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    • Sean, Called Mediacom and got a tech in NY.  Looked at my account and took less than a minute to see that it was a hardware issue on their side. Cable guy came and tested the outdoor tap, checked my equipment and confirmed it was outside issue. Now to see if they can locate and repair.  Thanks
    • @CA3LE @Frank Kelm , I would check the routes during and after disconnect from the VPN.   Windows+R to open 'Run' box. Type 'cmd' and then click 'OK' (without ticks)   netstat /r   Check during active VPN connection, make a note of it, then check after you have disconnected from the VPN, it is possible you have more than one network adapter running.    
    • To me, the upstream issue does not appear to be cloud-syncing related, especially when the problem starts at a random time in the middle of the night.    For testing the modem, one idea that comes to mind is to turn it off for a few minutes to see whether it affects the upload speed.  If it's software or an internal component acting up during the slow upload speeds, turning it off for a while should temporarily restore the upload speed.  Similarly, if a component that handles transmissions is failing such that it only works properly when the modem is warm, then turning it off for a while will likely cause the upload issue until the modem warms back up.  If the fault is not with the modem, then turning it off/on should have no effect on the upload speed.    So here's a few things to try: When the upload speed is poor, turn the modem off for 10 minutes, then run a speed test right after the Internet comes up. If the upload speed improved, try that step again the next time the upload speed is poor.  If turning off the modem had no effect on the upload speed, wait until the next time the upload speed is back to normal and perform step 3.  Then turn the modem off for 10 minutes and run a speed test right after the Internet comes up.  If the upload speed deteriorated, try this step another time the next time the upload speed returns to normal.   If turning off the modem improved the upload speed when it was poor or caused the upload speed to drop when it was otherwise fine, then the modem is likely the culprit.  Otherwise if these steps had no effect on the upload speed, then the issue is likely at the ISP end or somewhere else.    If you know a neighbour with the same cable ISP, it's worth asking if they could run a speed test at the time your upload speed is poor.  If their upload speed is also poor, then the issue is clearly at the ISP end. 
    • can someone help me please? ive reset the modem 3 times this is insanely annoying/
    • by the way, you can research other members RT (Response Time / ping) by surfing over to your hosts database results, then click "members" (this is a member only function right now) and you'll see a list like this. Click on any of those names then click on "My RT" below their graph.     As you can see, first one I pull up... around 700 ms   Look at more users, maybe they've improved.   I'll make a tool for you that aggregates the Response Time and gives you an average for your host, city and country.   I should just call it ping like everyone else does.  But it's NOT ping.  Neither is anything else you see out there.  Similar but not ICMP so I call it Response Time.  
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