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  1. Ha! I remember when Tommie and I would race to get our post counts up 😆 Wasn't too long before there was no way forward for me to catch up to him. We had our differences , but thats the way it goes sometimes, he’s one that would speak his mind and I liked that about him.
  2. Everyone is doing well here still kickin around just no screamin. Sorry for not answering if you messaged on FB, lost access a couple years ago. Seems like every week we lose someone else, guess that happens as we get older. Hope everyone good on your end !
  3. How did I possibly miss this! I'll marinate on this for a minute. What happened ? Can we go there ?
  4. I left Windows OS after Vista came out, stuck in with XP until it was no longer super viable, I could never 'connect' with the direction they went. Though always have a VM to keep up that I can still use the basics of the OS. Linux / FreeBSD and MacOS have been way more exciting for me since then, where I can tweak it to what I want it to be. Good times either way!
  5. From Dodge City ,Kansas LTE atm, this is a laptop hitting the phones hotspot traceroute to dallas.testmy.net (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 _gateway ( 3.740 ms 5.916 ms 5.843 ms 2 130.sub-66-174-67.myvzw.com ( 61.470 ms 74.303 ms 74.270 ms 3 * * * 4 66.sub-69-83-132.myvzw.com ( 77.846 ms 77.801 ms 77.763 ms 5 * * * 6 200.sub-69-83-130.myvzw.com ( 85.975 ms 31.239 ms 37.750 ms 7 136.sub-69-83-131.myvzw.com ( 45.644 ms 50.517 ms 50.476 ms 8 137.sub-69-83-131.myvzw.com ( 50.409 ms 77.054 ms 50.276 ms 9 0.ae3.BR3.CHI13.ALTER.NET ( 61.268 ms 61.135 ms 61.059 ms 10 customer.alter.net ( 45.062 ms 41.498 ms 53.552 ms 11 ae9.cr0-dal2.ip4.gtt.net ( 73.244 ms 73.192 ms 73.153 ms 12 ip4.gtt.net ( 67.023 ms 73.927 ms * 13 * * * 14 * * * 15 * * * 16 dallas.testmy.net ( 58.835 ms !X 81.679 ms !X 87.254 ms !X
  6. kbdrate -r 32 -d 250 Improved the issue by a factor of 99.9% https://linux.die.net/man/8/kbdrate
  7. Another group goes up Sunday Feb 28 https://www.spacex.com/launches/
  8. Third keyboard now bouncing, yes the latest I'm typing on is a membrane, I can fiind nothing on the net about this issue. I suppose the issue could be with all three KBs however unlikely.
  9. This leads me to believe there is active software living on your network that you did not intend to be there. This is where I would start. SCP = Secure Copy Outside of any other programs / scripts on the (sending machine) SCP will allow a transfer to be done at full network speeds. Circumventing "throttling" script, Speaking locally at this point. Putty has an SCP client within https://www.putty.org/ A basic example for usage would be: scp file/location [email protected]:/directory or domain name Vs. IP You should also look into pscp Edit: ISP's use service such as https://www.sandvine.com/ for this purpose
  10. Ubuntu 20.04 Gnome 3.36.8 I've been using a Matias FK302 since release, roughly ten years now, nearly flawless outside of the occasional bounce. Naturally as time goes on this got worse to the point i knew a cleaning / replacement was necessary. So I started the process with keycap soup: Then began opening the switches, they are simplified APLS SKBM clones with Matias tweaks. I've successfully cleaned these switches in the past so I knew what to expect, none the less I "successfully" bent a contact in the first switch opened after a quick clean, I was in a hurry, didn't bother to lube the slider even. The mount is metal, and is a bit rusty after ~ten years use and abuse, this along with the bent contact, are terms for a complete disassemble, new key switches soldered and paint. So I shelved the keyboard until after the holiday shipping tripe is completed, where I can be assured the switches will arrive un bastardised. < is that a word? So I went with a Lenovo 54Y9400 I had sitting around. A good membrane (rubber dome) keyboard widely used in data entry. First few days no issues. Now the real issue is rearing it's ugly head. But what is it? As I understand, rollover is programmed on board, as in keyboard. Yet when a keyswitch contacts bounce past the point of the programming, you clean / replace the switches. Simple, unless the logic board is borked. I've been fixing the double characters prior to this sentence, here is an example: TL;DR example on membrane KB: 1234567890))((.>??MMnNvcxxzASD you get the idea. This is on the Lenovo 544Y9400 membrane keyboard. [Searching] links me to mechanical switches why what and how toos, nothing about when a membrane KB does this, I've looking in /dev for ukbd to no avail, done a short bit of searching for the keyboard controller in Ubuntu, google is helping by assuming I'm working with a MIDI device. And eliminating all other interests several pages in. Thoughts, ideas?/ << nice bounce eh?/
  11. Notice the time, as well as the wireless or 5G indicators
  12. Example which can be verified in the account at TMN:
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