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    • can someone help me please? ive reset the modem 3 times this is insanely annoying/
    • by the way, you can research other members RT (Response Time / ping) by surfing over to your hosts database results, then click "members" (this is a member only function right now) and you'll see a list like this. Click on any of those names then click on "My RT" below their graph.     As you can see, first one I pull up... around 700 ms   Look at more users, maybe they've improved.   I'll make a tool for you that aggregates the Response Time and gives you an average for your host, city and country.   I should just call it ping like everyone else does.  But it's NOT ping.  Neither is anything else you see out there.  Similar but not ICMP so I call it Response Time.  
    • I think it sounds familiar to everyone on Hughes.net from what we hear.  Often.   Satellite, is inherently slow.   https://www.hughesnet.com/about/how-it-works   The first sentence says it all.     There are no land based connections that add that kind of latency.  Round trip of 44K miles!!!  Wow.  That doesn't even factor in the server you're connecting to... at that point, who cares.  You're at over 1 second   You will always pay a penalty with Satellite.  Unless we figure out a way to send information faster than light/radio waves.  Humans figure out a lot of crazy things... any scientist will tell you it's impossible.  But, you never really know, I believe the human mind makes things possible.  Once the collective mind comes to a consensus, realities seem to happen.  What I'm saying is, if enough people believe something is possible....... that's precisely when it becomes possible.  Think about it over history.    META.    They say,     Sorry, if it's coming from satellite... there IS a difference.  Not matter what.  Again, speed of light.  22K miles... speed-of-light.  Normal use, under perfect circumstances you will still notice but may be very happy.  But don't ever attempt to game or do anything that requires low latency.  The average response time I see from Hughes clients is nearly 1 second.  Keep in mind, this is ONE way.   Here's yours for instance.     663 is better than many I see.  Most are in the 800ms range.   This test is simply timing how long it takes for you to respond to a super simple request.... you can see in the screenshot my average is 81ms right now (against a server over 1600 miles away from me).  NO amount of distance on Earth, other than completely ridiculously long misrouting that NEVER happens, can ever cause 600-800ms response time.  There has to be a SERIOUS issue.  --- but not with Satellite.  This is completely, 100% normal.   If you have no other choice, this is amazing tech.  But even if you have a decent 3G connection... Satellite would be a hard sell for me.   I've asked DirectWay and others in the past to send me a dish for testing.  They don't want me to test it.  I'd be all "HONEST" about it.    Maybe one day they'll be confident enough to send me some gear.  After hearing about their contracts... I find it hard to test them as a normal consumer.   What would be cool is if a user of mine would send me their equipment before canceling service.  And let me test it at my own house -- then I'd send it back for you when the contract is closed (or back to you if you own it outright).  I might be able to DEFINITIVELY prove the case one way or another.  I just need one of these systems in my hands.  Hell, I might even pay your final month for you.
    • You shut it off.. and then your speed drops.  Man, I'm going to have to think about that one.     Anyone else have an idea here? @mudmanc4 @Pgoodwin1 @Sean
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