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  1. Gotta say I'm impressed with TMobile's 5g for the most part. It does still have its weird little spots where you have no svc, but I'd say 89% of the time it works pretty flawlessly. T-Mobile also doesn't like tiktok much because video is there struggle 😅 overall though, highly suggest.
  2. Damn man. That's tough.. 😓. RIP ROCO.. you will be missed my friend... 💐
  3. great 5G speeds! about what i average on tmobile, 350-450
  4. although I dont understand the routing methods, (10 different routers?) the speeds to this server are pretty widespread.
  5. @cholla 😂😄 Now a days, not everything needs to have a literal meaning. It doesn't take much to become a meme. It's easier to show than tell :)
  6. definitely not. Was there for the whole install, never use any of the ISP rec. software. as you can see, if the file is coming via the interwebz, (non p2p) the speed(s) are fine.
  7. Couple things. On the top right, make sure your "MultiThread" is enabled. Also, Check out this link:
  8. Verizon admits they do. 😂 Its no secret. They have what they affectionately call "priority tiers". This is speed dependent on local usage and saturation percentage. I found this out when i purchased my 5G phone a little over a year ago and was getting shit speeds, trouble streaming videos, Facebook etc. After buying the phone on monthly pmnts, the added insurance, & accessories,i noticed the speed was quite slow. 500kbs at times. Most times that is the speed i get at work. I called them and they were like " oh yea, you are on the tier 3 plan.. the lowest priority traffic (480p is how they describe it) For 5g phones you need the 5G plan (1080p +)" I was like "Ok..." than they wanted now ANOTHER $35 a month! They NEVER explained that when they sold us our 2 phones for $1800 🤬 Cant do it man. Already paying over $230 a month for 2 phones! Cant / Wont pay another $35 So for now, I just deal with my grossly overcharged "5G" cell phone that ill never see 5G on..
  9. I'm not sure what your asking. what is scp? I'm not sure how to be more clear. If i am trying to upload files, large or small, to lets say to google drive, or Facebook, or lets say im doing a speed test, I will get 100% of my speed; 1g/1g Via the "internet" its no problems If I try and use any p2p programs, apex dc++, or qbittorent, uTorrent, ANY p2p program really, it will limit my upload speeds to 250. Whether transferring these files to someone in Arizona, you, or even MYSELF to my other PC in the same home, on the same network, if its p2p, it will throttle it.
  10. I mean, i dont know about "infiltrating" , lol.😄 I'm assuming it's the ONT that monitors/ throttles the apps or ports. cause it's factually not the router. All i know is whether im sending you a file, or sending it to my other pc on my network... the speeds are throttled/shaped. Will not exceed 250 mbs (for any sustained time , a bit over with burst of course) Unless its a web transfer, like google drive or facebook or ftp, speed test etc.
  11. Well on a gigabit connection, ideally 2 pc's on the same network, in the same facility should pretty much be able to utilize somewhere close to "gigabit" speeds. As you can see from my prior posts' attachment, that isn't the case. Frontier limits "file sharing" and "p2p" im guessing programs or ports to 250. Whether im sharing to the general public, or trying to transfer files to my own networked PC's... If its limited to 250 MAX. Now if it goes through 8080 , or im assuming 80, ( like for speed tests or ftp, uploading to google drive etc) it'll "max" the connection. P2P, Direct Connect, Torrent, TeamShare, Remote Desktop, etc. All limited
  12. Well it appears Frontier throttles not only incoming data from outside the network, but even data on my OWN network; From my gaming rig to my server on the SAME network is limited. 😓😤 unbelievable.
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