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  1. Their* Well, "ziply fiber" is owned/backbone by Frontier Communications (🤮) & yes, unfortunately I have to use their (Arris NVG468MQ) router due to also having their TV svc, which requires a router with coax connection.. But to be fair, Frontiers routers ONLY job is to provide an IP address for my Asus RT-AX82U (& coax for tv). From there everything WiFi or hardwired goes through the Asus.
  2. I'll take accelerator for $400 bob. 😄 https://testmy.net/hoststats/ziply_fiber
  3. I have the same run for the work & gaming PC lol. Keep in mind, anything over cat6 for standard home connections will have little to no impact on the performance... i just did it cause i get a real good deal on networking equip .
  4. xs1


    Welcome! Could be worse, could be using Frontier
  5. I've got the Samsung s21 ultra; work where im in the "5GUC" PS: oh, and ookla showed over 500.
  6. Cat5e is more than sufficient for most every day home installs. it's also very affordable & easily accessible. Personally, anything I have hard-wired I use cat8; It's completely unnecessary but most of my networking & pc's are relatively close proximity so I decided to waste the money on overkill cable. https://www.lanshack.com/Cat-8-Shielded-40G-23AWG-2000MHZ-SFTP-Shielded-PVC-Solid-Conductor-Ethernet-Cable-300-Ft-Blue-P9067?gclid=CjwKCAjwyryUBhBSEiwAGN5OCOnE2gA5sAPvA94nDXlNyjQTqO-o2KhxqmvGMKSxF85dHEnJNMBPvRoC6HwQAvD_BwE
  7. <----------- Needs larger test size anyway!
  8. Yeah Yeah Yeah.. 😂 Heard that. 👍
  9. 1: I actually lol'd on this. XD This was the general consensus of many....MANY people and Verizon pretty much said F.U. to all its unhappy customers; @ one point even trying to disgustingly blame Samsung for " Not implementing multi-bands of 5G from the factory". The thing that really put the nail in the coffin for me was i just bought a Samsung Note 8 not even a year prior, ($899) and just brought it in for an issue i was having with media loading... than they were like " We've got a deal for you!!" 🙄 2: NGL, never imagined you having anything less than the newest of new mobile tech.... Glad to see you can still surprise us after all these moons, D
  10. I was with Verizon for over 17 years. I left because they got me with the whole bait & switch false advertising of the Samsung Note 10+ 5G. Sold me the phone for $1299 , waited MONTHS than they say "oh yea, this phone will never see 5G; Verizon switched to 5G UWB & these phones will never support such." After calling customer service, pissed, they were willing to "credit $100" for the trouble on a phone that costed well over a grand at that time which promised 5G that was never there. I canceled my subscription that day and switched to T-Mobile 5G; A little spotty in some areas but overall acceptable.
  11. Not gunna lie; Damn near had a stroke trying to read that. ?
  12. +_+ lol testmy still hates my upload. download isn't too far off from believable. in the AM and occasionally in the laaateee PM I see close to gigabit speeds. I'd never use a competitor speed test but I needed to test upload as well ( <.<) so I used TMN 2.0 .. for this one..
  13. IG it's not too terrible for an area that's horribly overprovisioned.
  14. ? thats pretty damn decent for 5G my friend! Congrats.
  15. Figured id test the ole' Frontier junk-o-matic out. https://testmy.net/db/8cy_12fbf.o6w7ZEZRG https://testmy.net/8cy_12fbf.png tf.. why is it so gd hard to link pics now?? ?
  16. Not bad for 5G. What results do you get to this websites speed test?
  17. Forums are kind of dated, I'll agree. Back in the day I used to be part of 5 or 6 forums religiously... Now a days no-one posts anymore. Maybe a live chat may be more beneficial? Multi-room live chat like the old AOL chat rooms back in the day lol. Social media has really become the #1 "outlet" for all forms of media really.. News, gossip, entertainment, retail.. Cant really re-invent the wheel, just have to go with the (current) flow to stay relevant.
  18. Well the issue with 4G as well as satellite type internet, is the latency can & will be erratic. Not really rec. for streaming. If your curious on your latency & stability of the connection check here https://testmy.net/latency?addr=dallas. You can also open a command prompt & try a traceroute to see it as well. www.fast.com is Netflix's speed test & latency site, also does pretty well.
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