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  1. cholla


    Blunted 2 ;Good to know Blunted 2 that makes sense.I haven't went to a HDTV yet.
  2. cholla

    VHS to DVD dubbing

    AlmostHuman ;The problem is the Macrovision chip inside the unit.Unfortunatly there is not much you can do about it.But Google Macrovision to find some info on this. Some say this can be done with the right video card & another card like a video card called a video capture card.I think with this you go from the VHS to your HD then to your DVD from the HD.Then if the dvd format is the same on your PC as you DVD it should work.There is probably more to it like using Nero.I haven't tried to do this but I read some on it a whle back in case I did. I don't think there is any way to do it with your combo DVD recorder/VHS player .This would involve re-flashing the Macrovision chip.I have no idea how to do that.
  3. cholla

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    tommie :You would have been welcome & if you made it by 10:00am I would have had time to put an extra sweet pototo in the oven for you.
  4. cholla

    Alternative State Slogans

    For Texas the one we already use fits the state flag. The Lone Star State. Texas is the only state that might have a right to succeed from the USA since it's the only one that joined the USA as an independent nation.Other than the Native American nations which is a whole different subject. For a new Texas slogan: "Remember the Alamo ! Remember Goliad !"
  5. cholla

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I had mine dinner ready at 12:30 PM .I got the Turkey in the oven by 7:00am.So I'm about ready for the second round by now. May God bless just like He did the Pilgrims with the Native Americans.Who would have starved without them.Now that would have been a Thanksgiving table to set at.
  6. What we need Is Jimmy Hoffa & about 10 more like him running the unions in America.Then we would see how outsourcing was dealt with. For the bus driver if the kids already knew what the finger was the the bus driver didn't teach it to them.If some kids didn't know then their parents could say thats they way the bus driver waves. We gave GW Bush the finger in the elections yesterday.I know I did.
  7. cholla

    Bill of Rights Defense Committee

    ISPgeek ;I wanted to let you know that due to MY current situation at TMN .I'm dropping the challenge & will let my concerns about the Patriot Act erroding Constitutional rights stand as my response.I did not try to find case law where it had actually been used to arrest an Ameican citizen.Maybe you are correct & there haven't been any.Since the law enforcement fiction TV shows have used the Patriot Act to arrest maybe this made me think it had been used on Americans. The dropping the challenge has nothing to do with you personally & I just wanted to let you know that. I would like to see someone come up with some case law .
  8. I meant no exclusion.I did not tell anyone they could not reply or shouldn't reply. I just wanted to let members know that this was about me & tommies religious views so as not to offend.Realizing the potential for flaming if someone was offended. This has been off this topic for several posts & Halloween is over for this year. The forum is used in many ocassions as chat hence the family atmosphere. I think if I started removing any posts that appeared to be chat that would be" pushing the wrong buttons ... deliberatly." btw I have no intention of doing that. If any member feels I was trying to exclude them with this"This is mostly an off topic discussion between 2 Christians." rather than not offend them with what was being discussed.Please post it here. If you want this topic to get back on the Halloween topic feel free to do that also.I had no intention of stopping posting in this topic. btw the word halloween has only been used 8 times since reply#15 excluding quotes that repeated it.& 2 of those are in this post.
  9. tommie :I look at like this.The more angry someone makes a person in a discussionthe more likly the angered person is to lose the discussion.So I try hard to not be angered.This comes with age as I'm sure you have learned the same thing. I know some can't but two Christians should be able to discuss any Scripture or doctrine.Even if it ends with both agreeing that each have their own interpretation but not angry about it.My veiw is all Christians are supposed to be brothers & sisters. I saw the winking smilie by the judgemental folks.I can be judgemental.It's funny the same Scripture I've been quoted on this from Matthew 7 I tell people to read it all.That it doesn't mean not to judge but to not be a hypocrit about it.Because if you judge someone about something they are going to judge what you do especially if it's the same thing. Judge not, that ye be not judged 2For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. 5Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye. The beam here is a board like a rafter. Mote is straw. So if you are able to remove the beam from your eye you can judge how to remove the straw from your brothers eye. I better add these are my interpretations & not testmy.nets.I hope they offend no one.This is mostly an off topic discussion between 2 Christians.
  10. cholla

    Bill of Rights Defense Committee

    I will say the rules have changed since the topic start.My arguments were based on how the Patriot Act attempts to go around the Bill of Rights.Now case law is a requirement.That is a stricter level of discussion.I actually haven't looked for cases the Patriot Act has been used ,Whether it has or not doesn't change the fact it could. Also since since notice of warrants can be held indefinatly as long as a court gives permissiom.I'm sure there are other parts of the Patriot Act that would keep a lot of information confidential.This at least has the potential to make finding case law very difficult if not impossible.Especially for the average person.A lawyer might have more success because he would be better at filing for "Truth of Information. " I will see if I can find any information about any cases but it could take a few days.& I'm not sure I can even if cases exist.
  11. tommie;I do believe some have the gift of speaking in tongues. I guess each individual that does has their own level.It is just something that has not happened to me & may never happen.I think it makes it hard to understand exactly for those that don't.So I just accept it is not my gift. I think mine are more those in 1 Corinthians 12:8 below but some might disagree. For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; That's why I said to refer that pastor to 1 Corinthians 12 it discusses the gifts & that all do not have the same gift.
  12. cholla

    Dialup.cc rocks!

    I think the decision on this was dial-up was bandwidth taking the amount it was allowed just like any other type of bandwidth.& attempting to take all it is allowed.
  13. First my disclaimer .These are MY Opinions & not those of testmy.net. tommie;I think the reason we can discuss religion even if we don't agree exactly on everything.Which is good IMO.Is that we have apparently learned with a sinular approach.I have been to services in many different Christian churches But do not completly agree with any doctrine completly.I too get my answers from reading the Bible & listening to others such as you.I do learn something some of the time. Like I thought Charismatic were part of the Pentecostal group.Guess I was wrong.I haven't been to services in either but did go to a great uncles funeral that was Assembly of God. Do you know if Charismatics believe in speaking in tongues? I would also say the pastor that told you that was wrong.Not only Have I not spoken in tongues but I've never been to a service where members did. If you ever run into one that tells you you have to speak in tongues inorder not to go to hell.Refer him to the entire chapter of 1 Corinthians 12 .
  14. cholla

    Desktop Screenshots

    This is the wallpaper for my screen.I am posting it without Icons incase someone else likes or wants it.
  15. Shug;I didn't see that one yet but the rerun SP plenty.You saw the conspiracy theory one too didn't you?
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