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  1. Another group goes up Sunday Feb 28 https://www.spacex.com/launches/
  2. Third keyboard now bouncing, yes the latest I'm typing on is a membrane, I can fiind nothing on the net about this issue. I suppose the issue could be with all three KBs however unlikely.
  3. This leads me to believe there is active software living on your network that you did not intend to be there. This is where I would start. SCP = Secure Copy Outside of any other programs / scripts on the (sending machine) SCP will allow a transfer to be done at full network speeds. Circumventing "throttling" script, Speaking locally at this point. Putty has an SCP client within https://www.putty.org/ A basic example for usage would be: scp file/location [email protected]:/directory or domain name Vs. IP You shoul
  4. Ubuntu 20.04 Gnome 3.36.8 I've been using a Matias FK302 since release, roughly ten years now, nearly flawless outside of the occasional bounce. Naturally as time goes on this got worse to the point i knew a cleaning / replacement was necessary. So I started the process with keycap soup: Then began opening the switches, they are simplified APLS SKBM clones with Matias tweaks. I've successfully cleaned these switches in the past so I knew what to expect, none the less I "successfully" bent a contact in the first switch opened after a quick clean, I
  5. Notice the time, as well as the wireless or 5G indicators
  6. Example which can be verified in the account at TMN:
  7. Entertain me, have you run scp/large-file to or from local servers, is the throughput what you would expect? I know you know your shit, I’m just trying to get what your explaining I’m my head
  8. I get the throttling issue, ISP's are doing some interesting 'things' since so many are domiciling. Maybe I'm just not getting the other part, if I am understanding, Frontier is infiltrating your internal network. If so, and don't get upset here, why would you not have a hardware layer segregating internal/external networks? I say this since I've seen it first hand years ago, where modems are or were on their own /24, ISP side, by network mistake, I found it. Since that point I have been segregating layers via appliances to the best of my knowledge .
  9. You've not experienced the grief until you're required to use a 2007 MBP that really should not be using el crappiton
  10. Now you have my attention. More info on this statement is mandatory.
  11. @JJinPA, I remember that guide, used it, and thank you for your contributions. Be interesting to see what your original account name is .
  12. @rebrecs It's tin foil 😁 How did you end up resolving your dilemma?
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