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  2. You may have a filter active on your search. Go to My Results then click the red "default" button to remove search filters, like date. I see results saved as recently as 3 minutes ago under your username. (note that the times shown are relative to my time, not yours. Right now it's 11:56a in my timezone.)
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  4. Whey are my results not saving. No problem till now.
  5. hi guys if you are in canada Bell offered me a maximum speed of 50 Mbps down for $120 Whereas Cogeco offered me 1,024 Mbps down but gives me up to 1,600 Mbps down consistently for $81. Thanks, good luck jeff
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  8. Would it be something this, shown against a business card, connected to our living room TV? : This is a full Windows 10 PC, however, the specs the one we have are very basic, i.e. Atom CPU, 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. This cost £50 (about $65) on an Amazon lightning deal at the time (May 2016) and I wasn't sure how we would get on with having a "PC channel" on the TV. However, when I saw the lightning deal, it became an impulse purchase. My parents barely used the Android TV stick we had before it, however, this Windows stick has been a success and in constant use for streaming. It barely uses any power (powered with a USB cable), so we leave it running 24/7. With this running Windows 10, it is as functional as an entry level Atom powered Windows 10 laptop. While I wouldn't try any type of photo editing on it, it has no problem streaming up to 1080p and can run desktop applications such as Word, Excel, etc. It does however struggle with multimedia heavy websites, but we generally don't use it for web browsing other than to head to a website like the BBC, NBC, etc. (with a VPN) to stream shows. There are higher end sticks also, for example, Intel has similar size stick with a Core i5 CPU, 128GB SSD, 4GB RAM, etc. Whenever we decide to upgrade ours, I'll certainly get something more capable, seeing how much use we got out of ours.
  9. oh ya tour right I remember that now it was just like you said , it was much smaller more like my Creative X-fi 5.0 Pro usb sound card about the size of 1-1/2 credit cards and 1/2 thick had the Monitor out, keyboard and mouse connection, this here is much larger, Sorry to have be incorrect about your setup.
  10. Ok thanks, It is nice to have someone like you to help with stuff like this Thank you so much for all you do with the site and the amount of great information you share
  11. Ping Plotter is an excellent program that's been around for a really long time. I've actually been meaning to contact them for an affiliate partnership because it's like an extended version of my latency test. I think they can compliment each other. Give Ping Plotter a try and let us know what you think.
  12. Alex Trebek, "Little black boxes maybe 4-5 in square and an inch thick." Me, "What is, apple tv?!" Damn. For reals though, it's exactly what your title says, "little black box that replaces my tower" --- it IS the tower, just smaller. I'd only refer to this as a node if the computer itself isn't doing the processing. Then it would basically be just a medium for i/o (input/output... keyboard, mouse, monitor, usb). Your company may be doing it like that but more likely your computer is still running the software physically. A notable example of this type of computer is the Intel Nuc They can be spec'd as low as $250 (with a Celeron J4005 - 2 threads) and go all the way up to north of $1600 with (a Xeon E-2286M - 16 threads!) -- you can also get kits that have no memory and drive for like $135. -- can make for some pretty dense computing. There are all kinds of mini PCs like this. Search Amazon for "mini PC" and watch some youtube reviews to find a good one at a good price. It's ever changing. In 2015 I may have said that this could replace your tower with something like this for lighter workloads like general browsing. Today... you can get a lot done in a much smaller package. Having said that, if you spec'd a full tower at the same price you'd have WAY more power. ...can't really fit an RTX in one of these. -- also I feel it's a huge waste of a processor if you aren't going to take advantage it's extra PCIe lanes. But there's something to be said for such a nice form factor. There are many use cases where this is a much better solution.
  13. It's quite possible the connection is intermittently dropping during the show. This will not show up in a speed test unless you happen to test the moment this happens. However, you can test for this with a continuous ping test while watching a show. If you have a laptop, bring up a command prompt (right-click the Start menu and select either "Command Prompt" or "Windows PowerShell"). Type the following command and press enter: ping -t Ideally this should run on the same Wi-Fi network as what your Netflix is streaming on, unless you are streaming on a wired network connection (e.g. network cable plugged into the TV). When the show starts buffering, have look at the ping responses on the laptop. If it shows multiple "Request timed out" messages, this indicates a dropped connection. If it's still showing replies, but the "time=" value spikes, this indicates network congestion at the time, such as either something hogging the network, Wi-Fi interference or a link issue between your modem and your Internet provider. The next test you can try is check whether the issue is with the Wi-Fi or your ISP by pinging the gateway IP. To find this out, type in the following command: ipconfig Look for the line "Default Gateway" and then type in ping -t followed by the gateway IP address. E.g. if it's, type in ping -t Continue watching until you see it buffering again. If the ping replies gave the same symptom as above, e.g. timeout or "time=" value spikes, the issue is with the Wi-Fi connection, such as interference. Otherwise the issue is likely with your Internet provider's link.
  14. I think those are Nodes? I may have name wrong we had those at the fab shop i worked. I think the server is the main system and those are just like access points instead of running multiple computers and connecting via LAN
  15. My work has them. Little black boxes maybe 4-5 in square and an inch thick. Replaced the whole shebang. ?????
  16. My speed test comes back as 11 Mbps according to this site. However, I cannot stream an episode of Longmire on Netflix without it buffering 6 or 7 times. Supposedly I only need 1Mbps for Netflix. We just had HN installed so the modem should be new. What am I missing here?
  17. SO recently iRacing has been dumping me from the servers (they) iRacing says they checked and all is good on their end and I say well I test my internet connection and speed like fanatic and i'm all good so it is dying some place, they suggested I get Ping Plotter Program and run it pre session and leave it on in case this happens again so I have I assume data to show what is up. before I do that I wanted to make sure that is something I should use or do you have a better app or suggestion on what I should do? plus this is where they suggested I ping I think you had said this to me when you showed me issues they have which i do not know if they ever did anything about them . ipv6:bosrace01-orig.iracing.com Thanks, oh BTW new paint came out and now the outline of testmy.net is Chrome, will get vids posted soon as I have a computer now able to create them in HD.
  18. mi isp says i have 1 Gps but I have 1.3 Gps
  19. My location is 1/2 country away... Possibly cycling. IDC about that, kinda cool. So i don't bother to find & fix it but does the measurements see everything around me as that location & go inproximaty of my device or is it location based in which case I doubt I can ACTUALLY connect to that coverage? *Thanks*
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  21. I have been doing several tests per day for the last couple weeks on my PC. My download speed is slowing a little everyday. Testing over WiFi only all the same conditions and server, no network cable.. Of course my provider told me to use a different test site that gives me better results. I get good test results on my phones and pads using a different app called Net Analyzer. Now Im confused on what is more accurate. Has there been any changes to this program lately that may be having an effect on my results. Thanks
  22. Dish modem router or all three?
  23. what will you use them for . You wont use more than 20 at a time
  24. yea its good and this month i am getting 252 ip's
  25. I'm interested in this. And, no need to apologize. As far as one party screwing up what what the other one does, that is what they do. The people who elect them count on them to do that. I would love to talk about personal freedom and human rights but at the moment I really would like to hear about the open internet. I am actually writing something about that, so please - how is the open internet being taken away? (Sincere question) I can definitely use some ammo. thanks, --John
  26. If you have a dynamic IP your compID will change with it. I recommend people in that situation register and sign in when testing to make sure their results follow them. Hope you have a great day too!
  27. Thank you for your explanation. I personally have no reason to wish to hide my speed test results, but I can't speak for others. My question was pure so that I can get a better understanding of what was happening. I guessed that it was IP driven. So what happens for people on dynamic IP service? (Again, not that it matters ). Have a great day, Paul
  28. Hi Paul, welcome! Your test history is tied to what I call a computer ID (compid). This is derived from your IP address. CompID is a way for me to obfuscate your IP address into something that's not personally identifiable. Your test history here is always open to the public by the way. The results are transparent for user research. When you visit and aren't signed in the program is identifying you primarily by that compid. When you sign in with a username it associates your device with both the username and compid. So when you aren't signed in it's querying all of the results that have your same compid. Do you think people would like an option to hide their results from the public?
  29. Greetings. I was introduced to your site, only yesterday when I was visiting a friend. He ran your test and this site showed his testing history. I then ran your test on my own (visiting) laptop, which was connected to his WiFi, and to both of our surprises I was served up his testing history, without me logging in to this site? I am just curious how this works, re security? I can only guess, that because the external IP was the same, we both got all the info, but this is not very secure. That means that anyone who has the WiFi pw can check the testing history? I am not paranoid, just curious. Thanks. Paul
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