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    TEST SERVER Central US — Dallas, TX, USA

    Dallas servers are all switched out to a different host. I put 10 new servers online in Dallas tonight. This will better parallelize tests. Basically when you test... there's an even better chance that you're testing on a server all by yourself. Also relocated DE and added a 2nd DE server, again to help parallelize. I see better results on both. Dallas for instance... TestMy.net Test ID : a_jeL_PBv I was consistently below 200 Mbps before on the same test. I see improvement, I hope you do too. 🎶 🎶
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    Telenet Belgium 40 dollar/month Not cheap,but verry fast grtz
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    I've been using Vultr since 2015... yeah, IBM bought softlayer and it all went to shit. Oh well, time to give them back the LAST grandfathered server... they killed the bandwidth on purpose. Deals like mine, had to die. They want all the old customers DEAD -- gone. No joke. Well, you win IBM. BYE! I never wanted to be on your platform in the first place... WAY to rich for my blood. In hindsight, I should have picked up your linode link -- you turned me on to them long before I used them.
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    I've not been able to max out my connection for years on the Dallas server, Bravo!
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    Yes, you can using policy based routing (advanced routing feature) and setting criteria to always use a particular interface when sending traffic.
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    Maintenance Window

    Multithread settings weren't sticking, thank you Sean for reporting this in PM. This has been resolved. May not look like it but lot changed on the backend. Queries are much faster. Especially for members with 10's of thousands or hundreds of thousands of results. Please let me know if you experience any issues or oddities.
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    Maintenance Window

    Heads up, I will be performing master database maintenance tonight. Should start in about an hour 11PM my time GMT -7. 06:00 GMT this will extend for 3-4 hours. I'm expecting zero downtime during the procedure. You may notice during this time that you're missing the last 24 hours results, these results will appear back in the results once the process is complete. Thank you for your patience.
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    I'm not sure 'What' you will win in the end. But it sure ain't a usable fast connection, referring to the last poster's comments. I too have been on the phone with them many times, to no avail. Every time I see the advertisement come on about guaranteed 25Mbps, it really annoys me. I have recently found better options to try out, (new company's coming out with internet connections). I just don't know how much of a fight they will put up if I haven't served the complete 2yr sentence, oops, I mean automatic contract I'm supposed to be on with them. Even though there was no mention of it when I called to get connected. The way I see it, they are not holding up their end of the contract, then why am I forced to stay with them and unable to use my connection for any of my work? My speeds are all in the old Dial up range. 3 or 4 days after my cycle begins, I'm told I used all my data. I ask "What, pray tell, is using up my 20 Gigs in the first week so fast? No one seems to have an answer for that. I mean, I am unable to do but the very basic of things on this connection. It isn't fast enough for me to use up 20 gigs!
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    Test my net

    Done. 154060381465's Speed Test Results
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    Slow internet

    ... you should see my email. I have dozens, maybe hundreds of these. I usually just ignore them. When I do respond, they never respond back. This is a quick search of my inbox for "internet slow" ... these are recent, within the last month. And this is only the ones caught by those specific keywords. lol Gotta love this one... "I want my internet fixed it's slow!" -- talk about shooting the messenger. Often they're far more rude than that. ... the last one caught my eye... Awwww man! That was just a nice guy who wanted my help. His email got caught up with the others. I'm sorry Harsh! [emailed him just now and shared this topic] I don't know why some people always think that I have some control over their speed. If I did, everyone would be at least as fast as I am! I also get angry people wanting me to fix their bills. Again, if I had control over that, your bill would be $0.
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    Slow internet

    I got your messages too... I get messages like this almost daily. Please keep in mind, TestMy.net is a third party speed test and is not affiliated with your ISP. We're here to help you. Just like you I'm an average consumer. When I was 15 in 1996 I wanted to see how fast my internet speed was and I couldn't find a proper tool so I started to build what would become TestMy.net in 2002. I build TestMy.net so that people like us have a testing platform outside of ISP control. I'm sorry you're having ongoing issues with Hughes, it's a common theme around here. I rarely meet any satellite user who's truly happy. I assume where you live you have little options, right? Can you get a 4G connection yet? Maybe with the right equipment a cell connection might help. How much data are you transferring monthly?
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    Good eve, I love your testing and results layout... Why is Comcast saying they do not support your test site and results? Thank you! Rebecca Hi Rebecca, Thank you for the kind words. Oh Comcast... I don't get it, they were one of the ISPs that helped make my site popular in the first place. If you were to dig deep enough in my forum and others... Comcast techs used to refer people to TestMy.net. Their in home techs and telephone support. People used to start with, "Comcast phone support sent me here...", "I saw my install tech using TestMy.net when my service was installed", etc...) I had Comcast support techs tell me (well over a decade ago) that TestMy.net is not only their "go to" speed test, it's in their training manual. Then ookla and speedtest.net come out, giving ISPs a platform that not only works in their favor... I've been told by speedtest.net hosts it can be manipulated if you pay the company enough. http://testmy.net/ipb/topic/28902-why-do-my-results-differ-from-speedtestnet-ookla-speed-tests/ Anyway, so now they don't accept my results because their own BS Trumps everything else. There are still many techs that work for Comcast referring people to TestMy.net but not nearly as many. (Comcast is only one example) Not always the employee's fault. They're brainwashed into believing that any results outside of their network can't be trusted. It's not true. I've been testing Internet since 1996, long before ANY ISP had their own branded tests from ookla (or anyone else for that matter). My methodology is the same today as it was then and the same things apply today. My servers are extremely fast and hosted in the BEST places... and in real data centers where the websites you visit are hosted in. Data being served to you in much the same way as you'd download it from any source. The other tests are not made to benefit consumers. TestMy.net on the other hand was invented by a consumer. None of the ISPs really seem like me, anymore... but then they still send me emails asking if they can host a TMN speed test within their network. I tell them yes, but that the client will always have the choice to test against outside servers. And that I must retain full access to the server to ensure that none of the testing variables are altered. Funny... for some reason they never email back after that. Just silence. They don't like an unbiased opinion, they want you to test in a vacuum. Their vacuum. Thank you for using my service, please spread the word with your friends. TestMy.net has always been 100% word-of-mouth. - Damon - TestMy.net
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    You probably don't have Utorrent setup right, as thus get poor speeds. Below is a step by step guide to ensure utorrent is set up right. Utorrent tweaks. For starters, get rid of the latest Utorrent (that you probably have), it's slow and bloated and a POS in my opinion. Download 2.2.1, it's the best version in my opinion. (I have tested a lot) You can get it from here. (see link below) http://www.oldversion.com/windows/download/utorrent-2-2-1-build-25302 Once installed, follow these settings. 1/ Open up Utorrent and go to Preferences. 2/ Go to Connections in the list. 3/ In connections check these settings. Port used for incoming connection 45682 Enable UDnP port mapping Enable NAT-PMP port mapping Add Windows Firewall exception. 4/ Go to Bandwidth and pop in these settings. Maximum upload rate – 1 (best speeds) or 22 (legally best speeds) Maximum download rate – 0 Apply rate limit to transport overhead – Uncheck Apply rate limit to uTP connections – Uncheck Stop transfers on user interation – Uncheck Global maximum number of conection – 1890 Max number of connected peers per torrent – 2329 Number of upload slots per torrent – 14 Use additional upload slots – Check 5/ Go to BitTorrent and check all these settings: Check everything except limit local peer bandwidth. Outgoing: Enabled Allow incoming legacy connections – Check 6/ go to Queuing and pop in these settings: Maximum number of active torrents – 60 Maximum number of active downloads – 63 Seeding Goal minimum ratio – 100% Minimum seeding time – 0 7/ Go to Advanced -> Disk Cache and pop in these settings: Check everything in this section. Override automatic cache size – 500 8/ Go to Advanced and pop/change these settings: bt.allow_same_ip – True bt.connect_speed – 20 bt.enable_tracker – True bt.no_connect_to_services – False bt.send_have_to_seed – False dht,rate – 2 gui.bypass_search_redirect – True gui.delete_to_trash – False ipfilter.enable – False net.outgoing_port – 50 net.wsaevents – 150 peer.disconnect_inactive_interval – 900 queue.dont_count_slow_dl – False queue.dont_count_slow_ul – False rss.update_interval – 20 Click Apply and restart Utorrent. Good luck with it all and let me know how your speeds are afterwards.
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    Mistaken Identity

    I often get mistaken for the companies / IP addresses that I provide information on. Hey Claudio, You've mixed me up with a different company. TestMy.net (my website) provides information on IP addresses, to help people like yourself who are researching. It's very common for people to mistakenly email me thinking that I'm the contact for the information I provide. Just last week police in Australia mistakenly contacted me thinking I was the person in control of the IP they were looking into. I know that YHC Corporation addresses are usually VPN, when I connect to Goldenfrog VPN I'm sometimes detected as "YHC Corporation". The person that was trying to access your gmail was doing so through VPN to try to hide their identity. One way you can combat this type of attack against your Google services is to use 2-step verification. Once setup and you try to access gmail from a new device you'll get a txt msg on your phone with a code, like your bank does. It can be a pain sometimes with applications that require Google passwords, you have to setup App Specific passwords (in a tab on the 2-step page). Someone would need to have your password AND your mobile device to access your account. - Hope this helps. Re-visit TestMy.net and test your Internet speed... see what it's really all about. - Damon - TestMy.net
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    Problems with HughesNet s-l-o-w-i-n-g down.....I have been a HughesNet customer for over five years and up until November the speed was acceptable. We "upgraded" modems in March of last year to HN7000S but since November we have seen a gradual decline in speed. Complained to HughesNet Service each month and spent hours with them on the phone documenting the degraded service. Most of the problems are identified in the diagnositics as "Uplink Queing". The "Advanced Technical Support" engineers would do their own dianostics and apply a "fix"....but in a day or two the slow speed returns and we revert to dial up or tethering to cell phone on 2G network because it is faster than HugesNet. I applied the suggestions about checking the computer for unknown or undetected viruses or spyware....and then took my portable to a neighor who has HughesNet where I find a significant increase in speed. It isn't a pointing issue as my signal strenght is always above 65. Occasionally we will have "speed bursts" and get back to the old speed we were used to ....which just frustrates us more.....because we KNOW we are able to get better service. Yesterday the uplink speed was actually ZERO on the HughesNet tests for four of five tests.....but the technician called back an hour later to say that his tests "indicate it is within range..." Another neighbor has Wild Blue and another neighbor has Sonic.net. I have tried my portable on both of those systems with much better results. I am ready to bag HughesNet because of the inconsistency of speed.......Is there anything else I should try. I have heard about "field audits" in which you pay a tecnician to come out to the site and actually test the set up to see where the problem may be. Signed: Frustrated in Napa, Calif.
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    Not only do you want to get into safe mode (Windows XP option for safe mode with networking should be applied) If a virus is found system restore points should be deleted.
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