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  1. water

    TMN Official IRC Join Us!

    I'll have you call me tomorrow and I will explain it to you sweetie
  2. water

    TMN Official IRC Join Us!

  3. water

    Why I hate religion but love Jesus

    I am not trying to incite, but yet a question... Doesn't religion encourage conformity among the masses? If so I think that is bad. Just my opinion but if we all have the same beliefs, that would most certainly make the world a very boring place. Example: You: Jesus is the word! Me: Yes, yes he is! Him: Indeed! Her: And the weather he provides is lovely. You: Yes, it's very sunny today. Me: and that must be as he wishes. Him: He surely wouldn't want us to get wet by rain. Her: God's Will is great! Good lord! What a true boredom that woud be!
  4. water

    Why I hate religion but love Jesus

    religion is good, "man's" use of it is not.
  5. water

    Does my ass look big in this ?

    It would look better in red
  6. water

    Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson

    You will love it muddy.
  7. water

    Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson

    Well it's the book, not the "apple" stuff that's important. It's completely enthralling how his life turned out. He was amazing. There aren't a lot of stories out there that make me go "huh!" but this is one of them. I read it in a day and I can't stop remembering stuff that was in it, how he developed personally over his lifetime, his work ethic, the way he felt about the consumer enjoyment and use of his products. Yeah: there was a lot about him that wasn't appealing, but that makes it even more compelling as a story. He wanted everything he stood for to be perfect. He pushed and pushed until it was and he made truly amazing products, ahead of their time and he made them right. I really admire that.
  8. I just finished this biography and WOW. He was absolutely fascinating. Anyone else read this? I love my IPOD. I've had it for 2 years now and almost never take it off.
  9. water


    I have fallen in love with the band "Brand New". The album "The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me" just blows my mind. especially the song"They Won't Know". Also: Jon Heintz: Rain, and Christopher Blue: Tragikarian are awesome songs.
  10. water

    New Year

    Back at all of you! Happy New Year!
  11. water

    Just for tdawnaz

    *huffs* well....
  12. *claps* I think you need to be less judgmental. and learn to understand that everyone has limits... no matter who they are. We can only be as good as we can be!
  13. water

    skype usage

    I used to use it when I co-owned the radio station but now even the seeing the the word leaves a bad taste in my mouth... icky memories, ya know?
  14. water

    What is it?

    NCIS, too many to list, PC new sig is cool...
  15. water


    Happy Birthday! Hey, maybe your daughter will be born today and you can have the same birthday!
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