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  1. Since moving half way across the country recently, i've been busy lately but here is my new connection from florida. keep in mind its cable net but i do live in a damn forest lol. literally!
  2. mine didnt do that exactly, but after a windows 10 install, i did have to reinstall my graphics card drivers. although something about windows 10 also randomly disconnects my usb devices sometimes until i reboot. edit/ i had to reinstall drivers because my monitor wouldnt identify so i had no display about 50% of the time.
  3. yeah, i definitely am proud of this power supply. i just wish it were compatible with the newer models. but i'm one of those kind of people where i find a brand of something i have a good experience with and dont typically ever buy any other brands. so far corsair, EVGA, LiteOn, and Razer all are brands i wouldnt hesitate to purchase.
  4. i know i spent all day trying to figure out what went wrong and when i finally realized i felt like i should have noticed at first. as long as it works, right?
  5. after spending all day trying different switches, wires, psu's, in all configurations, even so much as just doing a paperclip method to jump the system on, i figured out the answer as of like 2 minutes after posting this thread. my daughter was horsing around earlier and ended up too close to my desk today (my pc is in the living room) and she knocked a front usb wire out. i knew the usb hub was dead after that just by looking at it. accidents happen and so i came to power my pc on to double check everything and got no signal what so ever. my first step was to unplug the front usb hub from the motherboard thinking ok, maybe thats the problem, to no avail. ended up with a new power switch, new psu, running nothing but power to a fan on the board, resetting cmos, i have dual bios, so i pulled batteries, etc. and nothing worked. soon as i just unplugged the front audio jack (which is a completely seperate setup from the usb hub) i got some power, so i reset my bios, and next thing i know its working fine. must have been a full shut down to prevent problems, or something, im not sure what exactly. sorry to waste time of everyone reading this, but isnt that how it always goes? you finally ask some advice and when someone goes to answer it the problem is gone. haha. good god, i hate technology sometimes.
  6. i have a desktop that is around 5 years old, worked fine until today. it doesnt even get power to spin the power supply fan up when i hit the power button, but if i unplug everything and stick it in a different system it works fine. so i'm guessing its the motherboard that died on me somehow, its just weird that the unit wont spin its own fan at all in my desktop but runs flawlessly in a different tower. now if it is the motherboard that is the issue, i cant seem to find a board that will fit my current cpu cooler as the socket type isnt exactly current. its a socket 1155 for a i7 3770k cpu. the cooler is a thermaltake frio ock, and this thing is huge. so while looking for a new motherboard i cant seem to find one that has the space i need for the cooler to not interfere with the ram slots or anything else on the board. any ideas are welcome, even as far as i need to get a new cooler lol. specs for my desktop are as follows motherboard- gigabyte z77x-d3h cpu- core i7 3770k psu- corsair ax850 (currently not manufactured anymore, its replaced by the ax 860) gpu- ati 7970 ghz edition 8gb kingston low profile ram ddr3 1600 one samsung evo 840 ssd and one 1tb 7200 and the case is definitely way over sized so no need to worry about space for anything as a whole, just the motherboard being arranged so that the cooler wont overhang on slots i need to use. case is a haf-x full tower. thanks
  7. that's strange, i've never heard of that. have you had any other weird things like that? i noticed recently i turned my desktop on and the narrator was on and wouldnt shut the hell up. i had to reboot again to get it turned off.
  8. i've noticed quite a few things screw up with my desktop install, now the xbox one update on the other hand....thats works extremely well. lol, guess it should have been a console/mobile release
  9. it could be the p2p stuff set up by default??
  10. the only things i've noticed about windows 10 is i had to disable the Wifi sense and the peer to peer updating system, among a few other intrusive things. but as a whole it runs smoother than i had planned on for sure. i've been using edge but there is something about it that i dont like, i just havent loaded a new browser yet. i am curious though, do you have a 5.1 speaker set up? i do and for some reason it wont recognize the rear pair.
  11. weird thing about the re arm deal. i've reinstalled windows 7 numerous times and never had to mess with anything. it has always accepted my key. and i've used windows 7 since RC1 lol. needless to say my tinkering with stuff usually leads me to a format.
  12. the whole "windows as a service' im pretty sure is what they are going for. they even talked about some kind of subscription model. that would be a huge money maker as people would just say "oh you want more money and it means i dont have to learn a new OS, sure". then again most of the time if i help someone with a pc problem they describe it as "yeah my version of windows is Dell". or something similar. so i get what you guys are saying about the lazy public. cloud storage is complete BS, sure its a server you send things to to save data, but with the cloud name its a brand new exciting thing that people want to use to store everything. personally i dont feel that way and have opted out of as much of this "every device connected as one" mentality as i could, but it never ends. only getting worse as far as i can tell. as far as having an OS disc, or at least an ISO i can download, i still cant figure out if they will offer that or not without trying to get behind a pay wall, but more than likely thats how it will be. it is designed to get the most money from the average consumer because they are too stubborn or lazy to learn how a computer actually works. im no expert myself, very very far from it, but i at least try to research and learn as much as i can, not just say "take my money!!!". also, the 5 rearm thing has been here all along? i've never encountered this myself, good to know though. just in case of future problems.
  13. absolutely. If this were a few years ago before i invested so much money in a desktop i would have jumped on the test builds already as a primary OS just to see if i could break it and have fun on it. but now im not even sure i want to upgrade to win 10 for a while. dont get me wrong it feels/looks awesome but i have two main concerns about the "upgrade program" offered. 1, say someone installs win 10 through the upgrade, how do you format since you dont have an actual OS disc? sure you can make back up discs from a fresh install or you could hit the "refresh" button to supposedly format from within the operating system (which doesnt sound like a full format job). 2, say my hard drive crashes and i need to have media to install onto a new SSD or HDD, what do i do then? am i SOL and JWF? or what if the fresh release borks something i cant fix without an install disc to start from scratch? im pretty sure there will be an ISO to download from microsoft, but still...what happened to the days of having a disc onhand? plus i was reading some info posted by microsoft support and it was noted that you have approximately 5 rearms with your activation key then you may need to call technical support after that. ...why?? just to rub it in a bit more, the way the upgrade works is the genuine key you use for windows 7/8.1 is auto keyed in the ISO you are using to upgrade with and your whole account syncs with the cloud by default....seems to me that i want my privacy and i want to default have that BS off by default not on. dont get me wrong i want to like windows 10, but the more i read about it and the more i read the fine print i have to stop and think to myself about getting back into linux distros and try out OpenSuse again haha.
  14. Have any of you noticed this? its the little windows 10 logo in the task bar basically saying "reserve your windows 10 upgrade now". I went ahead and reserved it just because why not its a free deal. but who here is actually going to upgrade day one? i read into this little "app" and it basically preloads the install for Win 10 on release day so you can just do an upgrade. personally i want a windows 10 Disc so i can choose when to install it and make sure i do a fresh install myself. what are your guys' thoughts on this?
  15. 70 a month, not really any other ISP to choose from where i live lol.
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