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  1. I see what you're saying. A temporary fix will show "Set Username" at the top (where the sign in / sign up links usually are) when you signup with Google and the username hasn't been set. On normal sign up it's displaying an error instead of prompting you to check your email. The email is still being sent, if you follow the link it works. I'll work on fixing the signup process. It works but is not a good user experience. Thank you for reporting this.
  2. When you first sign up using Google sign in your password is the Google sign in itself. You can set a password by visiting your account settings. Then login by using AstroHarry1596 and the password or Google sign in. I'm going to go through the sign up process and fix any issues right now. May need some adjustment.
  3. Hi deonisys, Yes, the results you see for atman.pl at https://testmy.net/hoststats/atm are tests taken by clients detected to be using atman.pl. Long ago in TestMy.net's history hosts were stored by domain name (e.g. atman.pl). They're now stored by hostname (e.g. ATM). The database is warning you that you're looking at outdated tables. Using TestMy.net you can test your latency to atman.pl - that will tell you how quickly it's responding to your computer's requests. I have other tools for testing the bandwidth against nearly any website (where the other website doesn't need anything special installed in order to work) but they need to be resurrected. I'm curious, what are you testing for? Please explain your use case so I can better suggest something to help.
  4. Go to the homepage, click Test My Internet and whoosh! You're testing. Happy Testing! - Damon
  5. Looking into some things and will get back with you after the weekend. Sorry for the delayed response.
  6. Sweet! That will come in handy.
  7. Your most recent results look better, 31-37 Mbps. The results I was looking at earlier today are gone now, did you delete them? It can be good to keep them for referencing in the future. We may be able to establish a pattern by seeing more results. Try the Automatic Speed Test Here's some settings I might try. Utilizing random time. Open a browser and paste this TMN command https://testmy.net/auto?schType=Up&extraID=A&r_timeRand=1&st=1&r_time=1&xtimes=24&minUFS=25&nfw=1 Test will complete within 24 hours. As long as you're signed in you'll be notified by email. Dallas, the server you're currently using, should provide your best case scenario according to the response times in your screenshot.
  8. I agree and I keep blocking them but they always come back. To be free for everyone TestMy.net needs ads. Or the support of its users. Or the support of the ISPs. In terms of ISPs, I have one major US based ISP that just signed a 5 year contract to give all of its users ad free service here. So it is possible for providers to see the value TestMy.net provides their users. Would be nice if I got enough support like that to just turn ads off for everyone. On an individual basis, you can click Donate at the bottom of this page. Donate any amount on a reoccurring basis, use the email address you have registered here and I'll flag your account for ad free service. I'm going to go through and make a new ad block list. The problem is that the bad actors just make new domains... exact same ads, same graphics, same landing pages, same buttons. Almost always originating from Google's ad network. I have many hundreds of domains blocked, 10 more pop right up. And what shows up on your screen might not show up on mine. So I'm with you, I want only quality ads for products and services my users want to see. The ultimate solution may be to gear the site away from ad support all together (since the ad networks obviously can't fix it). But that means I need to find support elsewhere.
  9. CA3LE


    Hello! Hoş geldin! Burası İngilizce konuşan bir forumdur. Google Translate kullan lütfen Herhangi bir sorunuz varsa yardımcı olmaktan mutluluk duyarız. translation: Hello! Welcome! This is an English speaking forum. please use Google Translate We are happy to help if you have any questions.
  10. Nothing has changed in terms of the servers. Same test locations, same software. I try to limit the change of variables on my end. When I do a major update that may have an impact on variables I'll make a post in the forum. A lot of updates coming but they're always done in stages to minimize any possible negative impact on users and help catch any bugs. Awesome members like you always email me right away if anything moves in an unexpected way. You'll know when it's happening when betas will become available to you. You're already on the original Beta Tester team so you'll be notified by email. That's a clue. I see that as indication of a bottleneck possibly before you've even gone out to the internet. Can you run some more multithread tests for me? I see that you ran a few on the 17th but I'd like to see a few more data points. Make sure to select "Test My Download Speed" from the download test. We want it to cycle through the different sizes before the final test. (so don't do manual selection or re-test in this case) Other speed tests (all basically clones of each other) out there have a different goal than TestMy.net. I'm trying to provide tools where you can control the variables consistently between tests to aid troubleshooting. Not attempting to doing anything special to force the matter. Basically pulling the data as you would from any other source. Other tests seem to have the goal of maxing out the connection. There are a bunch of different tricks, you've seen me type about many of them over the years. There are no doubt other tricks they do that I don't know yet. Are you pulling those speeds? Often, yes... but is it a normal real-world method of exchange? I don't look at them closely because I don't want to be influenced. They're not doing it right. They can't be working in the client's favor when so many people show us here how they have real problems and always seem to get great results everywhere except TestMy.net. -- but they know and have evidence of a real problem, then fix the problem and have improved TMN results. They don't operate in your favor and you can't trust them. Plain and simple. TestMy.net users have proven over and over that those other tests are novelty at best and are not there when you need them the most. TestMy.net is always here and I try to keep it simple and consistent. My tools are different. Developed 100% by trial and error. But they work. You know they work, you were just testing consistently at nearly 1 Gbps a few weeks ago. Before you picked up the new gateway, I'm sure you ran some tests here (I see you here a lot). So you established a baseline before the new gateway. Did you visit and test right after getting the new gateway? What was the date you installed that?
  11. Give it another try, you're doing a multithread test so that result is actually possible.
  12. Welcome! Yes, all of my tools are designed to work in any modern web browser. Just open testmy.net in your phone's browser and test away.
  13. On yours https://testmy.net/quickstats/Sami#1 (searching by username) you'll see connectID 176226945936 See it now? Search the page for "ConnectID".
  14. Sorry I'm just now seeing this topic. I see you're still testing without logging in. Go ahead and login and start saving results under your username. If you need to access your previous results you can click the connectID in the result details. For most people this should do it. By request I'll also merge results. So as soon as I see you're signing in I'll get all of your previous results tagged with your username. This used to be automatic but there are too many hosts that share IPs between users. I'm working on a new identification that will fix that. In the future when you sign up your previous results will automatically be linked to your username.
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