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  1. Ya buddy most ppl have blockers and dont see ads anyway.... (They figure why see the ads if they arent going to click them anyway (It just bogs stuff down for nothing)) I dunno..........
  2. Welcome to the site....... That doesnt sound like a bad idea Actually
  3. I dont think i visit here enough to try and help CA3LE,but i think the site is excellent now.... If you wanna add me to the beta please do but I dont think I could offer much as I think this is fine now GOOD WORK BUDDY!!
  4. Yea I think 20 is MAX on any server (I could be wrong) No reason I guess to have more than that..
  5. I have an SMC router and I'd prefer to have my TOSHIBA STILL! (It was much better) It only supports up to DOCSIS 1.1 but i dont care about getting faster speeds... 1.1 can give you up to 10 megs I THINK which is fine Heres info on my PCX5000: http://web.archive.org/web/20050930195247/http://www.toshiba.com/taisnpd/products/pcx5000.html
  6. Everything looks OK on my end CA3LE (Im on IE6) What exactky doesnt show up right buddy on IE?? -- Ill see if it shows up for me!!
  7. I just changed my user agent to look like an Iphone and im looking at the site thru this skin.... Looks quite good! (Quite fast also)
  8. Dude111


    Welcome to the site buddy!
  9. Hey CA3LE,it l00ks the same 2 me as it did last time I was here
  10. I hope you had a good birthday my friend!! IM SORRY I MI$$ED YOUR SPECIAL DAY
  11. A few years ago someone on another site who has Firefox said they increased thier Max connections/max per server to 48 and noticed mega speed increase so I tried it as well with IE6 and noticed the same... I've had it @ 48 ever since..... Maybe 20 connections is the highest ANY SERVER allows @ once i dunno..........
  12. ....to see how many connections per server your getting! http://spasche.net/files/parallel_connections First time i loaded it it said i was using 12 simul connections,2nd load it said 13 then 14 and then for the next 5 loads it said 20 max... So it looks like I can get up to 20 connections per server... (I didnt know how many i was getting before,i have it set to 48 but it appears 20 is the highest)
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