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  1. Suddenlink speeds

    Where are you located?
  2. Try the Miami Test server and see if you get similar results. And yeah, check with an Ethernet cable.
  3. It looks like you’re averaging about 14 Mbps, and using the Dallas Test server. How far from Dallas are you?
  4. @bgaffney. Are you rustcrew?
  5. You can read up on Ookla vs TestMy in the Speed Test Legitimacy stuff under the Extras pulldown tab above im getting closer Results lately between them when I use the Speedtest app on my iPad, but the only site I trust for reality in TestMy
  6. Not sure where you are located. You’re testing to the Dallas Test server. Is that the closest one to you?
  7. They can fix that. Keep after them
  8. Greetings from Niagara, Canada

    That sounds like a tough situation. Be polite but persistent.
  9. Speed varies gets slow and disconnects

    Are you testing on a computer via wireless? where are you located? How far from Dallas Test server?
  10. Download Graphic speed drop off

    What is your ISP plan max speed?
  11. Major speed variations - VDSL line

    I have no VDSL experience, only cable service. My plan is 100 down, 10 up. I consistently get 115 and 10 on the NY test server which is some 500+ miles away. Theres certainly no evidence in your test data where you’re getting near your 33 Mbps plan Max. I would continue to call your ISP on this. Be persistent but courteous. It may take several calls.
  12. Change the display name

    @CA3LE. See above
  13. No .csv Results

    Great thanks. Thought I was losing my mind LOL. Thought I forgot how to do it
  14. Severe intermittent issues with Charter/Spectrum

    I’m with Spectrum in Cincinnati and don’t have any issues
  15. No .csv Results

    @CA3LE mine doesnt work either - on an iPad or a Mac.
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