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  1. CA3LE, ?1/ Is the TiP Data and Variance being captured/retained within TMN results db? …since you implemented TiP? NB: TiP Data is data points and MIN|MID|MAX values ] IF TiP in db 2/ Results Data Export _suggestion_ Include just the TiP Variance Thanks
  2. Reporting GUI Version Number

    It would be useful, for we Users and helpful for You, to improve the Visibility of the _Speed Test Version 13.7 Version Number_ (V No.) . IDEA1: place the _V No._ in the Page Header along with Page Footer as now shown. IDEA2: keep the _V No._ in the Page Footer. Convert the Top Line (with Mail, Notify, User pop-down & Sign-Out Features) into a Floating (Tool) Bar which sticks to Top of browser Page. Cool IDEA3: Implement Single-Click on _V No._ could Auto-Copy to client's Paste Buffer. IDEA4: on New Topic Create in _v13 Bug Reporting_ Forum, auto-enter the _V No._ into the Title &/or Details Field(s) OR as TAG (oooh ya! ) . Use Cases (aka arm twisting ) -Users: Bugs, Requests wrt GUI, feedback provided by a user can include relevant _V No._ to improve communication which better aids You to 'home in' on related code -Development & Support: the _V No._ is a simple Attribute that would be easily supported by Source Control System (SCS) VARIABLE Feature. Granted that Branching & Merging could make it nasty/messy/convoluted Njoy iceb
  3. iPad 6.0.1, Safari, Mercury, AtomicLite browsers • attempt to copy Result Details doesn't get/Copy Text!? Just Copies the enclosing Box!?!! Via either… •• /results, _Share This Result_ Tab •• /results, _Result Details_ Tab I noticed this Copy foible about when V13 GUI updated for the _EMAIL_ Button shown on the above pair of tabs. Good News… OSX browsers have No Copy foible as per above scenario. (Fx14, OSX 10.5.5 Safari, Opera12) Good luck hunting
  4. PS3 - HDMI+Optical audio

    WOW that is Lame ;/ NB: I'm not a PS3 owner Did Sony build in a special/unique RESET ON POWER UP? See URL3 HDMI video reset & URL4 confirms Using latest firmware? Any clues via URL2? 1/ PS3 online manual has no clues http://manuals.playstation.net/document/en/ps3/current/manualindex.html 2/ http://www.intrepidwebs.com/2013/06/19/sony-ps3-problem-after-update-to-4-45-firmware-fix/ 3/ https://support.us.playstation.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/187/~/connect-ps3-with-hdmi-cable 4/ http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps3/927750-playstation-3/answers?qid=21274
  5. Good Basic 802.11 Info

    Site restructured… current URL http://www.bb-elec.com/Learning-Center/All-White-Papers/Wireless-Cellular/802-11-Basics.aspx www.bb-elec.com/Learning-Center/All-White-Papers/Wireless-Cellular/802-11-Basics.aspx
  6. Hiya TMN & forum view style quirk

    Safari 3.2.1 shows home page, testing & related live pages, /results, /quickstats/… display fine, but GUI for Forums, Profile are fouled; seems to be missing a CSS ref or 2 or… FWIW, OpenDNS via Safari 3.2.1 looks even Worse nearly unusable Safari doesn't appear to hit any 404 or site blocks for TMN Thankfully FF 14 and Opera 12.02 work fine, as does iOS 6.0.1 Safari & 3rd-party iOS browsers So Lad you've more important, much more useful coding to explore, support… press on don't sweat this one at All! -this GUI glitch is No problem for me…just another motivation to get beyond OSX 10.5.x iceb
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. TiP Data graphing per Result

    Hey … been there, done that! Thanks for digging thru the code & persevering … Much appreciated.
  9. TiP Data graphing per Result

    Your variable tweak…didn't help …yet as I'm still running same browser instances, so will test again with fresh/clean browsers Any firewalls in net modem|router are in _defaults_. The OSX firewall is _default_ state with some known OSX App, file share blocks; also running TCPBlock which I have just set to log _all_ Blocking AND Allow actions, just-in-case
  10. TiP Data graphing per Result

    I have just reverted to ISP DNS, but no glory seeing the TiP Data graph. Tested on: Mac desktop Safari, Firefox 14(with default (virgin) profile), iOS Safari. Other graphs I _do_ see: - /results - /quickstats/iceb - /memberstats - ?are there other graphs?…besides the above & TiP Do you source your web HTML, JS, jQuery from _only_ TMN & TMNstatic (CDN) hosts? …I ask 'cause I use OpenDNS for _more_ than DNS resolving, but also _block_ crud|malware|spam|pr0n sites as well as some(?) ADvert sites/CDNs.
  11. CLI testing would be handy for the network toolbox, thanks. Willing to Beta test
  12. TiP Data graphing per Result

    Testing iOS Safari - Cookie tweaks & iPad Restart > does _not_ resolve issue - Clear Cookies & Data, and iPad Restart > does _not_ resolve issue Test Mercury browser V7.3 (*1) > does _not_ resolve issue --Note1 curious Version Number reporting quirk as app says 7.3 and iOS AppStore reports V7.3, But TMN reports User Agent is 7.2!? I'll check with Dev. I have other iOS browsers which I have not used too much but I won't test yet. I'll check the Apple forums, etc re: Safari. --- I am using OpenDNS servers and not ISP DNS servers.
  13. TiP Data graphing per Result

    I am only shown the Result Data row but NO TiP graph whether viewed As popup http://testmy.net/db/NKDvjBc&framed=1&framed2=1&framed3=1 Or page http://testmy.net/db/NKDvjBc . The TiP Summary graph is shown on Combined Test Result page http://testmy.net/results I will try an iOS Safari cookie tweak & report back…
  14. TiP Data graphing per Result, As reported in http://testmy.net/ipb/topic/30630-tip-measurement-summary/page-2#entry339033 …Does not work !? I've tried Mac desktop Safari, Firefox, Opera nor iOS Safari.
  15. You've built Quite a site ca3le ! thanks! much appreciated I'm surprised I _never_ heard of the site until 3 months ago!?!! Site functionality has been great! … until today!?!?? The forum view is basically without any styling when using Safari 3.2.1 . App restart nor browser cache purge nor system reboot has helped. Firefox 14.0.1 has the same style quirk with defaults in NoScript (NS), RequestPolicy(RP). Once I enabled NS & RP wrt testmy.net AND tmnstatic.com, then forum views correctly.
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