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  1. DOCSIS 3.1

    So anyone know much about this DOCSIS 3.1 I just read about and whom if any ISP's are updated to this yet?
  2. BEWARE! Comcast retaliation.

    @Data_Addict so any update on your VPN or ability to play Games etc?
  3. BEWARE! Comcast retaliation.

    Sadly the Only alternative locally (In Portland Oregon) area is Century Link (Which last time I tried them (As Qwest) they sold me a speed tier which they could not provide so had the audacity to drop me to a lower speed but charged me for the higher one so I dumped them and swore never to use them again no matter what. Other is Frontier which Surprise Surprise I am On the West Side of Interstate 205 (which I guess Xfinity has power to deny them ability to provide service on this side) by approx 15 blocks so I was informed no service in my area. I just realized Something else that may be pertinent to this thread. I used to use a program called CCfile it allowed me to set up a custom URL name which I would give to my friend I was working on music with ( I do Vocals and Drum tracks and He does Guitar , Bass and backup vocals) Id setup a User name and password for him and he could then go online to url open a folder on my computer and download my files and upload what he had made etc. Trying to email Large .wav files is impossible but using that program was a piece of cake. then all of a sudden it stopped working. No longer could anyone access my folders I setup, Somewhere Xfinity had blocked the ports I needed open to use this program and I did not know enough at the time to trouble shoot it and pinpoint exactly what was the issue. Though I was told that they (Xfinity) Did not block any Ports they claimed I had it set up wrong or it was not compatible with my OS etc. Really sucks as it threw a huge wrench in my music project and I had spent a good deal of $$ on Top end Drum Software and recording software and hardware . Now this makes me want to set everything up again like I had it and figure out exactly what they are blocking which they have no reason or I believe right to be blocking
  4. BEWARE! Comcast retaliation.

    After reading that chat to me it sure seems you have a modem or gateway issue for sure. I just went and checked on my settings and my remote management settings are default off or disabled. Does VPN use specific ports that they ( the VPN) states as being blocked? I believe Speedguide.net and possibly Testmy.net may to have a port checker where it will show you what is blocked and what is open etc. Do you have that new Xfinity Xfi feature where you live? I noticed when they enacted it here it changed what I could do on the portal and now makes me log in to the xfinity account and give names to connections etc Which to me is a real pain in the ......
  5. BEWARE! Comcast retaliation.

    Wow they are working the Old BS ( I say old as out here in Oregon) Lately they have had decent techs show up. But the old trick was to blame anything and everything but their connections or hardware for the problems. IE awhile back I had lost the upload section of my router ( from I think 10 Mbps at the Time to like 300Kbps) which killed any download due to lack of response I Gathered. I got so upset with the tech I asked if my cats color would be the next possibility for my issues. Mostly now unless something (is line issues) I get the hardware and install myself . Another BS trick they pull and you must watch this one is if you have the (cable protection) or line coverage plan ( used to run like $5 a month I think) they will without informing you all of a sudden drop it off your plan usually after a year or so then if you find a problem with say splitters , connections or so they will charge you the tech fee and any fees to replace any lines etc. this plan is for anything from the Mainline connection at house inside which for me is 4 separate lines 1 dedicated to the (Gateway) Dang I am so glad this post came up just realized my 2 year contract I had ends this month on like the 12th or so so I need to get in ASAP and get a new package/Tier setup before they send me a bill for like $300 or more for the month. Thanks you just save me a ton of issues.
  6. BEWARE! Comcast retaliation.

    not with VPN but I do have times where my connection speed Id say goes in the toilet but actually it goes much worse. Plus the fact they brag about how the Blast Pro is now 250 Mbps Down but when using wireless I am lucky to get 100 Mbps and I have a 300/300 Mbps wireless connection using 5 Ghz I will keep more tabs on my speed and see if they are doing anything funny. I do run a Pro Weather station that uploads its data to 3 sites every 5 minutes and one is set to upload every 5 seconds Sorry I am not more help.
  7. Compare your Download Speeds!!!

    Ooops did not do something correct no Speed test came up in last post
  8. Compare your Download Speeds!!!

    Speed Test I think it is left open not set to Blast pro Must have open access not set to blast Pro speeds. Even Xfinity "Suggested test" Is extremely high on download, but sadly upload is at 12Mbps still
  9. To get all up to speed I have Xfinity Blast Pro ( Supposedly 150 Mbps/12 Mbps) Using the Cisco DPC 3941 Wireless gateway. When I look at my personal connection Data I see I am getting 300 Mbps but what I have found is after say a few days my speed drops (via online testing) down to 20-30 Mbps even though my connection speed to the gateway remains at 300 Mbps. this leads me to believe that the Gateway is having issues on the download side. I forgot to mention my upload speed stays really consistent between 11.5 and 12.5 Mbps. Any Ideas what causes this? as soon as I do a Complete Gateway Reset it goes back to close to full speed but in like 2 days I am back to Slug Speed.
  10. Sweet, most I ever got was a Huge argument with a tech once that I almost knocked out, (over using their speed test and Testmynet) but that was quite a while ago and a $20 credit when tech failed to show up to deliver my Wireless Gateway. Finally (though they try to claim their tests are more accurate) they have realized that the results from one test to the other mean squat when I can show results from testmy.net going back shoot what 7 years now 7 years and 3 months lol when I have that kind of data to compare when I had speed increases, they had hardware issues or network issues they really have no legitimate reason to argue what test I use. when I show last month all test results average say 80 Mbps download and now I get 25Mbps download there is a issue even if their lame tests show me getting 100 Mbps which so funny that those same tests show a 180Mbps download speed when my speed tier is capped at 150Mbps I know them enough to know they will not give away an extra Mbps nor even cover the 10-20% loss to make end user actual speed match speed tier. They could actually cap speed at say 180 Mbps then at testing computer would actual be receiving that 150 Mbps or cap whatever tier 20% higher then advertised. (now I am just tossing #'s and percentage I do not know for fact these are 100% accurate just to be used as examples) I have seen upload speed drop so much it hinders download harshly. I wonder why when Xfinity upgraded download speed from 50-100-150 Mbps they never really did squat with upload. it has stayed around 10 Mbps for eons. I did hear it was due to adding 4 more channels to upload would put them in the 88Mhz range which has huge amount of noise etc. due to radio. For instance on my new gateway I have 16 Channels for downstream but only 4 for upstream while the gateway is capable of 24 channels down and 8 up.
  11. Well I think I found why my test results seem to be Sucking Huge.. I was watching my wireless connection and noticed when running a test my wireless connection speed drops from anywhere from 300-240 Mbps down to around 100-120 Mbps SO I assume if my wireless connection speed is at 100Mbps no matter what my speed tier I have from the ISP there is no way I can expect to get results above 90% of what my Wireless speed is. That would explain I assume why even though my speed tier is 150Mbps I am getting results around 70Mbps etc.
  12. Xfinity speed rollercoaster

    Thanks, As far as best linear tests I think it has improved but it is so inconsistent it 's ridiculous. I have tries the Mercury which most times seems pretty good, multithread which seems to act as spastic as linear I may do that go get a different modem to see what may be going on. Oh one thing I did forget (if It could possibly have impact) December we received like 17" rain about 4X our average with a crap load coming down on a couple specific days my line is underground and they put a black splice thingy in the line about 2 feet from house which makes 3/4 of this splice box underground where water just happens to pool up I think I may go look at the main connection box which is only about 20 feet from house and make sure nothing in there is funky. The cable connection box has been left unlockable since 2002 when I moved in here and they seem to careless if it is secure or not funny the green tube cover just gets pushed into ground there is actually nothing they could lock it down with anyway inner metal plate and brackets are no where to be found just the block the cables split off from lol
  13. Xfinity speed rollercoaster

    well the Cisco CP 3939 I believe, they call it I know 3939 it is the Gateway allows use of Phone and Internet along with the MOCA I think they actually have a Gateway 3 (oh ya the cisco was called Gateway 2) I am not sure what the newer one is or how much better it is just remembered that when you asked about the modem I am using
  14. So where should I now post to complain, get ideas as to WTF is up with my speeds lately? I am all over the place, supposedly xfincrudty (aka (crapcast) upgraded my speed from 105 to 150 but I cannot get that speed nor do I think 20% and to make matters wors I jump from say 80 to 50 to possibly 120 then back to 50. I seem to do better with the multi thread or mercury tests then linear. I have tried all I can think of changing you name it in the TCP Optimizer. I even broke out the old Ethernet cable and strung it to hardwired me into the gateway and still Amazingly fast and consistently non repeatable speed results I am even up at 3 AM PST to see if my neighbors could be the issue. Next I was thinking about disconnecting all the other cables from node and see if I alone connected has any bearing on my speeds?? Or is that illegal to disconnect them for a few min to test?? I mean who is up at 3 AM besides me anyway right?
  15. LOL I thought I was getting this great speed, Then I found this email sent 10-30-15 stating that supposedly Comcast (kindness of their hearts) decided to upgrade my speed from 105 to 150 Mbps So actually my test results Suck A&& I have no Idea what the percentage but add 45 Mbps to the equation and the % has to drop faster then Obama's credibility
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