6a cable has thicker conductors than Cat 6 (without the 'a') and is rated to handle 10Gbps over a 100m run. I did the mistake of buying Cat 6a cable for our home wiring, only to spend a few hours troubleshooting and recrimping RJ45 plugs wondering why I could not get all 8 conductors to link. It turned out that the pack of "Cat 6 plugs" I bought where actually Cat 5 plugs falsely described as Cat 6 in the Amazon listing. This turned out to be the case with many listings I looked at based on the user reviews (sort by Newest first). Even when I got hold of proper Cat 6 plugs from a local trade supplier, getting the 8 colour coded wires aligned up is a lot more awkward than with Cat 5e as the thicker conductors are stiff. Basically, unless you need 2.5Gbps or faster over very long cable runs, I would choose Cat 5e for the ease of installation and termination and the high risk of buying Cat 5 plugs / wall plates falsely described as Cat 6 capable. In any case, Cat 5e will provide vastly improved throughput, latency and stability over any Wi-Fi or Homeplug based connection, particularly over longer indoor ranges.
  19. I almost always use Cat5e. I run 10 Gbps on Cat5e, all day every day β€” just short distances. And even for longer distances it will surprise you. In my testing using my existing Cat5e house wiring I was getting 5 Gbps on probably about 100 ft. Far from ideal but actually worked awesome. If you were told that 5 Gbps was all that was possible you'd never tell the difference. Not jittery or anything, just simply half the speed of ideal conditions... but still 5 Gbps. In my experience Cat5e is also easier to work with if you're fitting your own connections. In short, you probably don't actually need the extra shielding of Cat6. You're better off spending the extra money on better networking gear.
  20. Hello, I am going to buy the new cable to have a faster speed and I am confused about the types. I'm not familiar with this, consider choosing CAT5e or CAT6. I googled and saw the blog, is it true or not? Can someone kindly advise me and also tell me the reason? Thanks in advance.
  21. I posted this on the Avast forum: After being ask some questions about Avast version,Other AV & Malware programs, & OS. This was the answer I got: Note nowhere was my question about the DNS server Avast was trying to use answered. I wanted to know why Avast was attempting to "Phone Home". I have all the send information & the like turned off in Avast. In doing some Searching I found this similar URL. Either click on it or copy & paste it. http://ip-info.ff.avast.com/v1/info You will get some information about your location & other things. So it appears Avast is sending information home.
  22. Xfinity Customer Greeting "should be" : Thank You for calling Xfinity! We're not happy until you're NOT happy!!! Not to worry. Our Super Duper Tech Support Team will address & repair ALL of your issues in a New York minute!!! Hold please while I a run a quick test. ... ... ... Well there you go. "Everything looks just fine" You are all set. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
  23. First post, thanks for having me -- I'm a Canuck, been in IT for many decades, used testmy.net for years. But how do I import my "old" results (more than 500) under id = 646716533498 into my "member profile"? (There's a "clickable" at the bottom of my "new page" to see the "old page", but I would like to combine them and use the log-in from now on.) Many thanks
  24. Do I need to purchase a few 50 foot Ethernet cables? I had an older Google wifi system and learned I needed a new Ethernet cable. Thinking the system was too old I recently purchased an eero 6 dual band mesh wifi system. Still no improvement
  25. I have the same issues! I can shutdown and unplug all other devices and change cell phones and tablets to turn off wifi. I have 1 fire Tv within 10 feet of the modem and have constant buffering and the β€˜internet’ disconnects. Help!
  26. You should be in a Beatles cover band. 😁
  27. Yeah Yeah Yeah.. πŸ˜‚ Heard that. πŸ‘
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