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  1. The Pirate Bay Back Online Thomas Mennecke True to its defiant nature, The Pirate Bay is again indexing many of the same .torrent files that made it wildly popular. News of The Pirate Bay's resurrection comes as little surprise. The Pirate Bay spokesperson "brokep" promised Slyck.com the site would resolve under a different country's flag if an immediate resolution could not be reached in Sweden.
  2. OMG ~ first it's your love affair with spiders ~ now it's your eyesight!
  3. I think these Ads showing up in OUR siggys SUX ~ unless your going to share the royalties with whom's sig it appears in. I thought one of the "rules" were not to advertise commercial sites in your signatures!! ~ what's up with that now!
  4. ROM-DOS

    Please Vote!

    lol ~ I meant that in a secret sorta way ~ I can't even imagine what it would feel if I were in a forum of all females? {well, maybe I could ~ but I wouldn't want to hang there for long (maybe)}
  5. . . .but we can still post in the nude, can't we ~ lol
  6. ROM-DOS

    Please Vote!

    tommie ~ I'll bet you anything we'll never see 17 females in here! ~ lol I doubt we'll ever see more than 3 and that's pushing it. . . .besides, the two we have more than make up for the babes we don't! :haha: not really ~ lol
  7. I would make sure this is'nt a false positive . Over-sensitivity in the automatic detection of viruses (or heuristics) leading to false alarms about virus infection is something of an Achilles Hell for anti-virus scanners, which by their nature need frequent updating. I would try another scanner, there are a few on-line ones; www.housecall.trendmicro.com/ www.kaspersky.com/virusscanner www.pandasoftware.com/activescan
  8. ROM-DOS

    Please Vote!

    . . .going back over the last 101 days there have been 23 female members logged on to TMN w19 at some point actively posting. Only two females have earned seasoned status to be members of the Members Only Lounge ~ lol Man ~ that sux the big one!! ~ lol this of course, is not taking into consideration that at least 1 out 12 in here are 'really' tri-sexual.
  9. Visual Tour: 20 Things You Won't Like About Windows Vista By Scot Finnie . . .Microsoft is focused on casting off its yoke as the industry's security whipping boy. It's also intent on raising the bar to 64-bit architecture, driving the need for advanced video hardware and dual-core motherboards and pushing the RAM standard to 2GB -- all to help spur hardware and software sales over the next several years. Even though there are many great aspects of Windows Vista, taken as a whole, this next one could be Microsoft's first significant operating system failure in quite some time -- at least, as it's configured in Beta 2. Here are the 20 Vista behaviors and functionalities that could turn off Windows users. Windows newbies may not mind some of these things, but they will definitely try the patience of the millions of Windows users who've got real experience and muscle memory invested in Microsoft's desktop operating system. Read the full 13 page article for the complete review; 1. Little originality, sometimes with a loss of elegance. 2. Price. 3. Version control. 4. Installation takes forever. 5. Faulty assumption on the Start Menu. 6. Media Center isn't all there and falls flat. 7. Lack of Windows Sidebar Gadgets. 8. Problems without solutions. 9. Windows Defender Beta 2 is buggy. 10. Where are the file menus? 11. Display settings have changed for no apparently good reason. 12. Too many Network Control Panel applets, wizards and dialogs. 13. Network settings user experience went backwards. 14. Windows peer networking is still balky. 15. Some first-blush networking peeves. 16. No way to access the Administrator account in Vista Beta 2. 17. Two words: Secure Desktop. 18. User Account Controls $#^%!~!!!. 19. Aero stratification will cause businesses woe. 20. Minimum video system requirements are more like maximum. . . .potentially you could see four separate versions of Vista on store shelves, as well as both upgrade and full-install variations. The Home Basic version lacks Media Center, Tablet PC, Windows Aero support, Windows DVD Maker, Windows Fax and Scan, Windows Movie Maker for HD, and other features for corporate settings and backup. The plain truth is this: Don't buy a new PC or notebook with Home Basic. And if your existing hardware won't support anything but Home Basic, there's little reason to upgrade -- especially in a business setting. But even home users stand to gain very little from a Home Basic upgrade. Home Premium is a perfectly reasonable version of Vista for home users. It's not the power user's version, but it's more than serviceable for advanced digital media and gaming pursuits. The Business and Enterprise versions of Vista lack Media Center support and many of the digital media features. Most of what they add in is aimed at IT manageability, but a few features -- such as Fax and Scan, scheduled user data backup, Windows Shadow Copy, system image-based backup and recovery, and the ability to host Remote Desktop sessions -- probably belong in all the Vista versions. To get those features while also keeping Media Center and digital media features, you have to move all the way up to the top of the list and spring for Windows Vista Ultimate. It'll probably come as no surprise that while Vista Business will be perfectly fine in enterprise settings, home and small business users who possess the latest and greatest hardware with media features will gravitate to the most expensive version of Vista. So would it be surprising for Windows Vista Ultimate to have a suggested retail price of $329, $339 or $349? Don't bet against it. I don't see Microsoft effectively lowering the price of Vista Home Premium (akin to XP Home) or Vista Business/Enterprise (akin to XP Pro) -- especially when it's merging Tablet PC and Media Center features in many of these lesser versions. Copyright
  10. ROM-DOS

    Please Vote!

    disturbed ~ I believe all those that voted yes ~ didn't vote yes for PORN ~ lol The Question was: Do you think we should continue allowing adult content in the Lounge? 'adult content' as defined already in 'Content Notice' was taken to mean ~ "profanity and nudity (in good taste and usually only in good humor)" I have already expressed, in a sense, that this vote doesn't really matter to me. But I voted yes because I'm a Freedom Fighter. Not a Freedom Fighter for Porn nor profanity, but for a more laid back informal place that members can express themselves without the formal censorships we all try to display (sometimes) in the main forums. And if that means having a warning (here in the lounge) that some topics may have adult content, so be it. I think most of us have enough common sense to know the difference between Porn (XXX private acts and parts) and T & A. I've already posted that I think if anyone thinks they have the need to post some pics of T & A that they should do so by posting a link to it and have a Warning: Nudity or Adult Content. I don't see any thing wrong with that here in the lounge. . . and remember; humor should be a big part for the reason for the link. There are millions of forums out there, blogs and other humorous sites that just state the fact that there may be Mature Adult Content on their sites and Warnings our posted out of common decency and respect for others that may not want to view it or they just say ~ may not be suitable for minors under 16. As far as I'm concerned, if you have children under the age of 13 or 14 surfing the web unsupervised ~ there's something wrong with you as a parent and by the time your children are 13 or 14, you should have already talked with them about what's appropriate and what is not, when they are on the net. So let's just remember to follow standard netiquette 101. " While we all have the right to speak our minds freely ~ there are certain rules that we should all adhered to. Free-speech does not amount to the ability to post anything, and everything, that one would like to say, but rather, allows for a fair and interactive conversation to take place without the fear of reprisal." Which means it is also important to remember to be as clear in your intent as possible while communicating on the net, as with Warnings and such.. . .also, textual communications do not always afford clear representations, ie. ~ sarcasm. . . again, just use 'common sense' when posting to avoid any confusions, ie. ~ j/k or emoticons. Warning: You may have just read this post without any understanding of what I didn't say ~ lol 'cause I don't ~ lol
  11. Dell will provide laptops with Skype pre-installed "Well, now we can definitely says Dell is the winner. Besides Google software, laptops made under Dell's trademark shall also come with the popular and free VoIP application Skype pre-installed. The weird thing is that the owner of Skype is San Jose-based Web auctioneer eBay, which actually fights Google on the market, because of the alliance with Yahoo. Now they'll just have to co-exist on our Dell-made computers..." "As the leading notebook supplier, Dell is committed to delivering cutting-edge technology that provides voice and video connectivity virtually anywhere," said Brett Faulk, worldwide marketing director, consumer notebooks. "Teaming with Skype, the trend setter in Internet communications, will provide our customers the very best experience when reaching out and staying in touch with friends and family around the world." "Dell chose Skype to be pre-installed on its new mobile computers because it boasts 100 million subscribers, making it "extremely attractive," said Dell spokeswoman Anne Camden. "For the No. 1 supplier of notebooks to team up with a leading Internet communication company like Skype, it's really a good relationship for both." Skype will come bundled with Dell's new XPS M2010 "portable entertainment PC" and its XPS M1210, a lightweight laptop, which were both unveiled Wednesday. The XPS M2010 sells for $3,500 and the "ultraportable" XPS M1210 is priced at $1,300." "All the laptops equipped with Skype will own a build-in web-cam and wireless capabilities that will allow users to speak freely using the VoIP technology, whether they're using a mobile telephone or Bluetooth headsets." For more info on Dell's XPS laptops; http://news.zdnet.com/2100-1040_22-6078433.html
  12. ROM-DOS

    Please Vote!

    tdawnaz ~ I'm not stompin my feet! ~ lol ~ I'm just laughing at the two sidedness of all this ~ either you can follow the terms of use or leave ~ well, don't leave, unless you need to!! . . .as for the nudity and ADULT content, as long as it's (in good taste and usually only in good humor) I don't have a problem. . .if you do ~ well, follow CA3LE's warning and leave (or choose not to view it). What does gripe me is ~ when the "Moral Majority" can't understand why it's so hard to make choices for themselves, but then want to make choices for everyone else! ~ even if they can't understand that or accept Notices or terms of use, I don't understand why this is such an issue ~ besides that fact that I have to be cautious also around my family members if I decide to view adult content when I'm on the net. It comes down to taking responsibilties for your own choices ~ not everyone else's.
  13. Skyhook Wireless Wi-Fi Database Now Includes Coverage In Top 100 U.S. Cities, Totaling More Than 8 Million Access Points May 31, 2006 http://www.directionsmag.com/press.releases/?duty=Show&id=14432&trv=1
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