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  1. Issue still on going now escalated to ombudsman.
  2. AOL site says response within 5 days but still no response sent another letter this time with a deadline of 5 days response before escalating to the ombudsman.
  3. AOL site says response within 5 working days still had no response from CEO Team. will send another letter.
  4. written complain sent to CEO team issue still not resolved
  5. Aol now calling back when promised. line test completes but with errors still waiting for an update from the Networking Team (I am told nothing can be done until AOL get an update from the networking team (BT))
  6. missed the call from AOL called back and was told issue has been resolved by the engineering team and all investigations have now been completed line is now stable and hasn't dropped in 24 hours. speed issues should now be resolved I am told to monitor the line and call back if I face the same issue., unfortunately still facing the same issue decided to call back 3 hours later this time I am told the call is still with the Networking team and still waiting for an update. A note has been added to the call for the networking team and will need to wait till Wednesday 1st for an update promised
  7. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas mine was spoiled by AOL. Issue still ongoing daily calls and false call back promises still taking place received a text message on Christmas day "We tried to contact you by telephone and try to discuss your recent complaint, Unfortunately we have been unable to speak to you. If we do not hear from you within 5 working days, we will assume that everything has been resolved and therefore close your complaint down on our records" no attempt made to contact me. call still with networking team (since 13th December) and no updates from them. yet .
  8. Issue still not resolved back to square one constant disconnections and slow speeds looks like daily calls to AOL once again. .
  9. AOL bought out by Talk talk they don't like using the AOL name anymore. Got a call from AOL issue found in the exchange it has now been resolved been told wait 48 to 72 hours for the line to get stable again.
  10. I have been monitoring the situation for exactly a month had no sync disconnections average line sync of 10448 KBits/s speeds of 6mb. but unfortunately my speed issue has now returned again yesterday internet speeds just drops randomly to around 100 KBits/s.with the sync at 10448 KBits/s currently router reads (Disconnected 20 mins ago) Connection Status DSL synchronization status Up DSL up time 00:20:24 Line Status Upstream line rate (kbit/s) 440 Downstream line rate (kbit/s) 10448 Line standard ADSL2+ Channel type Interleaved Upstream SNR (dB) 20.8 Downstream SNR (dB) 2.4 Upstr
  11. Had the visit today and my luck no rain when the engineer came. The line test passed as expected. I explained the situation and was told not much can be done if no fault is detected on the tests. After I showed him the results from the DMT tool He spoke to someone over the phone (said the people between Openreach and ISP) and made some changes and said the current download speed set was higher than what the line can handle I will need to wait 48 hours for the line to adapt to the changes and this should minimise the errors. He then went to do some checks at the exchange and I didn’t hear back.
  12. after contacting AOL spending several hours on the phone daily, they are now sending out a BT SFI (Special faults investigation) engineer date still to be confirmed.. I shall keep you guys posted with what happens. Has anyone had any experience with them? Tried google but noticed it’s a money making scheme where they try charging for anything possible even if issues are with the line. .... But the best reviews are from the customers so if anyone has had any experience please can you share them.
  13. Thanks for your reply and appolagies fo late response AOL / Talktalk use the Huawei Echolife HG532 which isn't supported by the DMT Tool. I managed to dig up my old Thomson router which was supported by V7. this is the results Number of resets : 2 Errors Received FEC : 2690983 Received CRC : 1660 Received HEC : 1470 Transmitted FEC : 373202 Transmitted CRC : 52016 Transmitted HEC : 4456 Near end failures since reset Loss of frame : 0 failures
  14. HI Sorry if this has already been suggested but I couldn't find it in the forum. I think the results can really make an impact if it was possible to send the data to the ISP so when ever the end users have slow speed issues the full report from the auto test or better still an option to select which result you wish to send. If this can be sent back to the ISP thiscan help ISP's pushing customers around as the result is not only logged on your servers but they can also see what is happening. My ISP keeps telling me to use internet-speedtest.net to submit the result but being a flash based
  15. Had a thunder stom no connection but connection came back during call as usual wait 48 hours. This time been told BT should be in touch within 48hours if they don’t then AOL will follow up the call. I was charged £50 for an engineer’s visit despite having no fault within my property and being told will not be charged for the visit, manager confirmed invalid charge and refunded back I also spoke to a Customer services manager as I am told contradicting information by the reps on the phone. Inconsistent info regarding reasons for call closures. Inconsistent info regarding contact SMS w
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