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  1. It kept crashing, at first it wasn't crashing tables but toward the end it was doing it every time. Everything has been migrated over to a new server. It feels correct now. Sorry it took longer than it should have, I tried a direct copy of the mysql directory, which would have been faster but after starting mysql it kept having speed issues, as if it had no indexes. Multiple attempts to repair and then I gave up and did it the slow, reliable way. mysqldump and import. This new MariaDB (mysql) server is only doing that one purpose for just the master databases. The forum is on a different server... I think that helped a lot this time. The forum is heavily integrated, it's integration can be toggled on and off but it's not ideal for me to do that. Having the forum database on a different server minimized downtime and left this line of communication open. Before the server running MariaDB had other tasks to deal with. Not that it couldn't handle it... what I feel like it did is overcomplicated the ground floor to the point that it made it hard to determine the source of this issue. Many different software packages updating... complicates things. Sure, you can dig into logs and eventually fix it... but I feel at that point it's time to refresh and learn from mistakes. So this server is running a super simple MariaDB only install. Please let me know if you see anything out of place or not working.
  2. Actually, it was 5 indexes on that table. On to ResultDetails... [[email protected] tmn_scores]# myisamchk -r Master - recovering (with sort) MyISAM-table 'Master' Data records: 0 - Fixing index 1 - Fixing index 2 - Fixing index 3 - Fixing index 4 - Fixing index 5 Data records: 151885140 [[email protected] tmn_scores]# cd ../ [[email protected] mysql]# cd tmn_scoresXI [[email protected] tmn_scoresXI]# myisamchk -r ResultDetails - recovering (with sort) MyISAM-table 'ResultDetails' Data records: 120457254 - Fixing index 1 70010000
  3. No problem, it happens. Until I figure out a better system for storing data.... this is what happens. Every so often I get headaches like this but it reminds me why I do this. It also teaches me to do it better. Because to be honest, this SUPER embarrasses me. Any form of downtime is unacceptable. That pushes me to make TMN more reliable for you. First thing I want to share is https://status.testmy.net/ -- I will be continuing to add more monitors of different types here. This is monitored by a third party (as it needs to be) UptimeRobot. They are not a sponsor, they may not even know of TMN. In fact, I just paid them... I was just looking for a pingdom alternative and liked them so much I paid for a year right away. Pingdom is great by the way, I just want something more simple , that does the job for less money... that's how I do it. I like them enough to not hide their logo on that stats page, even though they offer me that ability. Second, I found that the Master database server is running on half memory. I had a crash a few months ago that prompted me to build a new server. I feel like any crash is a time to build a new server... once I build one, it normally runs without reboot... until I want to replace it. When it crashed, it didn't want to come back online. I was frantic and completely forgot about my IPMI controls... but Carl at Data102 quick ran from the 2nd floor to the 12th floor and got to my console. Gave an error about memory missing. He hard rebooted and it was online since. What I never realized until today when I rebooted... it's not registering memory on a slot I know has memory in it. P1-DIMMA1 should be present. Sigh. On thing people may not realize when they visit here is that this is built by a dude in his basement. They also might not realize that the same dude has to built the systems that run the site, down to the individual hardware components. I had a cloud hosting company offer me (I'm not joking) "$50,000 per month of services for 6 months... just try us out!" -- a large, reputable company that I use for my mirrors. They aren't joking. But I don't want to go down that rabbit hole. For the resources I'm comfortable running.... they don't even offer packages. I scroll down the page, get to the end and it's a ridiculous price. I'm like, "yeah right, I'll buy my hardware and build it up." Okay, so I ordered more memory. I'm upgrading the slave while I'm at it. I can't get my v2 architecture on the server I just built to perform as well as the v3 and v4 in the beasts I already have running. The server I just built is 20 core, 40 thread... it's faster in some workloads but for what I need it for, it can't compete. Even my slave server is 2X faster in mysql queries. And it's an ant compared to the master server. The slave server is even right on par with the master in the same queries... but Mistress falls behind. 2X slower. We can't have that, even as a backup. So Mistress will have to be a backup of a backup... forever. I feel now, it's time to bring the slave up to the master's standard. I only have an E5-2603 v3 with 16GB non-ECC and 1 256 GB EVO PRO. I ordered an E5-2630 v4, 32 GB Crucial 2400 ECC and I already have 3 256GB EVO 850 PRO's on hand ... add to the other one to build a new RAID-Z2 array. Also ordered a new 16GB Crucial 2133 ECC to replace the one that may have died. I may find that the slot died, who knows until I get in there. So the slave will pick up a larger redundant storage array, 32 GB of buffered memory (instead of 16GB unbuffered) and 10 more processing threads (up from 6). Less threads than the Master and the Master also has redundant power... so it will always be the Master until I get something more powerful with redundant power. (datacenter's needs to do routine maintenance sometimes, if you're on A/B power they'll turn off A... work.. then turn off B. Server sounds an alarm but keeps running. I maintained service and data integrity 100% during that type of maintenance before. It's worth having just for that, not to mention a power supply failure.) ... the 32GB 2400 MT/s memory will go in the Master, the 2133 goes in the slave. So I'll have to make sure everything is pushed to the Master, take down the slave... open it up and take out the non-ECC RAM, put in the new stick of 2133 I just ordered (and CPU/SSDs). Bring it back online, push everything to the slave... take down the Master... install the 2400 sticks... bring the Master back up.. take down the slave and rebuild it from scratch. 100% new software setup. The server I just recently built still comes into play... it's the backup while the backup is offline. --- then the slave goes back online... Master comes down, it gets The Royal Treatment. Ready to come back online and remind you that the backup server by comparison, is still a backup server. It can be fixed a few different ways. My favorite way is to start from scratch. Fresh kernel, fresh install... and while you're at it, fix any short comings. I feel like the CPU power on the slave CAN'T keep up with TMN... the Master with an E5-2640 v4 has a hard time with many tasks, but the E5-2603 v3 is like 10X slower. It would take many days to import the main databases for TMN on the slave, still takes at least 12 hours on the Master... but much better than MANY days. Second shortcoming, it needs ECC RAM. It's the only server I have without this. Third, it needs a RAID-4 or RAID-Z2 array. It's the only server I have without this. If that stick of memory is bad... according to Crucial it will be covered under warrantee. I'll update this thread with the RMA later. Memory and CPU's are expensive right now. The CPU and memory I'm replacing are selling used for > 2X what I paid for them in 2016! That's a win... but the parts I need to buy cost 2X more also. 😕 --- screw all of your investments in 2016... you should have bought Xeon's and high end server RAM and put them in a box, lol, no joke. Double your money, are you kidding me!? nice. ... me and my stupid bitcoins over here. (obviously kidding, bitcoin is far from stupid, e.g. the year 2021) Site may crash around 5:45-6am ... I'll be waiting. If it doesn't we'll hopefully be good until my hardware comes in from Amazon. -- after I've installed the hardware we're looking at up to a 24 hour window of instability. The slave server should minimize any downtime but a lot is going on during that window. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. BOOM, CRASH! Using the slave DB. I'm rebuilding the Master database again, sorry guys. Probably have to rebuild ResultDetails database after that too, usually if one of those crashes they both do... but not always. I might have to push the master databases over to the Mistress server. We're talking 0.16 sec vs 0.30 sec for the same query. Not a huge deal. I'm telling you... for this to happen with this frequency, something is majorly wrong with this mysql server. [[email protected] tmn_scores]# myisamchk -r Master - recovering (with sort) MyISAM-table 'Master' Data records: 0 - Fixing index 1 128840000 That's 1 of 6 indexes, that will take a little time. - Fixing index 1 144940000 pretty fast though. Just in the time I typed that. I remember this taking forever years ago. [[email protected] tmn_scores]# myisamchk -r Master - recovering (with sort) MyISAM-table 'Master' Data records: 0 - Fixing index 1 151880000 I'll get us back where we should be. Any results you log right now (while we're on the backup database) may not show in the original database but I'll import them later. I need sleep once the time comes but it's going to be nearly impossible right now. On index 3 now... -D
  4. No problem. Just crashed again briefly... this time is was the database server that runs the forum database. I'll start resetting these services on a schedule every few weeks. Hopefully that will help avoid this a little more in the future.
  5. We're running back on the master. I need to import results from yesterday from my backup database over to the master, for now you'll be missing the last 24 hours of results. I should be able to take care of that this evening. Sorry again about any inconvenience. Please let me know if you see any residual errors.
  6. CA3LE

    other peoples results

    Today's issue has to deal with a database crash. Nothing has been lost, your previous results will be back online as soon as I've migrated data to a healthy server. ... I then need to migrate your results back from today. So those may disappear briefly once the other results return. The issue of seeing other's result's, I'll closer at that as soon as we're fully back up.
  7. CA3LE

    Is my Internet speed accurate?

    No, not at all. You just have to think about who wrote it, Vimeo's technical department, they're IT dudes like we are. They don't have any horse in the game so they really just want to help people and get them to get the right answer. The people who I'd think were in an alternate universe (at this point... didn't used to be this way) if they said that... internet service providers. Nearly all of them. I hope one day that changes. I hope one day that they're delivering service so outstanding and they're so confident in its performance that they purposely refer people to the most difficult internet speed test... instead of ones that favor them / make efforts to give users the best chance to score high. But like I said before in this forum, until then... I'm more than happy with the >1% who get it.
  8. CA3LE

    Is my Internet speed accurate?

    @Fredor5 Is this where you found TestMy.net? https://vimeo.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/224968848-Playback-quality-and-buffering-issues Thank you for the link Vimeo! Cool, there's more.
  9. CA3LE

    Is my Internet speed accurate?

    Now that's what we like to hear!! 978593978134's Speed Test Results (results prior to signing up) Thank you for sharing that. What was the issue that was slowing you down so much? Just totally their end? ... did you feel like all it took was a complaint and they were like, "Turn him up, he knows!"
  10. CA3LE

    14 years...

    Glad to see you back! That was rare... now we have it in our pockets. Insane. Not like it was... I feel like since social media gave people other outlets, forums in general across the internet aren't poppin' like they used to be. I'm sure the largest forums are still highly active but probably not at the same levels of participation. The vast majority of people who visit TestMy.net just use the speed test, probably never realizing there's a forum at all. Sites back in the day that primarily focused on forums may have done better when times changed... for TMN, forums were never my focus. They're used more for support and getting feedback from my users. I watched the forum portion of my traffic dwindle over the years but the main draw of TMN (speed test) became more popular than ever. An open beta for TMN will be coming soon btw. Last major redesign was in late 2012. I have a long list of tweaks and touchups to do before release but it's on the way.
  11. CA3LE

    LAN/WAN test

    Sorry I don't have any LAN tests available. I highly recommend using iPerf (download iPerf) to test internally. Freeware and very accurate. Here's some instructions. Check the video description for more details and copy and paste commands. Let me know if this helps.
  12. CA3LE

    Test my net

    Done. 154060381465's Speed Test Results
  13. CA3LE

    Won't stay signed in tonight...

    Hey Gabe, I primarily use Chrome myself and haven't had any issues on any of my machines. I would reset Chrome settings to default. There may be an extension or something causing issues. If you try that let me know if it helps.
  14. CA3LE

    test not accurate

    Great to hear! Thanks for replying back. Awesome your connection is running back where you expect to see it.
  15. CA3LE

    Auto test not running

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