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    Been a while since i posted a speed test. Very long story short, after 12+ years with Verizon/Frontier, i called them to find out what the best they could do for me on getting some more speed. , for the least amount of money. They tried some low ball offers at first ( i was currently on the 150/150 plan) it wasn't happening. I asked about their 500 plan, they said it would be an extra $200 a month! 😨 & my area doesn't qualify for that speed. I told them their out there GD mind. So they offered the 300/300 package for an extra $150 a month, and i politely declined. Told them there are other competitors offering Gigabit speeds for far FAR less than were paying monthly. Somehow she (the rep) was able to work some magic and somehow got the 500 plan approved, and only $50 more a month. After install i can see why they didn't offer it 😂 she was really struggling to pull anything more than 300/200. so after 3 weeks of fanagalin they finally for it right. Had to literally find a near empty node to stick me on. The following results are from MANY major ISP's, Google , and various speed tests,& locations. testMy hates me, it always has and always will. No logical explanation why, nor rhyme or reason. Single thread, multi thread doesn't matter. Since 2004 , just a hater. 🤣
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    Hi, I've been having some issues with my internet service and have been doing a lot of speed testing, mainly using Bandwidth Place and Speedtest. My primary issue is the stability of the connection for video streaming (YouTube/Hulu/Netflix...) where a "jittery", highly variable download is a good sign that video streams will choke and buffer frequently. TMN looked like a good way to measure this because of the progress graphing, but the "middle variance" rating, which would be a great figure to judge the stability of the download just doesn't make sense: I can't figure out the algorithm that derives it. I *have* read the two main forum posts that try to address this Topic 31676: Middle Variance? Topic 31961: What is "middle variance"? Is it better to be high or low? From these I was able to figure out that your "Middle" speed value is the *average* of all the graphed speeds from 10%-90% download completion and can calculate that with Excel, but after hours looking at test data I plain had to give up on reproducing "middle variance". The best concrete example is my test result https://testmy.net/db/obDZ9nCxy With an average of 3 MB/s but a huge peak of 12 MB/s, there is simply no way to find a factor/percentage equal to the stated middle variance of 165%, when the apparent variability is more like 400% relative to the average. Once I saw this graph I stopped trying to figure this out and decided that the best way to understand what you're trying to convey is to see the actual formula that's used to compute this. Thanks
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    @CA3LE I'm just glad to get the formula--trying to figure that out was driving me nuts. My particular connection issue is very sensitive to throughput with deep troughs, so the progress graph alone is sufficient to tell if the connection is shaky. Speedtest's new progress graph isn't as informative as it used to be. so this is a better alternative. As far as alternative measurements, I'll have to ponder that one. Trying to measure the evenness of a data stream with a single figure is tricky and a lot of the variance examples in Topic 31676 didn't seem to be measured by the variance figure very well except for the ones that approached being truly steady, where the variance was < 30%. Once it goes past 30%, visually assessing the progress graph is more useful. One concept might be to give the number of graph minimum inflections with average *low* values: a lot of bottoms near zero would probably indicate "buffer city" for YouTube, so perhaps a "low average" of some sort could be an alternative measure of stream quality. Thanks again for clearing this up.
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    Missing results

    function Salt(){ $replace = array("=" => "_","+" => "~", "/" => "-"); $possible = str_shuffle(base64_encode(hex2bin(RandomToken(100)))); return substr(strtr($possible, $replace), 0, 9); } improved.
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    Speed Test Identifiers

    No, sorry once the result is inserted it can't be edited... only deleted. In the future there may be options to sort, hide and categorize results. I'll keep your situation in mind during development. If you give me a list of Test ID's I can manually change them for you. Just post it to this thread. example: W9D7NIR~A, 1z9qhWbgC, 9VUk-L_oq change from "Home" to "Work"
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    Extra Identifier

    This is already planned for the next version. I think it would be a great addition. Thanks for the input, keep it coming.
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