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  1. Try this: Navigate in your preferred browser to : Once there try and login with : username = admin password = admin Look around, see what there is to be seen, possibly find: Menu >> system tools >> statistics If not there, data would be elsewhere, get to know your device. Take a screenshot if you like and post it here.
  2. @Onira , I am curious why you went with a CAT7 cable. Did you terminate or is this a purchased finished product? Shield shorts or grounds can be tricky. (I did read you mentioned wireless results were similar) When this transition went down, were the lines inside the house replaced, and or the drop or buried cable? Simply due to the fact they (the ISP) will only guarantee speeds to their equipment, (intranet, not internet), therefore when testing, your simply testing the connection from the modem to {place wherever on their local network of choice the test server located} Are you able to get frequencies from the stats page in the modem ? I would imagine the provider is just overloaded and attempting to disperse available bandwidth somewhat equally over clients, considering you mentioned the issue "gets fixed" for a couple off weeks" then reverts, manual QOS is likely at play in your favor for a time-span, or dynamically assessed due to load requirements.
  3. Here are a couple of resources I use: https://mxtoolbox.com/DNSLookup.aspx https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/index.html If you have a lot of static/dynamic content and global users a CDN is good, some use it for various security reasons as well. Firefox webdeveloper tools is also a good place to start checking what parts of your site are the slowest.
  4. Yes, keep the window open for the duration of testing. Otherwise the test will immediately be terminated. Welcome to testmy.net
  5. I'm with you on this. And I should have thought to come up with it, never crossed my mind. Back some years ago, I did a lot of jobs in the middle of no where. New construction, no bath, no porta, nothing. So I'd dig a small hole somewhere inconspicuous and have at it. never went so smooth and easy. And never put one thought to it as to why.
  6. @CA3LE @Frank Kelm , I would check the routes during and after disconnect from the VPN. Windows+R to open 'Run' box. Type 'cmd' and then click 'OK' (without ticks) netstat /r Check during active VPN connection, make a note of it, then check after you have disconnected from the VPN, it is possible you have more than one network adapter running.
  7. I hear that, personally I tend to just hit the various test servers , and as well have missed many of the new end user variable implemented until I need something else and start looking more closely.
  8. @wiggy , There are a good bit of features included at testmy.net , @CA3LE listens to all feedback/concerns and as well implements them.
  9. Have you used any of the available settings in the auto test, to select maximum and or minimum download/upload sizes as pictured below? By setting the minimum test size, this will set the maximum, if you are sure of what to expect, as the test will run until approx ~7 seconds per test is achieved. Therefore by setting this above what you expect to get, the test will not forward. You can also set 'NFW; or No Forward, which means the test will run as prescribed by these settings.
  10. @OCR And most severe 'bugs' are taken care of rather quickly. I came across this issue last week myself, assumed it was an effect of something strange I may have done. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1524640 Local: $ pkg info firefox firefox-65.0.1_1,1 Name : firefox Version : 65.0.1_1,1 Installed on : Tue Feb 19 09:11:14 2019 EST Origin : www/firefox Architecture : FreeBSD:11:amd64
  11. @OCR Montana is awesome! Glad to hear Montana is not being sold to Canada
  12. That is fantastic price. The equivalent from Euro to Dollar = $45 (unless you've already done the conversion.) I pay ~$130.00 /month for 200/5 unlimited
  13. Heck I should have tossed my vultr aff ID your way Either way, nice! Was that 'old' host the same as I remember from back in the day? If so, this all started about the same time they were bought out.
  14. I've not been able to max out my connection for years on the Dallas server, Bravo!
  15. Quite some time ago, maybe several months
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