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  1. Just to see what it would detect I tested with my Opera browser set to VPN (Asia). Instead of Suddenlink the results show Oprea Mini. The test still does not show Optimum. I believe this is caused by Optimum not doing all the cleanup they should for the change from Suddenlink. I usually do not test with the VPN on because it is always slower.
  2. Cool on the FREE dial-up. Even more that it always gave you 56K. I was sometimes able to connect at 56K but most of the time less. I never used any dial-up modem that was not 56K. A good friend of mine was into the bulitin boards. He had a modem that he layed the old style telephone headset into. I believe it was 9600 baud but may have been even slower. I got started with the Internet which was later. I listened to 4 of the different dial up sounds on the wiki. I will give the rest a listen to later.
  3. Hi Damon, I always kept the "You've got mail" sound turned off. I do miss the dial up sounds but I do not miss being connected to AT&T. I use cable now & have for many years. I just do not need cables fastest speed. I need to contact Optimum since the switch from suddenlink. I believe they would upgrade my speed to 300MB from 200Mb. I might even get a lower price. Sometimes it's just easier to keep the Status Quo.
  4. I have a SB6141 it is fast enough for my max speed. I own all my equipment. My router is a Netgear Nighthawk. I use a surge protection power strip & I shut the modem & router down every night. So I get a power cycle every day.
  5. Same for me. Suddenlink sold out to Optimum. Everything is the same as far as I can tell. The TestMy speedtests show suddenlink. I got above my paid speed for Dallas but much slower to Australia. One thing I find odd about the switch: The email address stays @suddenlink.net Optimum says this is correct. I believe it should have became @optimum.net . (My email address is not [email protected] I do not know where a email would go if sent there. But not to me.)
  6. @ mudmanc4, This is the post I found the YouTube link in. If you don't know the arrow in the upper right corner takes you to the post. I should have said I am also saddened by Richard's passing. I had a lot of fun with the movie quote topic with him. Other topics as well. Richard's birthday was one day later than mine but 4 years earlier.
  7. I also knew Coknuck or Richard. He sent me a copy of a DVD movie way back. At that time I did not know how to burn one. I've learned a lot about this since then.Richard did a very nice job on this DVD. Had the movie cover in a case for the movie. 7 Faces of Dr. Lao was the movie. Coknuck also used an Avatar I gave him for quite a while. This one. I still use the avatar member PHP made for me.
  8. Sorry to hear about Tommie. WE had kept in touch even by email but that slacked off & I guess is had been longer than I thought. He was always very fond of his daughters. Loved the USA. I don't do Facebook or any of that type social media. So I would never have seem it on those.
  9. I would post more often but not much I can post to these days. On this I don't see any ads on the page Ralbeck does. Between my hosts file & uBlock original they are blocked. I have all for uBlocks filters disabled & I only use a custom Repeat of my hosts file in uBlock. Just to note my hosts file is somewhat custom & somewhat downloaded from a host file web site. My hosts file has 77000 lines.
  10. I posted this on the Avast forum: After being ask some questions about Avast version,Other AV & Malware programs, & OS. This was the answer I got: Note nowhere was my question about the DNS server Avast was trying to use answered. I wanted to know why Avast was attempting to "Phone Home". I have all the send information & the like turned off in Avast. In doing some Searching I found this similar URL. Either click on it or copy & paste it. http://ip-info.ff.avast.com/v1/info You will get some information about your location & other things. So it appears Avast is sending information home.
  11. You should be in a Beatles cover band. 😁
  12. @ Sean When you come to the USA it will depend on your carrier. My old carrier was AT&T.They ended 3G service Feb, 29,2022. Even though I stayed with Tracfone my carrier is Verizon as Tracfone farms out carriers. So I guess technically I could have kept the old cell until Dec. 31,2022. That is Verizon's last 3G date in the USA. The other main ones are in between these dates. I liked my old LG306G cell. It was much smaller than the LG L322DL. I prefer smaller. I was also able to buy a bullet proof case for the LG306G. It covered the screen (when not in use) & has a clip. Thicker rubber also. I got an OK case for the new cell but it doesn't cover the screen. The rubber is also thinner. The screen is a lot larger. @ xs1 I wouldn't pay $899.00 for a cell either.
  13. I'm Cheap. I had a 3G phone until it quit & I had to replace it. PITA to change to newer phone. I got a 4G VoLTE because it was cheaper & will work for now. I paid $29.99 for a new LG. It is a Tracfone. The carrier is Verizon. I don't do Internet with a cell phone. I disconnect everything it will let me concerning the Internet. I only use my cell as a phone & a camera. You will see the Devil on ice skates before I pay $1299.00 for a cell phone
  14. It is a pity that forums have become dated. An active forum can be a major help to someone needing information. Those Facebook ,etc don't know what they are missing.
  15. Hi coknuck, Thanks for testing, I just did the two tests with & without Avast. It was faster this time but with Avast enabled the download was 18MB slower. Odd the upload was a little faster. I like Avast & I have used it for many years. So I plan to keep using it. Sure a lot faster than the dial-up I used in the past. I still believe the problem not getting the 200MB of my connection.is in this Lenovo's network card.. My Dell on the same router gets more than 200MB as long as Avast is disabled
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