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  1. granpa

    TMN Member Quote of the Day ;p

    A year later and I have come to the conclusion after 40+ cakes of suet I can grow Birds.
  2. Nothing happening here, I guess everyone's in the pisser.
  3. granpa

    TMN Member Quote of the Day ;p

    And I still can't grow a beard.
  4. granpa

    Windows 8.1 - what say you

    I tried it but then I added 1.9.
  5. granpa

    So I bought a new GPU...

    Nice pics nanobot.......but what does it do????
  6. granpa

    It's that time of the day when......

    Well? Did that clear things up????
  7. granpa

    TMN Member Quote of the Day ;p

    Guess everyone hit their Quota
  8. granpa


    I've been practicing well over 60 years and still people look at me and say "what?"
  9. granpa

    Hi everyone,

    Just checking in to let everyone know I'm still here cold in western NY.
  10. You can't live someone else's life or make them into what you would like. You can only suggest but don't adopt them. Keep a good heart and live your life.
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