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  1. ybnrmalatall

    Desktop Screenshots

    Desktop environments never really change how they look. It's the skin the repos stick on it. I assumed Kubuntu would look a little more like Lubuntu in style but whoah it's gross.
  2. ybnrmalatall

    my internet

    *whispers* I don't think she's coming back... /whisper
  3. ybnrmalatall

    Desktop Screenshots

    Then just slap a theme on it. Gnomelook has them. It's gtk2 so it looks like anything gtk2. The flat doesn't bother me. What does is the panel being so huge especially when the task selector in the old style, non-stacking with text. A task selector like that only warrants at 23 pixel panel for me. The KDE menu is just gross. I also dislike the "IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW THIS IS YOUR DESKTOP, desktop tab. lol. Along with the thing that makes the panel look like a cardboard cutout on the way right. On top of all that it looks like it has a not-fully transparent film over everything. I like the back and fourth arrows in the file manager? lol Although I could never bring myself to like Dolphin ever. On top of everything said, I dislike qt too. I just noticed it was Kubuntu, is that Kubuntu's stock look?
  4. ybnrmalatall

    Desktop Screenshots

    KDE5 isn't 5 but just "plasma 5", right? I really don't see much of a difference... It still has that overuse of shadows, the popped out, plastic cheap look brought on by the what looks like an almost-transparent film over every panel. Goes for almost every custom theme too because they like that cheap look I guess. Windows 7 at stock was gross too but at least 10 is flat and minimal-ish. I'm still traumatized by the minimize/expand/close button stigma 7 and I guess vista were stuck with. Made it hell for people use wanted to use a custom "basic" theme without aero, since it would stick you with the blue title bar, gross buttons and were unchangeable. lol How horribly unstable the DE is, it's a wonder people make flavors for their distros based on it. Some even use it as stock. If you want that "Debian" feel and would like to kill a shit ton of ram, just install Mate... It lets you do more and it's still gnome. If you are up for it the Debian wiki even shows you how to purge Gnome properly https://wiki.debian.org/Mate ahahahahaha If you use Gnome extras a lot, install the extras package of MATE. Trust me it's better. I just noticed the pattern. If you If you If you... lol
  5. ybnrmalatall

    Just dropped in to say Hi from the UK

    Most 'Murikans keep shit it the fridge and keep the lights up well into January. lol
  6. ybnrmalatall

    OpenSuse => OpenVPN

    That* is anything with systemd universally. xD *edit
  7. ybnrmalatall

    Desktop Screenshots

    XFCE I keep coming back to because it's stable and has a lot of options to minimize it while getting what you want out of it. LXDE is really nice but also a pain in the ass. It's very modular when it comes to the window manager, though... I say a pain mostly because I've had issues with the menus. Like it would be calling to a menu that is hidden somewhere way out of character while I'm trying to update the menu with the default menu file. It's very UNstable in that respect. It also hates compiz lol. I like to use compiz for the vsync and window movement options. Like the F11 for universal fullscreen or dragging to the left halfs the window or dragging to the top fullscreens it. I like that. I hate compiz as a standalone window manager but I like it with it's sister "Emerald". Very nice. Am I like the only person in the world who finds KDE an ugly mess of crap? Forget how much RAM the fatty consumes at friggin' idle, like no matter the theme you use it always has that gleam an ugly duckling couldn't shake. NO matter how much make-up it puts on, I couldn't look at it in a positive light. lol... I also come back to MATE a lot. I wish the people who forked gnome 2 would just fix all the issues gnome 2 had, like the way it's annoying to customize, the specifics you need to acquire to customize your menu button icon, ect. I can't help but love the multiple menu'd classic gnome menu! MMCGM is what I call it! lolol... I really like Waylands outlook on the whole vblank issues in x11. So I have been keeping an eye on the up and coming Desktop Environments that use it natively. Hawaii DE is really ugly to me but I wouldn't mind messing with the source to suit me if it succeeds properly. In the end--in true Linux-user fashion--I hate all desktop environments. They are all shit and screw up somewhere. Customization, the output it uses, the menus, the resources it hogs, the file manager it forces you to use unless you want to deal with update panics WHEN WE ALL KNOW NAUTILUS IS SHIT AND NEMO WOULD REPLACE IT JUST FINE YOU STUPID DEVELOPERS. *ahem* So I just fuck with them all and try not to think about it because then this rant replays over and over in my head. No, I do enjoy one to a certain degree. That is MATE in Linux Mint. They do it right and the specific fixes and usability patches actually help it a lot. The only problem is that I cannot stand to be on an outdated Debian based distro to even bother. I did for a while run Sid that registered as Linux Mint Debian. Which was cool but in the end was more annoying than using Sid alone. Plus Sid has the worst repository I have ever even attempted to use in my life. Debian Ports are always broken too. Wait, this was supposed to be over... Sorry. /Rant
  8. ybnrmalatall

    Desktop Screenshots

    Guess I should post my Windows 10? Only use it when gaming. Linux is my main but here ya go. I opened the start menu because Windows 10 start menu sucks and I wanted to show how nice Classic Shell is. You can add custom links in it on the right panel and everything. lol. Games ACTUALLY opens my C:\Games folder. The funny thing is that I hate gnome 3 to the core but that is actually a default gnome 3 wallpaper. ahaha At least they did one thing right.
  9. I removed everything since it seems to have fixed itself... What a world. Edit: Hey guys, been awhile.
  10. ybnrmalatall

    Aol speed keeps dropping and disconnecting

    aol still exists? that name carries so much junk mail nostalgia ಥ_ಥ (from aol itself of course) remember those free aol cd's you would get in your snail mail? I think I used to collect mine and when I got enough I would shove them in some random persons mailbox they would open it and it would be a waterfall of aol lol
  11. look, I am fine with google+ and how it is but any noob with that much power could create something so much more versatile and enjoyable and addicting +1 is a good concept and I really like the idea but the way google half assed it and is trying to force it upon everyone makes it nothing but a disease I think I would use google+ as a only social network as it could have no ties to anything and not be held back by anything and at the same time tie every other site to it dragging it along but man they really are sloppy good for nothings at this point. there are 4 things that a social network needs to be a true good experience. (friends, customization, a homepage, and easy navigation) google+ fucks every one of those up, end of story lol
  12. ybnrmalatall


    awh shit I missed it lol happy belated birthday man.
  13. I wish all this "paying up" would eventually somehow lead to google+ dying just as hard as msn
  14. ybnrmalatall


    I watch them when people I follow on twitter post them but I don't use it personally
  15. ybnrmalatall

    New guy here, new help!

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