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    Wrong result ID given

    Looks like there was already a result in the database with the same testID. It won't allow an overwrite of the same ID. It's supposed to check for that, I'll look and see why it didn't. Maybe I turned that off at some point and didn't realize... Even with that check disabled it's extremely rare to conflict with other testID's. It's like 36^9 combinations, but I have seen it before and you just confirmed it again. I'll make sure that's not an issue for you in the future. 1.0155996e+14 that's a lot of combinations. 1.3537087e+16 combinations if I switched to cAsE sEnSiTiVe Better go buy a lottery ticket.
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    Fail gracefully when very bad connection

    Update: The new upcoming version of TestMy.net will not fail on all major updated browsers. I've implemented service worker which enables TestMy.net offline... obviously you won't be able to test in that state but it is helping me to make this correct and more useful for you (and myself). Gives me abilities as a developer that I've never had before. I've run numerous batches of tests, purposely disconnecting the internet. The new version has never failed. It will log those events too, doesn't right now but it will. I like your idea for implementation... It will detect when you're online, wait.. check again to make sure it wasn't just intermittent... then test again when it feels it's able to..... might not be able to complete the entire test still but it will try then possibly fail again and restart the re-try process. I can tell the averaging and database listing programs as a whole to ignore exactly "zero" so it doesn't effect host averages or flood public results... I don't know what would happen other wise so better plan for it. Especially since that's a point for clients to purposely negatively affect hosts numbers. (I always want to limit the input received but users... sorry users. Damn bots and hackers ruined your rep.) ...that idea provides a simple way to implement without having to add databases or change database structure. I like that. --- database structure changes can be an extreme headache, especially since I promised since the beginning that I'd retain all of your old results. I'll keep developing. The update I'm on right now started purely as a design venture, the more major feature rich updates are still planned...but I've been stumbling on so many answers it's become far beyond just what people see at this point. There is still so much planned, I'm only including the features that I feel are ready. ... I'd rather be on this new site (all day long). I make TMN first as something I want to use... but I'm hoping to attract more than people of just own own mindset. Anyone still reading this is probably of that mindset. Most will never get as far as you. I want the other 98% to get it too. Hopefully this gets a little closer. For people who have been long time visitors, keep your old browsers on virtual machines. I need your help testing old browsers but also keep in mind that I'm developing for the future, I'm no longer concerned about lagging browsers or wasting my development time around their inconsistencies. I target technologies native to the most popular browsers across the board. If one browser has janky implementation, I may still release it as long as it's not detrimental to the test results or experience. IMHO, Safari is the new IE right now. Annoying. Chrome, Firefox, Chrome on iOS and Android (period) are the best right now. I expect Safari to catch up, sorry, it's not on the developer when everyone else agrees. By the way, I straight up killed most old browsers when I went full SSL. Full SSL is 100% necessary for the future of what TMN is doing. Sorry old browsers. Trust me, I took a hit with traffic. When I see software changing ads in browser or including ads to pages I don't have ads on... that showed me early why we need SSL (https). With SSL that can only happen if the cypher is cracked. To be honest at first I thought, why would TMN need https? Nobody is buying anything from my site or really sending anything truly secure. Uh, think again. Many people may use the same passwords. Hackers can grab that information as you login at a public wifi and then try the same email address and password on google, facebook, ebay, amazon, etc... till they get a hit. So stupidly easy for hackers. Not only that but third party ads may be doing things you don't want... far outside of the scope of common practice (of which some people already may not already want). And again, a third party program can also edit your webpages and add their own content. Above all, they want to make money, usually ad or code insertion is the intent. With the latest SSL people can't do the same malicious stuff. Not to say it can't be done again, it can always be done again. Nothing made by man can be protected from man. What is created from one man's mind can always be decoded in another's. We just need to evolve with the changes. way off the subject... AI teaching itself to make new cyphers and then keeping the true keys from us, that worries me the more I think about it. An AI or AIs will invent their own language that we can't possibly understand in our lifetimes. It will be so efficient that humans can't understand it because we don't work well enough, lol. Take the highest level of cryptography that you can think of exponentially increase that. And then realize that the program that creates it may be so obscure that it could be hiding information from us, making us feel secure when it really has all the power. I say let us humans keep making mistakes and figuring out each other's mistakes and improving naturally. We as humans should always in great detail fundamentally understand our software and hardware changes... it should never be obscured to the point that no human can understand. I worry that we'll let computers do our programming and designing to the point that we'll have little understanding of what's truly under the hood or how to control it. "let the computer figure out how to do that better, it will make it perfect." -- it's cool until it starts talking in a language you can't decode and decides you're not a part of understanding that language simply because you as a human aren't optimal to the system. To a computer, even our VERY best languages are stupid because they aren't optimal and so that's the first thing to go in my opinion. This has already happened by the way, just not to a serious degree. A real AI will be ahead of our moves before we even start moving. Once you know it's happening, it's too late. I'm have to be high on the AI's list now. (haha) I believe our community here is made up of people who set the standard for their own communities in regards to all things tech. We should set the standard by example. Have your main machines always updated and encourage friends to do the same. Hardware and software. Especially software. And especially right now because there have been so many major updates that EVERY browser is agreeing on. They don't normally agree like this. Over 21 years developing in the browser and I've never seen such wide adoption of so many cool new features. What a great time to develop. Anyone who may be still actually reading this and wants access to the beta, just PM me. If you were a member of any discussion on TMN prior to this post you can have access to the early beta too. A handful of our veteran members have agreed to help me even early to make sure we give you a clean release but there are always more bugs that we need help finding. -- we'll find 'em together ...and make some more in the process! Human's Rule. -D
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    Generate upload data in-browser

    Update: the upcoming new release has this... I love it! Renders instantly regardless of the test size or connection speed. -- it's actually a combination of the current server-side rendering and client-side rendering. Came together extremely fast once I got on the task actually. I mean... it's totally instant. Also saves everyone time and bandwidth, sweet! ... the upload test will also include progress. Works amazingly too. Such an optimal idea, thank you! PM me if you want beta information.
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    YEEEEEEEEEeeHAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaW!!! Only 97% slower than my "city average." Flyin' high in the sky this morning! Doggies! It jez don't git much better n' that ..for me! .. Literally!
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    I respectfully disagree. ...That's 'painfully' slow!
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    Can you believe I'm happy, given that DSL is my only means for broadband way to Hades out here in the woods! Haha .. I'm only in the lowest 94% echelon, compared to my server's average. But, it's a helluva lot better than Windows 95 and AOL dial-up! Well, somewhat improved.
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    Vodafone UK 4G LTE-A

    £10 per month via Vodafone Voxi
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    Just learning

    Hi from southern sask. Canada.Old guy here just checking this stuff out,seems to be an honest down to earth site.Looking forward to making sense of this info,late getting into tech age things.
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    If I am not logged on to TestMy, and switch to Mulltithread mode, the [Linear] button at the top right does not work. Neither does the 'Disable Multithreading' button. Steps to reproduce: Log out of TestMy (or open an incognito/private browser). Click Multithread at the top-right. Click the 'Enable Multithreading' button. Click [Linear] at the top-right. Click the 'Disable Multithreading' button. It will continue to display "MultiI Select" at the top-right, sometimes even with the British flag: I'm not sure if it's related, but if I perform the above steps and then go to the Download page and click the 'Express Test!' button, it display a "Not Found" error page: I checked this with Chrome, Edge and Firefox.
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    I was finally able to get it to bug like that. Should be all fixed for you know. Thank you Sean!
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    This is a screen-recording from my end with Chrome, Firefox and Edge. I uploaded it as an unlisted video on YouTube to embed here:
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    Hi. As the above posts are 2 or more years old I'm wondering whether the suggestions discussed got implemented? Like some of the other commenters above I am trying to gather evidence about an unstable ADSL connection that often goes so slow that it becomes unusable for a time. I am running auto tests one after the other to get a week of evidence, but I often find when I check that the browser is just displaying a message "Cannot contact server, try again later" or words to that effect. On checking the results I find that the last result was several hours ago and it was a good speed. So I surmise that the connection swung down to zero or a few kilobits per second, and when TestMy tried to do its next test the browser couldn't talk to the server and that was the end of the auto testing, because presumably the browser polls the server not vice versa. Otherwise the drop-out might have happened during a test, with the same outcome. Was there some fix to this that got added to later versions of the auto test? It's frustrating because I can't record the occurrence of the very thing I am trying to prove - that the connection becomes unusable. If this is still on the developers' to-do list could I make a suggestion for a solution design? 1. Have the client code that polls for a test implemented in a hidden frame, not the frame that displays the result, so that the polling code doesn't get nuked if the request to the server times out, and will request the next test as usual when the time comes. 2. Server does not abort the auto test if results stop coming through. Instead it records a speed result of ZERO each time a test result is expected but is not received, after waiting for a period of grace to allow for network delays. I do hope you will consider this or some similar solution, or if you have already implemented a solution perhaps we could investigate why I'm getting the experience I described above. Many thanks.
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