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  1. Pgoodwin1

    Who testmy.net is

    I sent a message to the site administrator with a link to this post
  2. Pgoodwin1

    Dropped tests

  3. Pgoodwin1

    Dropped tests

    There was a site problem. Should be OK now id suggest deleting those points
  4. Pgoodwin1

    Rural Satellite Internet Help

    You’re right - if it’s not a constant problem, it’s not the trees
  5. Pgoodwin1

    Wireless router - 50+ clients - devices

    Here’s a really good site for network hardware: https://www.smallnetbuilder.com/ They have a lot of info, comparison charts, forums, reviews...
  6. Pgoodwin1

    difference between testmynet and speedtest by ookla.

    Look at Speed Test Legitimacy under the Extras pulldown
  7. Pgoodwin1

    Compare your Download Speeds!!!

    Well, Speedtest speed numbers these day just seem to be some sort of average over the last few seconds of the Test. Doesn’t mean much in terms of performance over time
  8. Pgoodwin1

    downloaded speed test vs website speed test

    I’m not sure if 800 and 900 Mbps are consistently achievable on a 1 Gbit/sec system, even to a local ookla server in your area. what does AT&T advertise as download and upload speeds for the plan you’re on? If you’re near Atlanta, you might try the Miami Test server here on TMN. It’s a little closer. Try the NY server too-it’s about the same distance to you as the Dallas server. See if there’s any significant speed differences between those routes. There may be a bottleneck between you and Dallas
  9. Pgoodwin1

    Compare your Download Speeds!!!

    Screaming fast
  10. Pgoodwin1

    Difference Between Speed Test Sites?

    Good points. Here at TMN you get an average, a max, and a graph of what happened over time.
  11. Pgoodwin1

    downloaded speed test vs website speed test

    Do some testing on this site. OOKLA testing is rather meaningless - they throw out data, and lately Speedtest looks like it only gives what performance was in the last few seconds of the test (and who knows how much Test data they throw out to calculate a Speed that ISPs like. Read Speed Test Legitimacy on this site in the Extras menu.
  12. Pgoodwin1

    New Charter 200/12 speeds.

    The latest Speedtest I used doesn’t give you a true average. It looks to me like it’s giving you some average over the last few seconds of the test. Speedtest has never given anything that resembles true internet speeds. Try unpowering the modem for 20 sec and repowering it, and see if it improves. If it does, and slows down again over time, then contact Charter, stay polite but be persistent.
  13. Pgoodwin1

    Compare your Download Speeds!!!

    I noticed you had a couple of higher points when Multithread testing. Your other tests were to Dallas and NY. Are you closer to another test server?
  14. Pgoodwin1

    downloaded speed test vs website speed test

    Are you testing to the same server?
  15. Pgoodwin1


    You’re connecting to the Dallas Test server. How far from you is Dallas? if you’re connecting via wireless, run Airpport Utility. When your wireless router shows up in the app, select it. Then select your computer on the popup. It’ll show you what speed you’re connecting to your wireless. It should look something like the picture below. Note my 8 yr old iMac is connecting at 270 Mbps. i included a picture of the Hughes net average on this site. It’s around 16 Mbps. I don’t know what the plan speeds are for those that have brought that average up to that number.
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