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  2. Thank you Chuck for your reply. I have to say, I thought the choices here in Goldsboro, NC were slim to none. I feel for you. That is pretty raw of AT&T for not keeping internet your area. I'm not familiar with your area but I just did a google search for internet providers in Rancho Cucamonga and it shows there are 7 residential providers according to broadbandnow dot com. According to this you will be able to get Spectrum 100Mbps for the $44.99 I was paying! Here is the link: https://broadbandnow.com/California/Rancho-Cucamonga Hopefully you'll be able to take advantage of a better offer. Be blessed! Amanda
  3. Amanda, you're so lucky to have Internet choices. The sole choice in my area of Rancho Cucamonga is HughesNet. *sigh* Hate AT&T for selling their Internet, or DSL, out of this area (but keeping DirecTV), leaving one choice if you want to have Internet: HughesNet. I envy you all over the place! 😎 Chuck
  4. Thank you TallCR for your reply. Please forgive me for giving the impression that I do NOT appreciate Spectrum, I do. Even when it was Time Warner I knew from my experience with AT&T DSL back in 2009 and CenturyLink satellite back in 2012 that Time Warner was the most reliable internet in this area. This is why even though tempted at times to consider switching, I haven't done it. As of right now I've been back with Time Warner since 2013 and it is still the most reliable in my area. Recently I upgraded to 100Mbps which changed my payment from $44.99 to $64.99 a month. Since this is a pretty big jump for someone on a limited income, I just want to know how to make sure I am getting the 100Mbps I am paying for. Thanks again. Be blessed! Amanda
  5. 300 megabits first second and I paid $40 each month
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  7. Amanda: Not to be too blunt about it, but I would crawl on my knees over broken glass in the Sahara Desert at noontime to be able to get Spectrum again! I cursed it from the first day I had it (when it was Time Warner Cable) to when I moved to a mobile home park that only gets DirecTV and its bundled (satellite) "broadband", Hughes.Net, which (forget Gen5) regularly gets between 1-3 Gbps with Gen2 at all times...AND comes with data caps!! I would dearly love to be back with Spectrum, and getting even 25 Gbps! Not being snotty, but, truly, count your blessings. TallCR
  8. Post your speed and how much you pay monthly

    Wow guys, looking at the speeds here makes me wonder what kind of country I'm living in... I joined this site because of it's ability to automatically run tests... here's my first result at 10:30pm! Optus Net Sydney Australia Paying $120 p.m
  9. Thank you Preston ashbrook for your reply. I appreciate your help and I sure wish it were that simple for me. I have my own modem (SB6190) and until recently I had 5G enabled (disabled it w no plans to reenable - do a search: The 5G Network: What You Don't Know May Kill You), but even then I mostly used my laptop which is wired so any test I did didn't involve the wifi connection. I've complained to Spectrum many times but like I said earlier, it's like since I don't know exactly what I don't know, they only go so far. They give no information that I don't already have or at least that I can check on my own without special equipment. They offer to come check my line but as stated earlier, it's like they start with their handheld machine and tell me about signals they are getting which mean all is fine and they have no reason to check anything else. They get on my laptop and for some reason, they get a great speedtest result and I will get on and try and it'll be what it's supposed to be until either right after they leave or usually a few days later. Since I originally posted my plea for help here on the forum, I downloaded an app from sharewareonsale dot com called TweakMASTER 3.60. I was a bit leary but it scanned fine with Kaspersky and it has undo options and of course system restore should things go awry so I figured why not. I realized it was probably just optimizing TCP/IP and MTU but I figured it knows how to do it better than I (wouldn't know where to begin) so I tried it. Well, I'll be, shortly thereafter I was getting speeds up to 110Mbps. I thought, YEAH I had found a way to fix it or around it BUT then, I kept losing internet and like I said I'm WIRED. It would do it constantly within minutes of me rebooting the modem, router etc so I figured it had to be something the tweaker changed that I don't know how to check and fix so I ended up reverting back to previous config. Needless to say I haven't tried to 'TWEAK' anything since but my speeds have been a bit better anyway. The test I just ran here showed 116Mbps Down & 7.9Mbps Up, Speedtest gave me 83.24Mbps Down & 11.98Mbps Up so even though I still don't know how to fix it, or check it, at this moment speeds are pretty good; at least tolerable and not making me question my choice to upgrade plans. I'd still like to understand this situation better but I'd probably have to study 'networking' in order to understand it to the point of being able to recognize, evaluate and fix network issues! Anyway, thanks again for reaching out with your help! Be blessed! Amanda
  10. Dude the same thing happened with me with Comcast about a month or two ago my bill never changed but the speeds went crazy I was getting like 300 megabits per second in my upload is only about 13 to 15 megabits per second so I don't know but I know one thing it's crazy fast
  11. My huges net sucks

    Have you tried turning off, or pausing, the Video Data Saver, which deliberately throttles your speed when streaming to such that is amenable to streaming in SD?
  12. Last week
  13. i live in a rural area and not much choice as to isp and i upload a lot of photos and videos, so i bit the bullet and paid for the top tier plan from a local phone cooperative which, when i joined about 4 years ago was about $170 for 30mb/s down and 8mb/s upload. they gradually improved this over the years without charging more and the uptime is astoundingly great at what has to be 99.9x percent. but a few months back i got a bill for only $110 and i thought they had degraded my service and i checked and it was about 70mb/s down and an amazing 30mb/s upload! and your test show even better. bb /s~
  14. Hello, I am very new to this site but I have a suggestion because I just now got the speeds I paid for after 4 years of service. I called mediacom to complain about my speeds. They remotely chandelier my modem to enable 5g. I went from 20 to 30 mbps to testing at 80 to 104. I pay f9r 100 mbps. Ask your isp about that. Hope it helps
  15. hello

    Welcome to TestMy.net pastor1ray! You sound very cool, glad to have you around.
  16. hello

    Thank you Roger, it is very thoughtful of you to take the time to welcome me. I wanted to lety you know I appreciate that right now as I came in because I have so many things and people waiting for me if I put it off I might not get to this much later. Thank you for the good positive vibes.
  17. Proof of Network Throttling

    That street light sure must have been emitting a lot of interference to interrupt your Internet connection. Based on the faint blow, it probably had a loose or badly corroded terminal that was arcing. It also makes me wonder just how many others in your area were affected. It is surprising the havoc that even a small electric arc can cause. Even the older incandescent blinking fairy light strings were known for interrupting DSL connections.
  18. Proof of Network Throttling

    So, after thinking about my slow download speed that only occurred during specific times, I got to thinking. What was the common denominator? Street lights! I contacted my electric company and asked if they could disable the closet street lights to my location. Friday night, I checked my speed, but it still dropped shortly after 7pm. The next week, I had both the phone linesman and one of the electric company linesman come to my house just after my speed dropping again. The had me hook up my modem directly to a generator, and run my laptop by battery. Still no change. Then the electric company guy cut power to the area where I live. Still no change. Before they left, they discussed the option of a planned blackout further away from my house sometime that week, after getting permission from the town. Soon after they departed, I went and checked my download speed again. Lo and behold, it was back! The phone man called from his office shortly after, and I asked if he was seeing what I was. He stated that after leaving, he and the electric company guy got to a street light that wasn't operating except for a very faint glow. It was unhooked from the town power, and I got my internet back! So, if any of you have an issue like this, tell your phone company/electric company to start disconnecting street lights!
  19. hello

    Welcome to the forum! Cheers!
  20. Hello all Hughes Net users

    "Being new to the website I read more than just a few comments about Hughes Net and their service and most of them seem to follow this trend." Same here, man. Same here.
  21. On Android tablet, testmy.net reaches the wrong site

    As I noted in my last post, the most recent Kindle I tested this on did not have Google services installed.
  22. On Android tablet, testmy.net reaches the wrong site

    hopefully CA3LE will have some time to look into this some more.
  23. Hello all Hughes Net users

    Your upload speed isn’t too whippy either.
  24. On Android tablet, testmy.net reaches the wrong site

    I've completed the basic prototype of the app, the data is pretty much accurate (as comparison to TestMy.net, Speed Test and Fast). The UI is left which will be inspired by TestMy.net's very own UI. Bikas Gaur Showbox Mobdro Tutuapp
  25. Hello all Hughes Net users

    Mmmmm... just spent 45 minutes on the phone with HughesNet to help troubleshoot my slow speeds. While I have not necessarily had bad support experience (yet), I'm definitely second guessing this service. I can work around 450-600ms latency of the satellite, but .45kbps downloads is back to the stone age of networking. 9600 baud modem anyone? I am 14 days into my service, and this is the first all day rain that we have had and WOW... service degraded from 20MB down to .45kbps downloads. I could barely surf the web at these speeds. I was told of service degradation during "bad weather, but come on... a slow steady rain causes sub MB speeds? I certainly would not be able to work from my home office at these speeds.
  26. Hello all Hughes Net users

    Being new to the website I read more than just a few comments about Hughes Net and their service and most of them seem to follow this trend.
  27. Hello all Hughes Net users

    Sorry about your experience. Lots of posters on here have had a bad time with Hughes Net.
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