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  1. Been a while since i posted a speed test. Very long story short, after 12+ years with Verizon/Frontier, i called them to find out what the best they could do for me on getting some more speed. , for the least amount of money. They tried some low ball offers at first ( i was currently on the 150/150 plan) it wasn't happening. I asked about their 500 plan, they said it would be an extra $200 a month! ? & my area doesn't qualify for that speed. I told them their out there GD mind. So they offered the 300/300 package for an extra $150 a month, and i politely declined. Told them there are other competitors offering Gigabit speeds for far FAR less than were paying monthly. Somehow she (the rep) was able to work some magic and somehow got the 500 plan approved, and only $50 more a month. After install i can see why they didn't offer it ? she was really struggling to pull anything more than 300/200. so after 3 weeks of fanagalin they finally for it right. Had to literally find a near empty node to stick me on. The following results are from MANY major ISP's, Google , and various speed tests,& locations. testMy hates me, it always has and always will. No logical explanation why, nor rhyme or reason. Single thread, multi thread doesn't matter. Since 2004 , just a hater. ?
  2. it was a defective card. Whats even better is there on back order so they just had to refund me instead of replacement.
  3. single vs multi-thread downloads. Steam content servers are multi. sourced.
  4. daammnn son look @ tmn 2001. whew.. memories..
  5. Just going to RMA the card to ASUS. I've Exhausted all other possibilities. Friday i will be installing the old 380x back in and well see if the problem persists, altho i highly doubt it will. We shall see!
  6. Update: Well that was wishful thinking. Still crashing. Onward to contact Asus and see what they want to do. Just cant win in life i swear.
  7. well im experimenting with turned the ryzen 7 down from 3.85 to 3.70 GHz and the card seems a bit happier. Not quite sure why one would have a bearing on the other but well see i guess. lol so far pretty happy well check after shes run for a couple days. thats usually the test,
  8. no, this pc literally costed me an arm and a leg.. and it didn't start till this card was installed. I've tried benchmark testing, gaming, etc. everything to stress the shit out of this card, and it performs well and doesn't reproduce this in that manner. LUCKY enough. as i said , it doesn't do this during gaming. it only really does it in web browsing & low strain activity as strange as that sounds. The pattern varies in color, but typically the same pattern.
  9. Ok so im having this weird issue... Ever since i installed my new video card from Newegg (ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX 580 T8G https://www.neweggbusiness.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA4PP5VS3724&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleBizMKPL-PC&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleBizMKPL-PC-_-pla-_-Video+Cards+-+AMD%2FATI-_-9SIA4PP5VS3724&gclid=Cj0KCQiAyszSBRDJARIsAHAqQ4qjrHnjH_-urLmubccLYaP3UbzOCWg70TkBbq3OjWLwuxZNeQBhwOYaAkXOEALw_wcB) Randomly, could be every 5 seconds, could be every 25 seconds, may not do it at all. i get this checkerd pattern across the screen that freezes the computer (mouse and keyboard) than in about 2 to 3 seconds the display almost.... reboots... or recovers and everything's fine again till the next spazz out.... ive already tried reinstalling video card drivers. I've already reformatted multiple times. I've tried using other HDMI ports on the card, nothing has remedy'd this issue... I'm thinking i got a bad video card out the box, and of course now its out of warranty. Ill attach a screen shot (cell phone pic) of what i see.. ANY .. ANY assistance would be greatly appreciated. Cause...... I'm stumped!
  10. Citrix uses alot of different software based alterations to "optimize" the experience. Going remote lan will always yield skewed results when it comes to networking seeing how its not a direct connection. More than likely they yse a compression type software to "boost" speeds. You could always try and optimize** the box with citrix installed and see if that makes a difference; if anything it may show faster results after that . but honestly any remote vpn or such types of programs will not show accurate results some times. https://www.speedguide.net/files/TCPOptimizer.exe **
  11. ISP's will NEVER guarantee speed at any time of the day. They guarantee a specific % (percentage) of up-time reliability. Network/Node saturation is not covered or promised by any ISP in existence unless your paying for a commercial line or special terms agreed upon at the time of setup. Even than, speeds cannot be guaranteed outside of a LAN network in PEAK operation times.
  12. Welcome! Enjoy your stay and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Be patient, the forums arent as active as they used to be but their are some VERY knowledgeable people here on all aspects of technology related issues. We are some ole skool geeks bro. :'D
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