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  1. @quid I sent some instructions via private message.
  2. @quid noticed your donation earlier, just noticed by checking the email address that it was you, thank you. I know that you know, you didn't have to do that. I really appreciate you took the time. Your donation pays for Terabytes of much needed bandwidth. I only have that link in the forums and get very few (almost no) donations. To be honest, I never wanted ads on TestMy.net. But this is a bandwidth intensive application. It's expensive to host and that's after I built a network and hardware stack to cut costs. In the future I'd like to provide a service that people will see value in and happily pay a small monthly, quarterly or yearly fee to experience TestMy.net the way the developer intended. Ad free. If I can get enough support in that direction my dream is to make TestMy.net ad free for all.
  3. btw, the reason this website exists was to test my Cox cable internet back when it was first released in 1996 (I was 15) ... to see what throughput I was actually getting from Cox Communications. (TMN got its name later) Really though, I think the automatic test you've been running is already telling us a lot. ?t=u&d=01-16-2022+%2F+01-17-2022&y=u&l=25&q=quid's Speed Test Results A couple things I would check, Router placement: How far away is the router and what obstructions are present? Are there any mechanical devices near the router that may be interfering with the signal. Is the router confined in an enclosed space? Other devices: What are the other devices doing? Can you run a test for a period with all other devices disabled? (1 pm to 1am your time should be a good period given what I see above) Is your arlo power wired or battery? If it's a battery only unit I can give you instructions for how to give it hardwired D/C power, this not only will save you money on those expensive a123 batteries but it will make it more reliable in cold temperatures. You might even have a suitable power adapter that you can repurpose for free. If you can, take a laptop outside near the arlo camera and run some tests. Go to https://testmy.net/mysettings and change the first (e.g. laptop, 1, 2, 3) so that we can tell the results apart. It could be that double pane windows, metallic window tint and/or materials your house is made out of are making it difficult to communicate. Your laptop may have more powerful wifi than the arlo but it may still provide some clues. Test first inside the door (maybe use identifier 1), then outside (identifier 2), then back inside (back to identifier 1). So first, I'd make sure the placement of the router is optimal. Then I'd make sure there aren't computers or devices mucking it up. Could be a torrent in the other room you forgot about (maybe a family member or roommate), could be your phone uploading a bunch of stuff to the cloud when you get home after a long day taking photos. There are many scenarios that can consume upload and make it an issue for everything network-wide. If your upload is it all taken up, you're internet's going to suffer across the board. If you disable all devices and the issue clears up but you don't know where to start, then maybe reconnect them one by one until you see the problem. Pinpoint and target the machine that seems to be slowing things down. No matter what, I'm going to make sure you get early access to my new tool because it seems like it's right up your alley. It tests your home connection every second of every day while also respecting your network bandwidth. I've been running it myself since 2020 and have never noticed it running, unless I have connection issues. Then it makes its presence known. It's designed to run indefinitely and use minimal resources, all around. Like everything at TestMy.net it only requires a modern web browser. This is actually different from the code in development I was previously talking about. And then in thinking about what you were saying,"test my upload throughput for an extended period" got me thinking since yesterday about a totally different upload test method, a hack to the current method that would provide deeper insight. Seriously, thank you! I don't know if it will work but it will be fun to experiment with. If it does work I can see a huge benefit.
  4. Let me see what I can arrange for you. Looks like you'd use about 14GB per hour. So that's not a big deal. I'll mess around over the next few days with some code I've been developing and get back with you. Needs a few modifications to do exactly what you're after.
  5. Hi Stack! It's under my settings (at the bottom of all pages), also can be found on the download test and upload test pages to the right.
  6. Returned to normal operation about an hour ago and has been stable since.
  7. Vultr has been experiencing issues today 2/5 of the UK servers are back online. I'll update this thread when it's back to 100%. DE servers had a misconfiguration which has been corrected. Thank you for the heads up.
  8. On my end it looks like your IP address changes. Best thing to do in this case is make sure you're logged in while you're testing. This way your result is also stored in the database under your username. You also want to retain TestMy.net's cookies as they're necessary to retain your login and other settings. If you know what your previous IP address is we can search for your previous results. If you'd like to ensure that it's logging properly after your first run go to https://testmy.net/myresults and you should see the result saved under your username. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. I have a new program I'd like to start beta testing very soon. I've been running it myself nonstop for well over a year now. It's reliably been keeping track of my home connection's uptime / downtime. It's also helped me make TMN's services more reliable and redundant in the process because the server-side needs to be highly available for the program to make sense. Can't be sending false alarms because of server-side hiccups. I really just want to open it up to people in its current state, there are minor bugs I need to address but none of them have to do with the functionality, usefulness or stability of the program. More aesthetics. I feel like it's a new concept so it will need to find it's design along the way as I get feedback. The core functionality is pretty sweet already. I'm just unsure if people will get what it's all about at first glance. In your case, it does exactly what you're looking for. It passively monitors your connection every second then notifies you when your connection goes down and when it's back online. It has an interesting, unique and reliable method of operation. Designed specifically to be able to run indefinitely on unstable connections and always recover itself back into a ready state, using minimal resources. Give me a few days to button this new program up, I'll send you a message and update this thread.
  10. You could setup a virtualized environment. Using VirtualBox or Parallels install a virtual machine and during creation tell it to use the network adapter for the connection you'd like to test. Using a free Windows 10 ISO or Ubuntu ISO. (I see you're using Windows) You could also try ForceBindIP or something similar that would give you control over the network interface or IP address for specific applications. Then set it up so that your test browser (the one running TestMy.net) is using the IP or interface you'd like to test. If you need your main browser to be on your other network I'd suggest installing FireFox on the side and dedicate it to the purpose of testing in the background. If you use this method please let me know how this works out for you, I haven't tried it. I did take the time to scan the downloadable exe using various online virus scanning tools like Kapersky (here's the hash) all came back clean.
  11. You should want to keep your old results to compare against. Some of the averaging tools here like My Average work best with a history. (e.g. CA3LE's My Average) You can narrow your My Results search to a certain date to get the same effect as deleting results. If you'd really like to delete your old results you can also do this under My Results. In the results details under the graph, check the boxes next to the results you'd like to delete then hit the trashcan at the top of the table. You can toggle all with the checkbox next to the trashcan. If you have a huge number of results, alter the results/page setting to display more results per page to make the process quicker. Originally when I started database logging there was no client-side delete functionality. The reason it was added was to delete possible erroneous results. Wasn't ever intended on being used to totally reset results --but it can be. side note: In an upcoming release you'll have the ability to reset all of your logs without actually deleting anything.
  12. Thank you for pointing this out, it was a timestamp issue. This was only affecting the displayed time not the test sequence time. I've corrected this and it's correctly displaying now.
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