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    • I’ve got one work PC at home that uses gobs of CPU%. It’s a Win7 Machine. I believe a significant portion of the issue was caused by one (or more) of the Windows updates last October - December. In my particular case, I hadn’t used the PC in a few months, so when I fired it up, there were a dozen or so SW (Windows and Office) updates that were “waiting to install” and the windows update services we’re eating up over 50%. The machine was consistently running between 75% and 100%. When I’d move the mouse or drag a window, it would flatline at 100%. Out IT guy helped the installation process by “focusing my computer on the install process”. Not sure what he did, but I believe he ended some processes in Task Manager. Not sure which ones.   i went online and found quite a few discussions about high CPU usage people were having after the 4th quarter Windows and Office updates. Found another article that said a corrupted mouse driver was causing the high CPU usage. Seems there’s a lot of possibilities.    Im a Mac user so I can tell you the safe way to go about correcting things. On a Mac, if you boot up in Safe Mode, it clears out issues. Perhaps on a PC it does something similar.   my work IT guy said it was probably time to upgrade my 8 yr old Win7 pro laptop to a new one. It’s still running at 25% cpu usage just sitting there doing nothing. My 10 yr old work desktop PC running Win7 pro however sits at 5-10% CPU sitting there doing nothing. Seems like the laptop could be “fixed”. 
    • Check the PC's BIOS set up to see if there are any floppy drives configured.  If there is any an 1.44MB drive listed, change it to 'None'.   I have come across a similar issue before where some older motherboards automatically add a 1.44MB entry if the BIOS CMOS is reset, such as after replacing the CMOS battery.  If a floppy drive is configured and there is no floppy drive connected (which are obsolete anyway), Windows will stutter terribly, especially when opening the file explorer. 
    • Hi, i just installed windows 7 pro 64bits on a new ssd, replacing the hdd i had. Just after, when i was watching some vídeos i noticed that the image was stuttering too much, went to task mngr and it shows that the CPU is always working, not to 100% but when i move a window or open a vídeo file it peaks. Also, after rebooting the pc, my keyboard died. I have tryed EVERYTHING, from drivers to try another pc... Same result, unknown device. It was working and nothing happened, just rebooted pc. Now i have installed the drivers that where missing but the thing still doesnt work and the stuttering keeps there. I alzó tryed reinstslling win7 on my old hdd, same result. Even unpluged GPU just to make sure it wssnt that, but didnt made a difference. I hace checked temperatures , drivers, ahci, tryed Ultra DMA 6, changing from 1 to 4 cpu's on msconfig... Everything, but cant get rid of the stuttering and CPU peaking. Please help!!!!
    • I believe the poster has moved on.
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