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    • Would be great to have a small background app that runs Auto Test for long term tests and stats.
    • Multithread settings weren't sticking, thank you Sean for reporting this in PM.  This has been resolved.   May not look like it but lot changed on the backend.  Queries are much faster.  Especially for members with 10's of thousands or hundreds of thousands of results.   Please let me know if you experience any issues or oddities. 
    • Heads up, I will be performing master database maintenance tonight.   Should start in about an hour 11PM my time GMT -7.  06:00 GMT this will extend for 3-4 hours.  I'm expecting zero downtime during the procedure.   You may notice during this time that you're missing the last 24 hours results, these results will appear back in the results once the process is complete.   Thank you for your patience.
    • Hi, That DL spread is pretty wild. I’m seeing the similar results but primarily when I change a parameter, like earlier I changed my QoS status from High to Ignore and the DL for that machine went from the 85 range to the 3 range! Are you doing the same? Testing parameters when you get those wild spreads. If not, do they occur at particular times of the day? Just curious. I’ve dealt with consistently good or consistently bad service but have always been able to track down the cause like when they installed a server in town because it was so bad and it really improved but suddenly a couple of years later it stunk again and my research showed that the server had disappeared! Trying to get them to admit it was infuriating and they never did but then I found a little trick to pay for the lowest tier but get around 110 Mbps DL which is unheard of where I live these days as the company was bought out by a large foreign enterprise which is in the 💲💲💲 business and sticks it to the technically clueless customers. What goes around comes around  🥳     🤫
    • Just got rid of cable and had internet speed upgraded from 30 mbps to 70 mbps. Since the upgrade, the internet has been very inconsistent with the connection dropping completely over wifi at times with ethernet getting speeds of 20-30 mbps. When tested on ookla the speed shows as 70-80 mbps so frontier says there is no issue and I would be charged to have someone come out even though this only happened once the changes were made. The internet at a max speed of 30mbps was much better than this now, and I'm at a loss about what the issue could be. I've run over 50 testmy.net speed tests with the average speed being around 10-20 mbps. The connection peaks at 70-80, but is unsustainable. Any help would be appreciated.  
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