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  1. @cholla 1. what is up with that latency my friend?! 2. Have you run any virus scans? lol cause that image resizing is super trippy..
  2. You can definitely see in the video something is compressing the data on the back end, primarily on the large file sizes; Almost like a download booster, or something of that nature. I use brave right now, and chrome for sites brave is blocking something needed, which i run into from time to time. oh, and btw, both the gif and the mkv worked fine for me, lol.
  3. At least its (currently) consistent. Much better than satellite alternatives!
  4. I guess the better question is, is your concern the consistency of the pings, or the final number, as you have stated in previous post? I ask because as far as the consistency aspect is concerned, the spikes, or jitter, is going to be on the ISP routing end of things... not a whole lot that can be done there short of having a technician from the ISP run line dB testing, either from your personal location of testing, or from the node to your location, etc. As far as the final number goes... That is on the other end of the IP's final stop... just end distance as a factor & really cannot change that aspect. On the other hand, your trace to the fl.testmy.net seemed pretty normal give or take a few spikes. Ping 1 is you, ping 2 is you -> your switch/node , 3 is your ISP & onward. From there, is all in ISP routing. Miami, about 2 hours south from my location. Colorado, about 2000 miles away.
  5. It may be possible you answered your own question? lol Welcome anyhow!
  6. Oh it gives you results, just not graphed on the upload. Interesting.. it shows on public end; Possibly a changed setting? @CA3LE possible shed some light on this? edit; I've never noticed that lol. It doesn't show upload on the graph after dual test. hm
  7. Can you post a screenshot or video of the "upload not reporting" ??
  8. That's where the 500 mb went
  9. @CA3LE I have noticed since slowing down to Comcast, that quite a few times now, primarily on the download test, that it will ccrruuuzzeee to the end, than pause before the result, thus skewing the test (slower) results. Same pc, browser, & settings as before with Frontier Commy-unications. Possible correlation?
  10. interesting.. i cannot reproduce this. Linear or automatic, my results seem to be the same..
  11. $129.99/mo lol, not too bad tbh
  12. Unless there's an issue with the gateway itself, the ISP should only "update" or need for a restart at most, once a month, if that. There has to be in issue with your gateway, or a signal loss issue with the connection itself for it to restart that many times. There's been months before my ISP needed to refresh/change IP or update the config. Id check with comcast to see what's going on. Possibly a bad power supply to the gateway? Gateway itself overheating? Bad power strip? There has to be a cause. This type of behavior is not normal.
  13. Either you contiune to fight, and show the results you are getting here. or you had mentioned their were choices in providers.. At this point, id try a different ISP. What do you have to lose? Pain in the a**.. yes.
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