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  1. get a dual band AC 5g router and you will be happy.
  2. you have to understand that you will never get close to the maximum WiFi speeds.. My laptop can connect at 950 mbs to my router using AC 5g WiFi, but I can never transfer files in my local network at that speed, about half of it though.. Really helps with my internet which maxes out at 340 Mb/s.
  3. guess so, my wife watches netflix in 4k, and my son youtube (1080p), while I download torrents, play ps4 online, streaming to twitch. and it all works flawlessly. torrents still download at around 18 MBps - 144 Mbps while in this scenario. when i first got this speed hooked up, the modem/router wasn't able to handle the above^ scenario, so i got the asus ac2400 router and works great. on my samsung galaxy s5/new laptop i actually get 1 gb/s link speed through 5g wifi. never had wifi that is just like a 1 gb/s ethernet connection, no interference or anything, plus it works a block away lol. forgot to say, put my modem into bridge mode before hooking up this router,
  4. Thanks, so how many 1080p streams can 300 support? Lol
  5. I find it sort of funny that my test was the highest today for my isp. .lol (rogers) (257 mbps)
  6. :::.. Download Speed Test Result Details ..::: Download Connection Speed:: 257072 Kbps or 257.1 Mbps Download Speed Test Size:: 199.8 MB or 204617 kB or 209527772 bytes Download Binary File Transfer Speed:: 32134 kB/s or 32.1 MB/s Tested At:: http://TestMy.net Version 14 Validation:: https://testmy.net/db/42bmYfe I have rogers internet with the 250 package and pay $100 per month.
  7. Im on a 250 mbps connection and get 330 mbps substained download. Its awesome . Rogers, ottawa.
  8. on the mercury test, using the tumbler site, i reached my service I pay for, 250 Mbps (30 MBps) maybe the server is just closeby or something.
  9. well just wanted to say rogers in ottawa is doing great for me. Have the 250 Mb package and get 330 Mbps substained download on a few things, torrents, certain sites, speedtest.net etc. Max im able to get on here is 256 Mbps. Why dont they just call it 30 MBps? Thats 250 Mbps about. Oh how do i get that pic with my speed in it below?
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