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  1. On Android tablet, testmy.net reaches the wrong site

    hopefully CA3LE will have some time to look into this some more.
  2. Hello all Hughes Net users

    Your upload speed isn’t too whippy either.
  3. Hello all Hughes Net users

    Sorry about your experience. Lots of posters on here have had a bad time with Hughes Net.
  4. Spectrum speed test

    The Speedtests throw away the bottom 25% of the reading during the test. Totally useless.
  5. On Android tablet, testmy.net reaches the wrong site

    @CA3LE you can answer this
  6. Hello from England

    Welcome from SW Ohio.
  7. On Android tablet, testmy.net reaches the wrong site

    There’s a mobile version of TestMy.net. If you go to the bottom of the home page there’s a link called Mobile. When you’re on the mobile version, the button/link is “Deaktp”.
  8. Hello from England

    Hi. From SW Ohio in the US
  9. How to delete previous test results?

    Go to your Results table. There you can delete whatever Test points you want to.
  10. Proof of Network Throttling

    It could be that they just have too many customers connected to the same subsystem as you. The throttling occurs in those hours where everyone gets home and starts watching high bandwidth video stream. The ISP may or may not be intentionally throttling you.
  11. Go to Results. Enter the date range you want to see. Just below the graph of your results is an Export button. That will give you a table (csv) of your test results with the date, time and speeds for each test point.
  12. remote testing

    Explain with a little more detail what you’d like to do
  13. See my comments and questions on your other post
  14. Upload speed

    You’re actually mostly correct with your party line assessment. Your ISP puts all its users through various sets of processing equipment. To keep their costs down, they minimize the number of channels they use. The more users per channel, the slower things get because you’re all sharing the bandwidth available on the channel you’re on. It looks from your data, that between 11 AM and 12:30 pm, things slow down a lot. You should call your ISP and tell them what’s happening. It may take more than one phone call. Be polite but persistent. They should have the ability to move your account to a different channel - they can balance the user throughput between different channels of their gear. It it looks like you’re testing using the TestMy Dallas server. Is it the one closest to where you are?
  15. Lot of test-data gone?

    It should be available by clicking the CID: link is at top right of your post here - grayed out, starts with 8723 https://testmy.net/compID/872346028785
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