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  1. I don't seem to have this trouble, been a good test site compared to others. Try running with the firewall off or av off while logged in and out. Use to have trouble with my av but that was a year ago.
  2. In conclusion both IE8 and Chrome seem to run about the same. The final result from the speed issues and hanging either at mid stream or at the end of the test was attributed to Kaspersky AV. Testmy.net was required to be added to the trusted URL list in the settings. No big deal, so I imagine this may be causing others issues with various AV programs...
  3. yes that would be interesting if you check, please post back when you get an answer...until then I will run tests everyday until I'm convinced this was the cause... time will tell.. then at least it may help in any future issues like this. but again. let me keep testing..
  4. What is the impact of certain AV.. I run Kaspersky AV. I won't know until some time passes for a few days but intially since I added testmy.net to an exclusion list or trusted site list the tests have been going well without any complete hangs.., minor pause sometimes but at least it finishes the test with the speeds expected... (well never as advertised but i'll take it) Perhaps this is already a known thing but some feedback if anyone else has a comment would be great.... Thanks.. will keep you posted if I encounter any Hang issues.
  5. ok thanks, yes I will try this out later today when i have time.... back when i set this up about 6 months ago windows and the provided software kept arguing as you say.... so I had been running everything under the xp drivers.. can't hurt to try something different....
  6. Thanks for everyone taking a look, I think I found a problem here but don't really understand the solution or why it happens. I don't expect a solution and a road map but if someone with more knowledge give me a tip to the solution. On the attached pic you see my wireless connection, when I access the internet then the bottom icon shows up "internet connection".. I've caught this icon dropping out of site during a test where it hangs.. ie the Icon disappears .. although the wireless connection seems fine.. on the internet connection icon it does not seem to have any adjustable properties.. i was thinking it was just a setting? http:// sorry if this is off topic for this thread at this point.
  7. ok this is for the web site programmer.. when I run the smart test i seem to get hangs on the test.. also if i do the retest i seem to get hangs...I will do more runs the next few days but preliminary test show if I run the select size (i chose 7mb) it seems to run smooth.... but again if i run the select size and choose retest it seems to hang... but who knows .. ill run a few more days and see what happens...
  8. Thanks for the responses... fyi I did do a reinstall of chrome. It did not change the hang issue or the speed.. However I'm beginning to have some suspect of the wireless card in the desktop... the signal strength does not stay very constant. I'm 20 feet from the router and the signal goes from Excellent to poor and sits around at good but then kinda cycles around the spectrum of ratings... I have a feeling this could be an issue. I don't normally run any addons on my browsers unless I actually need it otherwise I disable them... Edit.... I did some more tests and its hanging on the ie8 now also... Perhaps I'm having some multiple issues... I guess if it was one thing causing issues I wouldn't be posting this .. lol.
  9. Hi when i run tests using Chrome often the test hangs.. when it does run the results are significantly slower than when I test running IE8... can someone give this a try.. or better why does this happen..... Thanks...
  10. I looked for some eggs to get into the contest .. Does wishing u happy Easter qualify me.. Take Care... Ok, its official, I'm a geek.. I googled your location.. 01110000011010000110111101100101011011100110100101111000 This is what came up, as below.. sig challenge for all sig guru's - TestMy.net20 posts - 6 authors - Last post: 22 Oct 2009 Group: TMN Secretary; Posts: 7457; Joined: 16-November 03; Location: 01110000011010000110111101100101011011100110100101111000
  11. "] I pay about 45/month with cogeco cable in Canada, Ontario. I do have Monthy usage restrictions of 30g. It's just about the right amount for me and have only gone over 1 time in two years.. overage is 2 bucks per g.
  12. I'm not sure on the relevance of an individual ranking on the bottom 20. What would be relevant would be the bottom 5 and top 5 ISP's average or something like that. If you already have that sorry, but it sounds like a front page link to me..
  13. well this is the second time i've express my concerns with cogeco, funny, within 36 hours or so for the second time of complaints (two separate cases) the speeds are up to acceptable. I understand companies try to limit downloads and such but I'm not even near my limits (maybe at max 50%) during a 30 day period. So I'm guessing they are playing games. Shame on them, I do understand there is good in what they do but don't punish the people that are not abusing the download limits. Again, this just verifies to me that testmy.net has again shown the real picture. lol any work from home opportunities ?
  14. Thank you for the response, a few things you said just confirmed the feelings I already had. Such as an unwillingness of the ISP cogeco to consider any results other than an in house test site or the speedtest net site from a server located about 60 miles from my home. I've been around PC's and the Internet for many many years, I don't need to run a test to know I'm not getting the usual performance, however testmy.net verifies my concern, keeps track of it in reporting for reference. I've used your site for many years with Cable and the old 800 megahertz wireless. When I supect something isn't working right, your site confirms it with numbers that relate to current performance. Logic: Based on 7meg down service 1. Download slow 2. Testmy.net verifies running at 2 - 3 meg down after a few tests (normal tests are 4.5 up to 7 and usually 6ish) 3. Use ISP test site and I'm getting 8.7 to 12 meg down So I know its not running correctly yet somehow the speeds are better than I've ever had and the tech guy says it's working great and it's impossible that the results would not be accurate. (I'm not a goldfish, and I don't live in a bowl)
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