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  1. AFAIK, it doesn't do it by some cache in your browser buy by analyzing keywords on your page.
  2. So, you responded to what I said to repeat what I said? I guess I should look in the options to see how to turn off notifications for replies. Edit: Found it!
  3. Ok, here's the thing. You're not likely to find one of the routers that can run these custom firmware packages in the big box store. There is a WRT54GL which runs the linux kernel, but I'm not sure how many of the firmware packages work with that model. As for using it to extend the wireless network--yes, you can. I have my house set up with the two routers as WDS. The problem with this is it effectively cuts your speed down quite a bit because it's exchanging all network traffic between the two routers. However, it still works great and you'll likely be able to max out most home connections with only two routers in a WDS setup.
  4. Start, Run, services.msc See if "DHCP Client" shows as started.
  5. Great. Now show me the wireless drivers download section. I'm not asking you to be sure, I'm trying to help the OP.
  6. There's no problem with the program like that. First things first... you can't even get the drivers directly from Broadcom. I have quite a bit of experience with the Broadcom chips under several different operating systems and manufacturers, and can assure you the program is not "problematic". It merely provides information. Knowing how to use it is the key.
  7. http://ping.inexistent.us/UNKNOWNDEVICES.zip Download that off of my server (you can search around the 'net for the newer version if you don't trust me) and give us the exact details of the model number. It'll have a vendor number and a device number.
  8. Reset the router to factory defaults, see if you can get a connection. Perhaps DHCP is just disabled or maybe the DHCP client on the local PC is disabled.
  9. Vista should be able to use IP6 right out of the box. However, it uses Teredo, and really sucks. I don't think Road Runner offers native IP6, so you're stuck with what you've got right now (Teredo). Start, run, cmd ping -6 orange.kame.net
  10. That, or there was really nothing wrong, and a "untechy" person is fooled by programs like Ad-Aware that claims these "tracking cookies" are spyware. My dad also runs Ad-Aware quite often and always wonders how he gets so much spyware on there, thinking somebody must be doing something wrong.
  11. VLC may have taken association with .bin files, but it doesn't mean that it's the only program that uses these types of files. Bin stands for binary. Your router's web interface will allow you to upload this binary package. Don't open it or try to or burn it to a cd or do anything except upload it to the router. The firmware download page likely had instructions.
  12. Upload is likely slow because it's Rev 0. Glad my thread turned into what I was absolutely trying to avoid.
  13. 15" is still 15" no matter how you swing it. And higher resolution isn't "higher-end". And what's so different about desktop monitors and laptop monitors? Basically, the monitor is the workspace, yes? Let's compare it to an old fashioned workspace--a desk (gasp!). 4 feet wide, 3 feet deep. If I make things on my desk smaller, I can fit more things on it. Say a folder is 1'x1'. I can fit 12 folders on my desk. If I make my folders smaller (6"x6") do I have more space? Sure, but it doesn't make a 6"x6" folder "high-end". With that logic, I can make my folders 3"x3" and be top-of-the-line. Sure, I can't read the folder. I can't even read what the tab says nor flip the pages in it, but I have more space. Higher-end doesn't in any way mean higher resolution. Resolution should match the users' needs. Someone who struggles to read would love a 19" at 1024x768 while I'm perfectly fine with 15.4"w at 1280x800.
  14. It's not that. Certain HA's use some sort of compression. I did make that point in my original post and asked not to post them, but I guess that was "overlooked".
  15. I've always liked the 300C. Beautiful car. The only problem is (and really the only reason I wouldn't buy one if I could afford to) that it's manufactured by Chrysler. But I must admit, it's got style.
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