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  1. Hi to all the TMN, folk Roco wishes you all Seasons greetings/Merry Christmas and peace in this troubled world ,
  2. nor was 2019 for me , but have high hopes for 2020 ,our UK Brexit withstanding ,
  3. My online name has been Roco since the mid 90's , that is now my first name to every one , including my bank , my family is now unsure what name to put on my headstone when the time comes?
  4. heck,has another year flown by ? , thakfully, as 2018 wasnt my finest year , good to see tdawnaz posting again ?‍❤️‍?,
  5. Yeah still around , just waiting for the resurrection , or any sort of re-erection ,seems like the old pic's are long gone , so manyyears later my latest pic
  6. . a rave from the past Longcross , Runnymede UK. green area of much rain ,trees and horses. also The Magna Carta in 1215 = “All Men are born Free of bondage” etc , (apart from taxes lol ) indeed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YVAmZBGdXw still valid into today’s tech age, sadly nothing changes ,
  7. My internet has a problem lol , my ISP is BT , (Brit Telecom )
  8. don't post much these days I have regressed back into historic cars , and letting computer tech past me by in the fast lane , indeed going back to my roots inn my old age but logged in to say Happy Peaceful NEW YEAR in 2017 it's already arrived in the UK ,
  9. I was about to reply ( slow winded me ) Mudanc is right we need more infomation , but noticed you haven't (as far as I can see ) done a test to TestMyNet tester , Regards Roco-uk
  10. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/ceramic-poppies-to-be-planted-in-the-tower-of-londons-moat# the short answer is 883.246 young kids died for our freedom in WW1 , our UK remembrance date is 11/11 .annually I will be there , ( (ex Royal Air Force Air Sea rescue) “RAF”, Our UK remembrance wll include the quote “ “They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. they mingle not with their laughing comrades again; They sit no more at familiar tables of home; They have no lot in our labour of the day-time; They sleep beyond England's foam.” But where our desires are and our hopes profound, Felt as a well-spring that is hidden from sight, To the innermost heart of their own land they are known As the stars are known to the Night; As the stars that shall be bright when we are dust, Moving in marches upon the heavenly plain; As the stars that are starry in the time of our darkness, To the end, to the end, they remain” That always reduces me to tears , BTW, our UK service also includes our USA & allied friends Indeed we were one back then ,but now thankfully still kissing cousins, Best regards to all on TMN, Roco
  11. Hey ,it's Fathers day UK 16th of June ,maybe I will get a day off from repairing cars,washing machines , fences, computers .play stations ,walking the dog, on call cab driver , making the coffee .and controlling 2 teenage grandsons, and being a impartial referee etc , must admit I love every minute of it , it's family for better or worse ,so I guess I have had the worst , so things can only get better !
  12. all but dead ?? , I still got a spare oxygen bottle for free from the UK's NHS. we don't do satellite BB , so what's the ping times like ?, ( I can be a bitch at times ) anyway great to see you back sparky , so where is Shugs ? .
  13. I took the easy route and turned off wireless in the router ,and ran a cable , although I see neighbours have unsecured wireless net works but none worth latching onto , indeed I might raise a objection to the European court of justice about all the unwanted radio waves passing into my head ,even through 2 layers of tin foil .
  14.   Hi Uwais , just scanning through your post , indeed you seem to have a line fault, probably a poor connection on the overhead copper ( hopefully, as some are aluminum , indeed the fault might clear in dry weather , I have no experience with AOL , and the modem/routers they use on ADSL as far as logging faults goes the DMT tool is excellent if it's available for your modem/router , also shows a graph with Signal to noise ratio etc and logs drop outs , ( and much more ) ,http://www.kitz.co.uk/routers/DMTv8.htm , it's standard must have for line and speed chasers in the UK, indeed no point in changing ISP until the fault gets sorted , BTW , during the storm/rain does your phone still work ? . if so try a line test , just dial 0 wait to the tone stops, you shouldn't hear any hisses or crackles , Regards Roco UK
  15. indeed sad , James was a great guy , i was wondering about the no emails recently , thanks Tommie for letting me know ,
  16. Yateley ? in Hampshire , if so about 30 miles away , the station wagon , known as a Estate car in the UK , originaly would have been wood trimed , " a Woodie ", most UK insults are class bassed , Pleb, Prowl , Ponce. ect, and can be very regional , verbal insults are not used much in the UK unless well hiden to the recipent , " verbal dueling " hence my asking Mudmanc about voting somebody a ban , I think he got the message ? ,
  17. Just curious , can we nominate a member for a ban ,
  18. Pleb , Indeed , it's the "in word" over here , last used seriously in the Plebgate scandal http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2273003/Plebgate-log-brought-Tory-chief-whip-fake-according-Police-Federation.html , before that it was in Common use to describe American tourists , although I only ever called them suckers , as it was cruel to insult them for their lack of intelligence ,education and total lack of moral turpitude , anyway done with this topic , it aint gentlemanly , and I have had my week in the sin bin in the past ,
  19. Pleb............ , as in . http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pleb From the resurrection man ...UK BTW this topic isn't cricket old chap, if you need to post insults Arsebook and Twatter is the place to be IMHO ,
  20. Just to add , I am still on XpPro , using firefox 18.01 , with flash block , the auto test button is there , not that I use it , seems like my BT fttc is rock solid 24 /7 over the past year , I think I stopped speed testing about a year back , as I have a cap of 40Gb a month , ( normaly I use 30-38 Gb ) that way it saves me from getting fast arse syndrom from to much time in the computer chair or additional $$. (Blocking ads and scripts thinking everything is going to take over their computer, p2p and downloading movies / songs, leaving vital ports open <goes back to the p2p > , at the same time leaving the router wide open thinking because they installed a program to stop others , that they are OK. ) indeed , but if your router can't be secured , My BT router has by design 2 ports open. allegedly for updates ? but I lock everything else down , and Java removed , maybe over the top , but that way I sleep easy ,
  21. holy mackeral , (quad core 1.5ghz cpu and 2GB of ram..) is chasing the tail on my desk top computer ? , maybe I need to upgrade my life , still using smoke signals for comunication , Mind you I nearly turned a human into a droid last week , she was so in love with her phone she figured texting was more important than checking the road before crossing , while I nearly hit an approching bus trying to avoid her ,
  22. just curious anyone tried the European server ? it's sort of local to me , I think from memory its in Amsterdam Nethelands or Holland to non EU folk,I Ioose about 25% across the English channel to that test site , but around 60 % to the TMN Dallas ? server , my connection in England is from BT FTTC 40 x 8 , although my connection is good for 160 x20, for another $8 a month but being a tight git I have no use for the extra speed , so do I care my e-mails go supersonic ? , well as long as they beat snail mail I dont care , cost for my 40X 8 around $45 a month ,but that includes free phone calls unlimited 24 x7 within theUK
  23. I still find I.E . 8 the fastest , but firefox easier , Chrome ? , don't use any Google products , so can't say on that ,
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