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  1. Here is one of the result with high variance! https://testmy.net/db/_973xPMLp.
  2. Ohk one thing I have noticed is I have very high middle variance (160 or 170%), while in the speedtest the speed touches 50mbps but drops down significantly. Any solution for this? Please help
  3. I just did two test with and one without wrap+ ! Wrap + has the higher speed of 25mbps and the normal one is 12 mbps.
  4. I am new to this forum and from India. I am trying to solve an issue which I am facing for long time. When I do speed tests on fast.com or speedtest.net I get the promised speed of 50mbps but when I do speed test on this website(testmy.net) I can barely get 1.2mbps but one more interesting thing is that if I do the testing from my mobile with warp + I get the full 50mbps speed and it's not a vpn. You can find more about warp + over this link . Please help.
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