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    So goth: I don't paint my nails black, I hit 'em with a hammer and wait 30 minutes!
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    MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, he's pushing me!

    O.M.G: If I don't answer the phone, take the hint! AND if I don't answer the door, take the hint more!

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  1. I'll have you call me tomorrow and I will explain it to you sweetie
  2. Back at all of you! Happy New Year!
  3. I used to use it when I co-owned the radio station but now even the seeing the the word leaves a bad taste in my mouth... icky memories, ya know?
  4. Happy Birthday! Hey, maybe your daughter will be born today and you can have the same birthday!
  5. A Speedy Journey to you Steve Jobs. You helped to change the world.
  6. *grins and giggles* That's great!
  7. Woohoo! Milky Way's for everyone! Give one to Tommie Alucard! *holds the bag tight to her chest, refusing to share her own*
  8. Yeah, but C still isn't naked on the home page and I LOVE your avatar!
  9. can I have a milky way? Please? I'm hungry!
  10. Whatever C, just because one person can't buy tampax in a timely manner is no reason to change an entire board (@ Cable)N00B!
  11. You are SO spanked! Bad boy! BAD boy!
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