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  1. Hi Nick, Have you tried TestMy.net in your devices web browser? Using HTML5, server-side programming and native browser technology TMN is designed to work on all devices without additional software. Just visit testmy.net in your browser and depending on the device you may see the lite version or the desktop version. Both versions use the same resources. The lite version isn't a different program, it's just modified to conform to smaller screens. At the bottom of all the pages there is a link to toggle between versions. I often use the full version on my iPhone instead of the default lite version. Because I don't mind having to pinch and zoom around the page and would rather see all of the design elements in full form. But then the lite version has advantages too... like one handed operation. Let me know if this helps, Happy Testing! - Damon - TestMy.net Hi Nick, I'm sorry I don't have a native app for you. All of TMN is developed by one person... if I focused my programming on apps the core website wouldn't be what it is. Instead I focus on making one site that works for everyone. I don't want to over complicate and already complicated situation. TestMy.net will work anywhere in the world. If you're in Europe, Africa or the Middle East you'll be defaulted to my server in the UK. If you're in Asia you'll default to China.. Australia, Pacific Islands and New Zealand will test against Melbourne, AU by default. I've tested people in Vatican City and North Korea. If you have Internet and a browser TMN will work anywhere. I hope it works out for you and helps you understand your true speed. I'm always open to suggestions if you think I can do anything better let me know. You won't hurt my feelings... keep in mind that I build TMN for you. - Damon - TestMy.net
  2. Re TestMy.net Automatic Speed Test Hi Dean, Just close it. If it's not running in your browser... it's not running. If you minimized it when you started find it and close it, or close your browser completely and re-open it. To save bandwidth you can specify the test size (force it to start right at the correct size), tell it to test less frequently or turn it on for only a certain number of cycles. The test was never intended to run constantly. I think that some people feel like you're supposed to run it all the time... I'm not here to waste your bandwidth, or my own. I have to pay for bandwidth too and TMN can burn through Terabytes in a single day. I encourage you to use it as much as you need but I also encourage you to only use it as much as you need. Thank you for your patronage and support. If you like what I'm building help me by spreading the word. - Damon - TestMy.net
  3. Hi Chris, You can see results for Time Warner as they come in at https://testmy.net/host-history/time_warner_cable - Time Warners page is at https://testmy.net/hoststats/time_warner_cable Currently ISP's are ranked within cities but you can't search for an ISP and see a ranking of the cities the ISP operates in. This will be addressed in an upcoming version giving my users much deeper insight. As well as much more useful and informational way of aggregating and complaining the data. Right now you're able to pull results by any location. Within those results there's a ranking of the ISPs for the area queried. For instance, for the US, Time Warner is ranking #7 right now. https://testmy.net/country/us ... the city Austin, TX has you ranking #2 https://testmy.net/city/austin_tx I hope this helps. TestMy.net is designed, build and maintained by one person. I'm under constant development. I welcome your input and criticism. If you have any ideas how I can better display my information please share so I can make TestMy.net work better for you. - Happy Testing! - Damon - TestMy.net Chris, TestMy.net is HTML5 and javascript. I can't speak for the technology behind flash or java tests out there. TestMy.net has always worked on natively without the need for third party plugins. Since I started developing in 1996 I've never considered using them, ever. The main benefit is that it's optimal. Requiring less to get the same job done is always better. Another benefit is a test who's results don't need adjusting. Ookla themselves admitted years ago to adjusting their results, adjusting for unknown variables. If the result is adjusted, it can't be trusted. https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/28902-why-do-my-results-differ-from-speedtestnet-ookla-speed-tests/ The real beauty of TestMy.net isn't in the client-side code that you see. Most of the action takes place on the server-side. The backend doing the hard work while the front end serves the minimum to get the job done is what makes TMN what it is. There are no cons. If there were, I'd do it differently. Let me know if I can help Time Warner. If you like my test you'll be interested in the stuff on my drawing table. - Happy Testing! - Damon - TestMy.net Chris, There are quite a few areas I'm developing. One thing in particular is a way to implement TestMy.net within any website. A simple cut and paste and all of TestMy.net can be housed within any website. Using TestMy.net's server resources but appearing as if it's hosted on your domain. I plan on offering it completely free, with no ads. I see it as a way to promote my ad supported site and am more than willing to foot the bill on servers and bandwidth to organically draw more users. The icons you mentioned, if you hover over them you'll see a tooltip. The star stands for Dallas, TX... meaning that the user tested against the main server in Dallas, TX. Apple logo is for iPads, Android logo is for all Android devices and the cellphone looking icon is for iPhone. Various icons show you the test type, detected device, server tested against and user selectable identifier. It helps you visually reference results faster. The two numbers in your results offer two different ways of interpreting the results. Some people want to know the connection speed, which is shown in Mbps or Megabits per second. Others want to know the transfer speed of files. So the result is also shown in MB/s or Megabytes per second. Please read https://testmy.net/understand-bandwidth for details on the difference. Hope you have a great weekend too. I look forward to helping more of your customers in the future. - Damon - TestMy.net
  4. Maybe I need to make that say "Randomly generated data". It's noting on your computer, it's just fake, randomly generated data and contains nothing meaningful. The information is also generated by TestMy.net's computers not your own. I hope you like what I'm building and tell your friends. Happy Testing! (as is often the case I wasn't on top of all of my responses at the time, I'm sorry to leave you hanging.) The data for the test is generated by TestMy.net's servers, there's nothing real in there. When you do an upload test it generates random information, and then you upload the same random information back to my servers. When you do a download test, same thing except the data is just downloaded to your browser. As soon as the test is complete the test data is discarded from your cache so nothin remains. Hope this clears up any confusion. Happy Testing! Please spread the word, TMN is word-of-mouth. - Damon - TestMy.net
  5. Good eve, I love your testing and results layout... Why is Comcast saying they do not support your test site and results? Thank you! Rebecca Hi Rebecca, Thank you for the kind words. Oh Comcast... I don't get it, they were one of the ISPs that helped make my site popular in the first place. If you were to dig deep enough in my forum and others... Comcast techs used to refer people to TestMy.net. Their in home techs and telephone support. People used to start with, "Comcast phone support sent me here...", "I saw my install tech using TestMy.net when my service was installed", etc...) I had Comcast support techs tell me (well over a decade ago) that TestMy.net is not only their "go to" speed test, it's in their training manual. Then ookla and speedtest.net come out, giving ISPs a platform that not only works in their favor... I've been told by speedtest.net hosts it can be manipulated if you pay the company enough. http://testmy.net/ipb/topic/28902-why-do-my-results-differ-from-speedtestnet-ookla-speed-tests/ Anyway, so now they don't accept my results because their own BS Trumps everything else. There are still many techs that work for Comcast referring people to TestMy.net but not nearly as many. (Comcast is only one example) Not always the employee's fault. They're brainwashed into believing that any results outside of their network can't be trusted. It's not true. I've been testing Internet since 1996, long before ANY ISP had their own branded tests from ookla (or anyone else for that matter). My methodology is the same today as it was then and the same things apply today. My servers are extremely fast and hosted in the BEST places... and in real data centers where the websites you visit are hosted in. Data being served to you in much the same way as you'd download it from any source. The other tests are not made to benefit consumers. TestMy.net on the other hand was invented by a consumer. None of the ISPs really seem like me, anymore... but then they still send me emails asking if they can host a TMN speed test within their network. I tell them yes, but that the client will always have the choice to test against outside servers. And that I must retain full access to the server to ensure that none of the testing variables are altered. Funny... for some reason they never email back after that. Just silence. They don't like an unbiased opinion, they want you to test in a vacuum. Their vacuum. Thank you for using my service, please spread the word with your friends. TestMy.net has always been 100% word-of-mouth. - Damon - TestMy.net
  6. I'll look into the signup process when I get back home and get back to you. Read this in the meantime. http://testmy.net/ipb/topic/28902-why-do-my-results-differ-from-speedtestnet-ookla-speed-tests/ ... Comcast uses ookla, along with most of the major providers... if not all. TestMy.net will always be a third party opinion, testing outside of the conditions your provider would like you to test under. They want you to test in a vacuum... I test your connection to the real places people host their websites. Which do you think is more realistic? In the end it's up to you who you want to trust. Your provider, who has a stake in your numbers and making you feel like you're getting what you're paying for. Or a guy in his basement who's been testing Internet speed unbiasedly for over two decades. Long before the providers realized they could just come up with their own testing methodology I had already tested hundreds of millions of connections. Food for thought, the founder of ookla was the CEO of Speakeasy... an ISP. Who do you think he designed his test to benefit. Hint, it's not the consumer. Too bad the majority of people have no idea and blindly accept the results. Looking at registrations again. Tons of people registered today, passed authentication and email verification. When you check the "I'm not a robot" box, make sure you give it time to check green in the box. It looks for the movements of your mouse before and after you click the box to verify that you're human. Google's collected a lot of information on how people mouse their mouse and they compare that to house you move yours. If the box isn't showing up or if it's still giving you issues please let me know. Also maybe try a different browser to see if it's an issue with your default browser. http://testmy.net/ipb/register/ Hi George, Thank you for the kind words. Go to http://testmy.net/auto It will test your connection on a set interval and email you when it's done. Make sure you're signed in for the email function to work. And no problem, it's what I do. Please spread the word with your friends. TestMy.net has always been 100% word-of-mouth. Let me know if TMN helps you arrive at better connection, I love hearing those stories. - Damon - TestMy.net
  7. Kilobytes and Kilobits Abbreviation Conventions

    Hi swantesty, I'm using the correct conversions, please see https://testmy.net/understand-bandwidth. In your details you can see next to the result in Mbps is also the result in MB/s. You may not be getting the same results as other tests because TestMy.net is not the other speed tests. Other speed tests draw resources in multiple streams. Although TestMy.net can test that way (enable the multithread speed test and test again as you normally do, keep in mind it remembers the setting next time) it does not work this way by default. As a community we found right away that the multithread testing method that everyone uses often masks issues. You can achieve higher results in multithread even if you have an issue affecting your bandwidth. You should instead be tuning single thread performance, if that performs at it's full potential the multithread results will always fall in line. Multithread speed test results favor the ISP. They'd rather you had 10 pipes at 10 Mbps than to draw that all down one pipe. In that example you will appear to have 100 Mbps when you aggregate the result into one but in TMN's eyes... you have 10 Mbps. TMN isn't here to make it easy, it's here to help you improve. It will only call it how it sees it. I've seen it on my own connection and my own mother has seen it on hers. Both times (separate instances) we knew we had an issue at the time so we went out and used a bunch of other speed tests to compare what members had been telling us for years. speedtest.net and others reported 10X higher result when we had modem issues that were physically limiting the single thread performance. If we had only used the other tests we could have thought, "well it must just be the websites I'm visiting." --- The only test that gave indication to the issue was TestMy.net. Modems were swapped and both times and instantly performance returned on TMN results. Re-testing other speed tests had pretty much the same results as before so again, no indication. We had many other factors that were tested outside of speed tests to prove the performance was in line with what TMN was reporting. That was probably over 7 years ago, the same is true now. The methodology here is the same as it has been since TMN's inception in 2001.
  8. I just signed up!

    By the way, welcome to TestMy.net!
  9. I just signed up!

    The speed test probably isn't the best tool for testing that. I think you need to be monitoring ping instead. Running TestMy.net's speed test on all of your machines on a regular basis will use up a lot of your network bandwidth and may cause problems depending on the pipe you have. I wouldn't do it. When I use the automatic speed test I do so to test fluctuations, not uptime. One thing you can do is use TMN's automatic response time testing. Every time you load a page on TMN's frontend (any page outside of the forums) it will test that machine's response time. This action only uses bytes of data. It's possible to call the page up and have it test automatically on an interval, I'll just have to dig into the program a little to find the commands. Currently if it encounters a timeout it isn't logged but in the future this will be reported in your RT database results. If you want to differentiate the machines you can select a unique identifier for each machine. If you have it set to test on a regular interval you be able to see holes in the results when you click details. As long as you're signed in your RT will be tested each time a page load occurs. You can do this even without using TMN to reload the page. Make a simple HTML meta refresh script, make it refresh a minimal page on TestMy.net. https://testmy.net/blank.php is already there for this purpose. Before starting the script just open a browser window, log in to TMN and select an identifier so you can tell which machine it is. The frequency shouldn't be set lower than about 15 seconds... the time it takes for the RT test to run and send the request to log it's result to the database. I hope this helps.
  10. Googlemun

    what does that mean?
  11. My speed test...help!

    You get 25 Mbps with HughesNet right now. Your average of 17.6 is about 70% of what they quote. I don't think it's alarming, especially for satellite. Satellite has a slow response time, you can see this reflected in that part of your testing here. https://testmy.net/rt/Zanild ... about 800 milliseconds, we'll call it 1 second for the example. Might as well be 1 second at that point anyway. When your computer says, "Hey TestMy.net!" ... it takes 1 second for TestMy.net to get that response, it then takes 1 second for TestMy.net's response, "Hey Zanild!" to get back to your computer. This is what makes a 25 Mbps satellite connection lame compared to a 25 Mbps cable internet or dsl connection. The latency of the ground based connections crush satellite internet connections because satellite has to travel all the way into space and make a much longer round trip. I would love to order up some HughesNet for testing but they want to lock in a 2 year contract. I just want to get it and test with it so I can better help their customers so I don't want to commit to a contract. HughesNet, send me a dish without a commitment! 2 year price lock, sorry HughesNet... that's a joke. You better lock the price in when you put someone under a contract. I was curious what the speeds are after the data cap is hit. Been told before but I had forgotten. Did a quick google search and found https://community.hughesnet.com/t5/Tech-Support/GEN5-Speed-after-data-allowance/td-p/77249 So it looks like you'll see a max of 1 Mbps if/when you hit your data cap. At least they don't just start charging you. And side note, the TestMy.net score was the correct one, even the author of that post hinted that he felt that way by saying "we are actually at a whopping..." ... basically saying "in reality"
  12. testmy.net perfection

    And the 3.7% difference between what you set in pfSense (1000 Kbps) and your TMN speed test result (964 Kbps) can be accounted for in overhead. TCP Over IP Bandwidth Overhead
  13. Two different test results? B/S going on?

    Like mudmanc4 said, both are correct. But (it looks like) your route to the US has more variables affecting your speed along the way. Where are you located?
  14. Building my own testmy.net server

    iperf is excellent for this. In the future the ability to host your own TMN speed test will return in a new, easier to install form.
  15. I'm not really sure why it was disabled, it used to be an option. I think there was an issue with it at some point, it was disabled and just never re-enabled. You can select cloud.testmy.net from the multithread selection now. Let me know how it works for you. Thanks for pointing that out too.
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