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  1. boywonder

    Account suspend for non payment

    Thanks everyone for their advece. Apparently they said they sent a letter out that it was due on the 6th. Again the one and only one I received said the 14th. I followed CA3LE's advice and called back (after I slept on it
  2. So get this... I've been in the hospital the last 3 days, quarantined for what they thought may have been TB. Released back to normalcy today the 12th, returned home this evening to find my modem DSL light flashing. I went through the power off / reboot and then on to a 30/30/30 reset steps and could not connect. Called support, and was told that my account was suspended for non payment
  3. boywonder

    7550 Telnet

    Sweet! So we know we can retrieve those speeds. FWIW ... If I were you I'd run through the pass change and modem 30/30/30 reset one more time during non peak hours. Yeah I have pretty much given up on opening telnet on that modem I may start looking at other modems options other than Frontiers branded one if that is they allow it.
  4. boywonder

    7550 Telnet

    Interesting enough that if they would throttle anything it would be torrents not so much HTTP. I'm actually shocked that CA3LE has not implemented a throttle detection script yet If you want to be certain, check out this one at http://broadband.mpi-sws.org/transparency/glasnost.php. If they are indeed then would going through a good VPN service help?
  5. boywonder

    I have over 50mbps coming from my modium.

    I wish I could Only thing "smart" about my TV is my laptop plugs into it. Best resource for such would be XDA Dev though.
  6. boywonder

    7550 Telnet

    That's a big difference I assume you have gone through the usual checks so give this a try, go to https://security.frontier.com/acctedit/log into your account and change your email password, this will also change your PPP pass as well. Once changed do a 30/30/30 (important) reset on the modem and run the setup process over with your new pass. I did this after my speeds dropped and saw a 30% speed increase. Have you tried connecting directly to your NID?
  7. boywonder

    7550 Telnet

    It's actually quite easy on most modems / custom firmwares and is nothing new. As you assumed... There is nothing wrong with my wiring. My modem is direct connected into the NID with a 6' line. There is but only 1 phone jack in the entire house that was installed specifically for the internet. That of which I since re-routed to remove any chance of inerference. We do not have a land line. While I haven't dived into the line length yet.. I am lucky to have DSL out here, and have been capped at 3 down with no chance of upgrading, and get close to that during off peak hours. A tweak is a tweak, and when combined together even if you can squeeze minute amount it adds up. While my SNR is actually acceptable for me I still would like to adjust what I can.
  8. boywonder

    I have over 50mbps coming from my modium.

    Actually, since you may gain root and install busybox on a Smart Tv.. it should be possible.
  9. boywonder

    * Performance Tuning and Services *

    Oh what memories... Is ROM and Cholla MIA?
  10. boywonder

    7550 Telnet

    Hi Conuck, That's to log into my admin interface. I'm actually trying to open a cmd prompt and telnet the 7550 router and adjust my SNR. It may not be possible with this router as Frontier may have it blocked, but for the love of tweaking have to try.
  11. boywonder

    7550 Telnet

    Hi guys, Long time I need to know how to open a telnet session on the Westell/ Netgear 7550 Frontier modem. Everything I tried has came to a dead end. Thanks!
  12. boywonder

    Verizon Can...

    Dig up my entire front yard along the side of the road and bury wires, that will be used for Fios internet to the school directly across from me. ( All without my knowledge and consent) Just woke up one day and bam there this big a$$ digging machine in my yard . However when I call and call they claim I cannot get Fios or any other type of high speed internet other than the crappy Wildblue I'm currently on. Now whats wrong with that picture? I mean the cables are ran literally 30 -40 feet in front of my door step.
  13. boywonder

    Testing the Bandwidth on my XBOX 360 connection

    Try this http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1091391&p=2#r34 You will also need to pick up an copy of http://www.paessler.com/prtg
  14. boywonder

    Best Firewall for an satellite connection!

    Thanks you two. I sure feel much better about the situation now
  15. boywonder

    Best Firewall for an satellite connection!

    Either way, so is my computer still stealth even though those sites report not?
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