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  1. oh ya tour right I remember that now it was just like you said , it was much smaller more like my Creative X-fi 5.0 Pro usb sound card about the size of 1-1/2 credit cards and 1/2 thick had the Monitor out, keyboard and mouse connection, this here is much larger, Sorry to have be incorrect about your setup.
  2. Ok thanks, It is nice to have someone like you to help with stuff like this Thank you so much for all you do with the site and the amount of great information you share
  3. I think those are Nodes? I may have name wrong we had those at the fab shop i worked. I think the server is the main system and those are just like access points instead of running multiple computers and connecting via LAN
  4. SO recently iRacing has been dumping me from the servers (they) iRacing says they checked and all is good on their end and I say well I test my internet connection and speed like fanatic and i'm all good so it is dying some place, they suggested I get Ping Plotter Program and run it pre session and leave it on in case this happens again so I have I assume data to show what is up. before I do that I wanted to make sure that is something I should use or do you have a better app or suggestion on what I should do? plus this is where they suggested I ping I think you had said this to me when you showed me issues they have which i do not know if they ever did anything about them . ipv6:bosrace01-orig.iracing.com Thanks, oh BTW new paint came out and now the outline of testmy.net is Chrome, will get vids posted soon as I have a computer now able to create them in HD.
  5. Sweet, 16" of snow pre turkey day, reminds me of when I was like 12 or 13, a long long time ago. we would have thanksgiving at my grandmas and aunts and uncles and cousins would show up and we would play in the snow. The disadvantage of cable is that fact correct the more people on the (Node) the slower it gets, Dose the Fibre optic type of service eliminate that or does it just get all bottle necked where those all connect? I think we here in Milwaukie, Oregon we have 5 or 6 houses connected to 1 main cable out next to my tree , all our cables be it phone, internet/tv or electricity is underground in neighborhood but still I find xfinity seems to have outages times a year.
  6. Yea actually they have a Suggestions department for people who have Legitimate (useful suggestions) like this. I will mention that as Surprisingly not all users are high speed internet customers ( Wait first what is considered high speed now days?0 I remember high speed was 1500/768 at one time, Kbps that is. would a 20 Mbps connection be high speed? or does it need to be like 200Mbps or higher? One of the guys on my team I help with setups lives outside of Spokane Washington (Rural area) and his internet is best he can get but nothing like what is available locally here. My Parents live in a 55 and Older town in washington and all they can get is this company called Centurytel.net and to me seems they are stuck using the technology and speed from like 2005 Ill make a suggestion to them and see what they say.
  7. Yea we do a Destruction derby after the races, Usually Cody the broadcaster guy pans off to scenic view this time he left it on the winner, I was the third guy to hit him, I was hoping coming up backwards I would catch them off guard, But forgot these things are made to go left not right so it was crazy hard to drive in that direction. Hopefully I will get up there with my Xfinity car too so it can be seen on youtube. I also am looking for parts to build a dedicated iRacing computer and as soon as I do that I have about 50 Races I will start Encoding and posting to youtube. It is kinda cool though now the VRN (Virtual racing Network) Uses Testmy.net as well as 4 of the other drivers since I started running these paints I need to learn more about your latency feature as that would be a huge item all Racers should be using to be sure all is good when racing, Sadly we get a lot of people who Blink Out (Disappear) in the races (Mostly official ones not so much this league) due to bad internet Latency and it can cause huge issues like wrecks etc.. Sadly a ton of people bought into the ISP pushing their recommended test sites and think if they show good they are fine and i have seen so many posts about how the So and SO test site shows all good but when racing their Quality and latency is bad.
  8. So last nights race at ISM in my league was awesome, got some great coverage and mentioning of the Testmy.net site. No I am not officially sponsored by the site, but due to the great tools and time I have been a a member of Testmy.net and watched the site expand I could think of no better way to say thanks not to mention a better tool for those who run the Simulation as it needs great internet reliability and there is none better to use to ensure you are in top shape. I added a link stating from where race starts, I hope you guys enjoy this and thank you for all the help you have provided to allow me to keep Xfinity honest and tools to know my internet is up to snuff. iRacing ISM race in the Testmy.net Tundra
  9. The Testmy.net pro 4 LOORS running at Wildhorse (iRacing)
  10. LMAO OMG read the title and Average Tool, anyway speed testing tool right?? Holy cow I cannot stop Laughing that was too funny, so wish yall could share in my ridiculous sense of humor.
  11. Hereis a short clip of my Xfinity car 8-14-19 running Bristol finally a short clip of the Guitar playing Skeleton Testmy.net Xfinity Toyota Camry Today running Bristol.
  12. I'm running the Nvidia GTX 460M, But I was under the assumption that OBS Studio used a CPU Based encoder(X 264) to create the video files and I figured since my GPU is pretty maxed rendering the iRacing .rpy files so I can view them using the CPU and Ram Would be my best option. I think my best option is to either find a pawn shop that has a decent case and MB or just a case and then start getting the MB etc as I can until I have a finished system. I do not really need to much just a decent MB, RAM, GPU I have a Awesome USB WIFI Adapter, USB Sound Card, a couple HD.s Keyboard Mice, Monitors. Only need the most important stuff, Like I have a great car just no Drivetrain LOL.
  13. Well dang got some new pics while killing it at Watkins glen then jut realized I already have my MENCS Toyota uploaded. My LAME POS I call a computer still will not encode from a replay file to a MP4 without it skipping(pausing) Lack of GPU power I think. I doubt it is CPU or Memory i have a i7 quad core 2.9ghz and 12gb ram never see it use more then 20% ram or 20% cpu now GPU is most time ( even when overclocked to maximus of 825 MHz GPU clock and 3100 MHz Memory Clock it shows 96% memory use and between 80-100% GPU usage But still works fine for racing so until I can come up with some $$ or find some misc spare parts and build a system I am stuck with what I have.
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