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  1. tdawnaz

    Hi TMN folk

    SUPER SUPER late Happy New Year!! 🎉🎉🤗😘 I seem to have missed 2. I’ve become quite reclusive. Just work work work. @CA3LE @Roco @tommie gorman And all
  2. tdawnaz

    The Pet Photos Thread

    Pomeranian?? You sure about that? This cutie looks to me to be Maltese or Shih Tzu or a mix of those two. What a little doll!!
  3. tdawnaz

    PISS-OFF! - the official piss off thread

    this kid is making bank
  4. I've been busy busy busy...had a work accident in April...I'll be back to work in a week or so...been on light duty for 2 months. I can only imagine how much y'all have missed me
  5. tdawnaz

    WTF Google Search!

    Maybe you should write Google @CA3LE Try your icon that is associated with your username here...it's just a little different. I can't do it cuz I don't have chrome
  6. tdawnaz

    Im Back

    Welcome back ??
  7. If I type @CA3LE here at tmn does that alert him to come see? Just curious
  8. tdawnaz

    Ubuntu SmartPhone

    Not available in the USA.
  9. Very nice. Love him. Definitely one of my faves
  10. tdawnaz

    Desktop Screenshots

    oh my gosh reading through this topic was hilarious! Dagger, microwave, justinOhioRR, Cobra, Reno ...that was fun reading.
  11. tdawnaz


    From me and mine to you and yours...
  12. tdawnaz

    Testmy.net on Fire baby

    I just posted it on fb
  13. tdawnaz

    Testmy.net on Fire baby

    Do ya mind if I borrow it muddy??
  14. tdawnaz

    Testmy.net on Fire baby

    I remember this.
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