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  1. I have had it for just over a week, there is many people on it now running the beta testing. Setup is simple, as long as you use the app to look for obstructions, mine is facing NE if that helps anyone. It is fast, I have seen speeds on fast around 220 Mbps and recently on here in the 120s. As they as more satellites and more up-link stations things will get better. Right now I am seeing some 25 - 30 ms ping times, quite amazing for the trip it has to make. The dish is heated so snow and ice melt right off of it, I hope to see how the speeds are during heavy storms.
  2. I gave up waiting on Cable or Fiber in my area, had DSL for many years but Frontier never did any upgrades with a less than 6 Mbps speed. Now I am on the Starlink Beta program and this is certainly going to be an option for you!
  3. Just an update on my service, apparently the guy I was dealing with originally was not worth a crap, I talked to his boss who did identify an issue. Within 3 weeks, he had the old Verizon equipment ripped out of the wirehouse and dslam, put in new IP based hardware and boom, my service is back to the way it used to be. As for the lawsuit, nothing new on it so far, the courts love to drag their feet on issues like this, all while Frontier are fighting to get it thrown out again.
  4. Thread is not dead, just nothing new to report on. Awaiting on the courts to move their slow butts, awaiting on some needed action.
  5. So some good news on this, I received an email from the Lawyers in this case. If you do not know, Frontier apparently put in the "Paper bills" that we must use Frontiers lawyers if we wish to sue them. Now most of us are paperless and would never have seen or even heard about this, the clause as it has been explained to me is kinda amusing, because if you read it right, it would have said something like "if you do not agree to the arbitration clause, do not pay this bill".. that is also a loose quote. So the good news as mentioned above.. Frontiers move to dismiss this has been
  6. I have heard of them doing this to people on Frontier..... Frontier are the SCUM of the earth, you can tell them that from me.
  7. Time of day also matters, I noticed in your speed results you have been hitting 33Mbps high and low as 1Mbps, you're on cable, so I would call about congestion issues. Trouble with cable is, you share a pipe with everyone for miles, when it gets loaded up, you slow down.
  8. Speedtest.net is not a reliable test, it is java based for a start and uses multiple sites to pull data from. Testmy.net only uses a single point for its data and does not use java. What are you referring to when you say ping? you can't test ping using a speed test here.
  9. Cloud storage, well it's not good for everyone. People with slow internet is one type, people that do not want their stuff stored on a shared server is another. Me, I fit into both categories... yuk, no thank you.
  10. People really are dumbing down, I think something is in the water. People are lazy, ignorant and just don't give a crap anymore. lol
  11. Yeah, Multithread was the terminology I was seeking. unfortunately, for me they are the only game in town. Frontier come in and trash what was once a good service, there has been reports they do this so they can cut back on bandwidth, just to lower their costs. I can get Comcast if I want it, but I can't justify spending $20,000.00 on 500ft of wire. So I am stuck, they have told me they are going to monitor my connections. Right now, my wife is streaming netflix, she is pulling between 4 to 5Mbps. I presume it is a multithreaded connection, if I do a test on this site, it is down t
  12. Exactly what I was thinking, in a sense anyway. They do deny doing this, but I would expect nothing less. Either he knows or he is ignorant to the facts. Either way, they need to fix the issues and not put a bandaid on them. Just amusing and frustrating at the same time, with the BS they try to feed me. I am not that stupid, I know what they are doing.
  13. Yeah I have ran them before without finding anything credible. It seems that port 80 traffic is slower than anything else, Glasnost is only looking at one form of traffic and has nothing to compare with. Peer 2 Peer is what I believe "Multi-Homed" if that is the correct terminology, which is why I can peak out my bandwidth. Something happened, got changed by my ISP to stop this happening on port 80. I used to peak on port 80 using the speed tests on this site, I can no longer do that. As mentioned, my ISP have done something, maybe not traffic shaping as we know it, but they are not
  14. Wow, that is some nice speed. Never move to the USA, our speeds suck. We are what I like to call, modern day dialup speeds.
  15. In all seriousness, if you fall for that BS, well maybe you should send them all your personal information. lol
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