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  1. Roco

    The ODD worldwide News

    some UK news,WTF is going on in the UK , our divorce from Europe has split us more our less 50/50 , while hate murders are now a higher % than New YorkUSA, although we have no gun legal ownership , but knife murder is rampart . just glad I wised up and moved out of our capital city “ London “ and went rural 4 years back , even the village FTTC is a usable 75 / 18Mbps ping 6ms from my 10 mile overhead wire connection to my BT centre and yes Testmy net is still my #1 test site , thanks Ca3le
  2. Yeah still around , just waiting for the resurrection , or any sort of re-erection ,seems like the old pic's are long gone , so manyyears later my latest pic
  3. Roco

    Any 4x4 or Jeep Enthusiast here?

    Hi, we don’t have the deserts but certainly the Mud more suitable for light cars with small engines 600cc = 37 cubic inches https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNahZqEZ7oc or for road fun , same 37 cub engines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziyzsN8-6C4 Best regards... Roco Europe BTW the UK is joining Europe in stopping manufacture and sales of Diesel & petrol cars by 2040 ( 23 years ) guess my descendants will have to get their fun Electric ,
  4. Roco

    Where Do You Live?

    . a rave from the past Longcross , Runnymede UK. green area of much rain ,trees and horses. also The Magna Carta in 1215 = “All Men are born Free of bondage” etc , (apart from taxes lol ) indeed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YVAmZBGdXw still valid into today’s tech age, sadly nothing changes ,
  5. Roco

    Hi TMN folk

    My internet has a problem lol , my ISP is BT , (Brit Telecom )
  6. Roco

    Hi TMN folk

    don't post much these days I have regressed back into historic cars , and letting computer tech past me by in the fast lane , indeed going back to my roots inn my old age but logged in to say Happy Peaceful NEW YEAR in 2017 it's already arrived in the UK ,
  7. Just to add my tuppence worth , https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/tuppence_worth Now the day has arrived , thought I would share my thoughts that I sent in Email to a good long term Friend across the pond , looks like it will be a close result , which is bad news , same as our Brexit vote "Leave" won by a 1.85 % majority of folk that voted , it divided folk almost 50/50, and the row is still going on , we now have unrest on the streets and I figure violence will be next , it's taboo to ask a Brit how they voted , it carries a risk of getting a punch in the face , which is very unlike the normally placid Brits , this is going to last another 3-4 years , while the country has lost sight of making Britain Great again , fear the same may happen to America , meanwhile Putin is LHAO while watching from the wings , ww 3? doubt it , why bother when your opponents are staging a comedy on stage , Just my take on things , hopefully I will be proved wrong on that , indeed this world needs some stability at the moment , who will provide it is yet to be seen , but IMHO that red Bear is going to take some caging , Best Regards USA Roco.. (temp resident UK )
  8. · Women fighters will share rooms with male Royal Marines commandos · Head of the navy said that the move would boost 'team cohesion' Admiral Lord West, former head of the navy, said: 'Hot blooded men and women want to have sex so inevitably there will be the on odd incident. but when they are going off to do their Tarzan course, the last thing that will be on their mind will be sex. If they are going to be part of the Royal Marines, then sharing a room makes sense.' A Royal Navy spokesman said: 'We continue to consider the policy to determine whether women could be accommodated in the same rooms as men, which includes ways of segregating areas to maintain privacy. No decision has yet been made.' -------------------------------- Holly mackerel , makes me wish I was young enough to sign up again, being Tarzan fit back then I could have chewed my way through a partition wall in seconds , indeed me Tarzan I will call you woman Jane .
  9. Roco

    2016 Primary

    Hi guys , I do still exist and look in occasionally and test , ( with the help of of medical science and my Brit telecom.com FTTC , lol ( Brit humour ) but noticed I lost my “ news anchor title !, maybe because I haven’t posted any European news for years , so OK here goes , totally lost on your new presidential elections , over here we voted to leave the European Union , our prime mister resigned , our beloved Queen ( 90 ) said stay calm ,, we followed our true leader and did , now we have our seconded ever female Prime Minister ,all within 3 weeks heck I have no problem with that , lets be honest males can do the walk and talk , and nothing more IMHO got the feeling my American cousins will get a female president , well maybe then our special relationship will blossom again , even if it’s only talks about shoes and handbags,
  10. Roco

    2016 Primary

    from ancient memory wasn't all American settlers from the UK, convicts or am I mixing it with Australia ? truly never took up my choice to vote in the uk , heck it pays off , some folk say posh gitI, suppose you voted for XXX I can say honestly I didn't,. politics trouble me zilch , ( never met one that wasn't' in it for his or her own gain , but world movements bother me , indeed Americas freedom , is to be admired , but why do folk need to carry a fire arm , you have ever faced invasion ,? moving on Obama love him or hate , has keep world peace , and that's fragile at best , hence my post on choose wisely , nothing more to be read into that, I only follow world news from a investment angle, the latest is America is heading for a down turn by 2017, so pull your money out now, and Britain voting to leave the brotherhood of Europe it will add to our woes , might just pull my money out and spend it in the local cat house
  11. Roco

    2016 Primary

    Hi,Guys & Tommie, as you know as a refugee from WW2 I grew up with American kids from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camp_Griffiss , even today I stand proudly behind USA flag, but beginning to worry about the choice of your next president , a quick poll of local UK folk they are saying " oh , that’s Homer Trumph , what do you expect they had a President that had no ability apart from being a movie star meanwhile back at home in UK , we are having a vote on on leaving the European Union,within 30 days , the usual for and against crap is being reeled out by leaders ? that have a financial interests , I shan’t be voting as after 55 years I am still an alien in the UK , ( long story) almost book length)_ But just posting to say Please guys vote wisely, this world needs a strong president/leader.
  12. Roco

    Desktop Screenshots

    Yeah, dear AMY an old ball , saw her early death on the horizon , and changed my ways Not my music , I prefer to laugh at life, so far doing OK with the stand up comedians ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCMWIBhKvi8 indeed my life today …..thankfully
  13. Roco

    Desktop Screenshots

    As cable said “these threads always get hella populated... everyone loves to show off Yeah I have 2, desk monitors the 2nd for various crap posts from www forums I usually ignore ,until a Brit gets an mention ,dear Amy had a dream to, far and paid the price Indeed muddy find your own heroine , maybe for desk top try Hilary Clinton or for a joker wild card Trump p.s my vote goes to Putin , lest he can take his shirt of and ride a stallion ,maybe if Hillary did the same Europe might take some interest, only joshing still trying to find my way out of TMN , so far > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puHoadtIivc best regards all from a Channel islander , indeed TMN is Number 1 for speed Tests Regards Roco …. sort of UK temp resident ,
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