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  3. I am always leery of free downloadable software, unless it is clearly "Open Source". Evan then, if I continue to use it more than a couple of weeks I will make a donation. I am not wealthy be any means so some donation(s) aren't much but Common sense indicates that every little bit helps. The flip side is of course MMI {Microsoft Malware, Inc.} I'll end that as I'm confident most people already know. Over the years I have found many deep discounts purchasing software. Many were of great value as well as an extraordinary buy. I quickly reviewed both of the above sites & unless I'm missing something these 100% legit! My personal experience buyi9ng MS Office for clients at such discounts has not been pleasant. Promise the world yet deliver nothing but chopped up licensing, partial or incomplete programs & generally consume much more time than original saving. BTW, I cannot put a dollar value on my frustration. I think today there is a plethora of really good inexpensive solutions available. In addition, anything touted as "COMPLETELY FREE", "NO STRINGS", ETC. should always be fully investigated & vetted before you take the plunge. Evan then I recommend D/L, install & run on a computer OTHER THAN your daily "production machine". Why gamble with any of your trustworthy devices? JMHO, be well, DSwinhart retired after 4+ decades in IT
  4. I pay for 600. This is over WiFi but I do have large fluctuations sometimes hence why I am here.
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  6. I believe I & others posted about these websites many years ago. I have used these two for several softwares: giveawayoftheday & sharewareonsale The softwares are usually a full version with no updates. Some are for a limited time like 6 months or 1 year. A lot of them are lifetime but no updates. I have never found a virus or malware in any software I got from theses websites.
  7. lol Freudian Slip?
  8. i remembered when they told me it was possible to stream "HD" (i assume 1080p and not the "fake" 720p) at 1Mbps... that seems to be impossible now with the all encryption, ads, trackers and UI bloat on Youtubez and other streaming media sites. that and they probably use a lot of uncompressed audio or lossless audio formats on streams now. Facebook seems to be the worst offender. even with adblock, their videos (at lower res like 540p) would eat up all my RAM and sometimes hang my laptop. their non-javascript video links seem to work fine though. so does Instagram videos, which is now owned by ZUCC the Facebook lizardman too.
  9. CA3LE

    Test speed

    Welcome to TestMy.net @James2007 Let me know if you have any questions or comments.
  10. A test speed net
  11. Hi Sean, I made some adjustments, when you enable "Linear Load" it will modify the Upload page to direct you to the legacy upload test. This doesn't work with combined test, using combined test with linear load under the beta will still load the new version. I hope to develop the linear upload test to work with the new graphs but I'm not sure if it's possible yet. It's pretty tricky. Porting the download test over was simple. The problem has to do with a limitation of a certain browser API. The current version will remain available, I have no plans to get rid of that. If I can't get it to work exactly the way I want... then I'll just integrate the old version, minus the extra graphing on the upload.
  12. I just noticed in the beta mode that there is no setting to toggle Linear Upload, which I think was there up until recently, i.e. the Customise Settings page currently just has a Linear Download toggle: Could you add a Linear Upload toggle? I can still run the linear upload by temporarily toggling off the Beta, but would rather not lose the linear upload capability once the beta becomes final. I mainly use linear testing on slower connections such as rural DSL and cellular connections.
  13. Reading the speed between their server and your computer is not really testing the internet speed. Doesn't matter how you connect. You're not testing the Internet if you don't actually go out to the Internet. Testing against your ISP's servers isn't going out to the Internet. That's why TestMy.net is here. Your ISP has control over the quality of peering and bandwidth in and out of their network. If your ISP is in the UK, then it should be a very quick hop over to my UK servers. As long as your ISP is delivering that won't affect the final result. There would be little to no difference if all the connections between are running with capacity available. Any good ISP in that scenario would have at least multiple 10 GbE peers, meaning that the route between the ISP and TestMy.net should never be the weakest link... unless it's over capacity. It's a red flag if an ISP tells you that only testing against their server's is accurate. And like I said, it doesn't make sense in the first place. Your ISP's servers are not the Internet, that's your host's network... before the Internet. It's a part of the Internet but if that's your host, their network is your network. A step above your local area network but we're not really out to the wider Internet. TestMy.net is actually testing your connection out to the Internet.
  14. Thank you for your advice CA3LE. However, I receive my internet via a dish from a transmitter not far away. My service provider explained to me that my internet is tunnelled to a specific server called Dedicated server in London (I live in Wales, a few hundred miles from London). I then go out to the rest of the world from there. My internet provider explained that I would only get a true reading of the quality of service they are providing by reading the internet speed between their server and my computer.
  15. Hi Steven, welcome! When you test at TestMy.net you're testing the connection from your home, through your providers network, out to the internet and then to my servers. You only need to consider your own location when choosing one of my locations to test from. Usually TMN will do a good job of choosing for you. Based on your IP address, TMN would pick UK servers to test from. You can also visit the Mirror page and quickly test your latency across all of the locations. UK will again most likely perform the best (lowest). After you're settled on a test server location then head over to the Auto Speed Test to schedule automatic testing. Once you've gathered some results (data) visit My Results and My Average to get a better understanding of the results. Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any other questions.
  16. Looking for advice. My broadband provider uses Dedicated server in London. All traffic goes through that. However, I cannot find this on the list of servers. Can it be added so that I can monitor my broadband speed over a period of time? If so, how do I go about it?
  17. The beta is now available to all members. You'll find a toggle switch in My Settings. Hope you find this helpful.
  18. Here's a photo I took yesterday. We had 77% coverage where I'm at. A Sun spot made it look kinda like Pac Man for a little bit. (the sun spot was visible in other photos so I know it wasn't an artifact) Taken on an S22 Ultra, using the 10X lens through solar filter glasses, manual focus and exposure.
  19. You're already a beta tester, visit the beta introduction to get started.
  20. Something for the solar eclipse tomorrow 4/08/2024 I will see about an 84% eclipse in Amarillo.
  21. How can i get on the beta test list - i greatly enjoyed using this to test the FW updates on hardware
  22. Welcome @dudxs! Check out https://testmy.net/database. I store results based on GEO location and ISP.
  23. Hello, I don't know if it has been setup somewhere, but that would be interesting to share performance with respect to your country/region/area, wouldn't it ? I just started an analysis, let's see what going to be. Chris
  24. First, All of the the database results are from TestMy.net only. There are also several ways you can programmatically extract the averages. I'll use Comcast as an example but this works for locations as well. Basic json of what you see rendered on Comcast's hoststats page https://testmy.net/hoststats/comcast_cable?jsonout=1 CSV output to file https://testmy.net/hoststats/comcast_cable?csvout=1 CSV output rendered in page https://testmy.net/hoststats/comcast_cable?csvout=1&easycsv=1 You can also specify how far back and output the averages https://testmy.net/hoststats/comcast_cable?csvout=2&monthsback=12&easycsv=1 Note for the output, I use pipes (e.g. " | ") as a separator. Below I'm adding line breaks to make it easier to read. "April 2022","May 2022","June 2022","July 2022","August 2022","September 2022","October 2022","November 2022","December 2022","January 2023","February 2023","March 2023","April 2023","May 2023","June 2023","July 2023","August 2023","September 2023","October 2023","November 2023","December 2023","January 2024","February 2024","March 2024" |219.5,192.5,190.6,156.1,157,210.8,165.5,224,215.5,215.5,209.6,168.4,206.6,203.6,220.9,270.5,272.4,218.3,244.9,240.8,299.5,249.9,312.7,190.5 |9.9,17.4,15.2,16,14.6,17.7,37.1,16.5,13.6,15.6,17.7,17.1,18.6,14.2,21.3,22.1,22.9,24.2,27.8,34.1,28.1,25.7,26.7,22.9 |'NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL','NULL',95,92,89,92,123,107,91,114,104,75,119,81,127,79,78,106,82,76,97,89,95,194,71,61 Translates to... Date Field |Download |Upload |Latency You can make a simple program to CURL and parse that output, explode and then make arrays out of the data. Make sure you set a reasonable limit to how often you query or it will be seen as a threat. And please share with others where you're getting your data. TMN is 100% word of mouth.
  25. I'm new to the forum and want to know if it's possible to download the results of the average speed tests by isps in different countries. (And what the timeframe is for the oldest to newest results and any latency) I also want to know if all the average data collected is from tests run on this site only (no 3rd party data imports) to maintain the validity of the results.
  26. NorthIndiana84, The post was to you & CA3LE or anyone it might help. For it being in your email; you probably have your notification settings set to receive email for posts made. For the browser issue that is what worked for me. Keep in mind I only use portable browsers. CA3LEFirefox & Opera. I have IE browser as disabled as possible since Windows won't work when I completely uninstall it. So all I have to do is delete the portable folder & put in a fresh copy. That is not actually an "Install". I did install Brave temporarily but did it in a sandbox program I have. So it was gone with a reboot. I would wait for CA3LE to respond before you uninstall & install new browsers as he might consider my problem unrelated to your problem. For the .gif website https://gifcap.dev/ : In never worked correctly for me. I used my screen capture program & then converted it to an .mkv. & .gif. I can download the .mkv from my topic & play it with VLC player.
  27. That was as the results ran and finished. When I saw that flowy, compression, decompression of the page as I started the test, I assumed that's how it ran but once it was finished, it just keeps waving like that. Sometimes I can't even hit share results just because of the movement but today I hit it and when I did it was totally fine. I'll include a screenshot, not that it fully matters but it's still like the picture 100%.... Honestly, it's just a weird issue more than it is a hindrance to my performing tests or navigating pages. That's the only issue I can see from what I understand... These posts get very wild wild west with so many quotes in quotes in qoutes so in that I'm a little lost but I'll figure it out. I just haven't had tons of time recently plus these results have basically satisfied my real question. This is obviously a legit way to see true measurement acrossed a large spectrum of variables where as if you hit the corporate sites they try and fluff you a bit for sure...but like I said to an Admin who asked what my advertised speeds were, where I'm at next door to South bend Indiana Comcast is referred to as Xfinity but there are also 2 or 3 other fiber companies digging and laying lines so I think I get favorable service because there seems to be actual competition. My internet is advertised as 1.2 gbps and I have an XB8 modem setup right as the cable runs into the house. I have cold hard plastic trash can flipped upside down with holes drilled into it and I bought a mini-turbo fan like a decent Honeywell with 10 inch circumference which I set right in front of it and keep it running most of the time but especially when i'm running. The only issue that really pisses me off that I've still not gotten answers for is why my Acer 516 is advertised as having a 2.5 gbps Ethernet connection but when I hook into it, it hits 300 Mbps MAX and the upload speed will lock at like 1kbps. Yes I said 1 kbps. It does the weirdest stuff but I bought an adapter to the C-USB because I have those Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, an HDMI port, an RJ-45 2.5G Gigabit Ethernet (2.5GbE) LAN port, dual USB 3.2 Type-C ports, and a USB 3.2 Type-A port which is exactly how it's advertised but the 3.2 type C USBs are supposed to be up to 10 gbps. It's my charger port. I bought a j5create which is high quality computer supplier as far as independent regular people. It was the best I could find. I found other comparable items. Anyways, I'm rambling.
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